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16 August 2020


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ex PFC Chuck

So much for the "Art of the Deal."

Barbara Ann
In Egypt, various jihadist groups, such as Egyptian Islamic Jihad and al-Jama'a al-Islamiyya, used the Camp David Accords to rally support for their cause.
The above is from the wiki on Anwar Sadat's assassination.

Colonel Lang,

Much has clearly changed in the last 40 years. Is the idea of the Ummah now largely a myth and are Arab rulers really free from the ghost of Sadat, or may we yet see vengeance for this act of betrayal, from one of the faithful? Or have the Gulfies done too good a job of ensuring that jihad is something that only practiced abroad?

Babak makkinejad

Col. Lang

He is ingratiating himself to his Lord by indulging his Lord's concubine.

I am reminded of that famous T'ang concubine, Yang Go-Bi; the indulgence of the whims of her clan, the Yangs, led to the rebellion of An Lu-Shan and the destruction of the T'ang dynasty.


Nathanyahu has once again proven as trustworthy as the scorpion on the frog's back. Is there no one he will not betray?



I do not understand.


Barbara Ann
"we will see."

Babak makkinejad

T'ang and Yang Go-Bi


Yeah, Right

So the Crown Prince gives Bibi something ("reciprocal tourism and direct flights from Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi") in return for a promise from Bibi that he will refrain from doing something.

Even though Bibi insists that he has given no such promise and annexation is still inevitable.

Brilliant. Just... brilliant.

I assume that there are con-men beyond counting now making their way to Abu Dhabi in order to clinch fabulous deals regarding the Brooklyn Bridge.

I mean, why not? He's clearly a rube.


Classic US / ME political theater - crafted better than US / Korean political theater. I’m guessing the show’s run might last until a week after the US election.

Even a decent take from Code Pink (of all the strange bedfellows).

A sham & a shame.


UAE recently commenced operations at one of four reactors at a nuclear plant in Abu Dhabi.


Laura Wilson

"Your Preciousness" doesn't care...


You are dead wrong.This is an important step in the right direction

May we meet in Jerusalem
On the mount of peace
On a day both joyful and solemn
When war will cease

May we sing praise
When we all gather
In all our days
Brother and sister together

May the Lord be our guide
With a righteous hand
As we stand side by side
In this Holy land



Pietistic, zionist rubbish. Yes, it is a great deal for zionists slike you.


Laura Wilson

i know.

Babak makkinejad

Yes, indeed, I am all for meeting in Jerusalem, praying behind the Al Mahdi, the Imam of Age.


I believed for the past 2 decades that an ISIS-type phenomena would arise in this area and topple these "taghut", to use the terminology. A full circle return to the '79 Grand Mosque Seizure. Barring the advent of an actual war with Iran, I increasingly believe that the pendulum could swing in the diametric opposite direction:the gulfies could willingly integrate into a sort of Greater Israel Co-Prosperity Sphere. brought on in great part by the audacity of the individual actions of people like MBZ/MBS.

Cofer Mushlam


Two major points in the agreement:
A. Israel will put a Freeze on the annexation.
B. Israel agrees to a two state solution with the Palestinians.

C'est Tout



Pretty strong reaction.Remember it was the Zionists that encouraged the imperialists to leave.Unfortunately there is still much work to be done,as the mess they left behind has led to the infighting and failed states we see today.A deliberate strategy of divide and conquer while the plunder of resources continues unabated


He is ingratiating himself to his Lord by indulging his Lord's concubine.

I am reminded of that famous T'ang concubine, Yang Go-Bi; the indulgence of the whims of her clan, the Yangs, led to the rebellion of An Lu-Shan and the destruction of the T'ang dynasty.

In this analogy, I suspect that the USA is the lord and Israel is the concubine.

If that is the case, then perhaps the concubine is expected to be duplicitous. Thus the Emir might be a tremendous cynic, but not a rube.



"it was the Zionists that encouraged the imperialists to leave." Absolute bullshit. The cumulative fatigue of two world wars and the election of a socialist government caused the British to abandon Palestine not the petty murderous attacks of the Zionists.

The Beaver

Don't trust Bibi


Wonder how much money Otaiba is making selling his country !


At a private fundraiser on August 10th, President Trump said he would have an Iran deal within four weeks AFTER his reelection. Putin's emergency meeting did not draw the president's audience and now sanctions are back to pre-2015 levels.

Babak, not that it's of any comfort, but you and others are right. The president's deal of century may prove to be the war of the century.

Babak makkinejad


The most powerful WASP state of her time, Great Britain, in an analogous manner to Pope Urban the Second in 1095, declared a new Protestant Crusade to wrestle control of Palestine from Muslims. That was called the Balfour Declaration, articulating the policy of the (Aglican) Vicar of Christ on Earth in 1919.

This has been the policy of WASP Culture Continent since then, and with a remarkable consistency ove 100 years.

With the liquidation of the British Empire, it was another WASP power, the United States that brought forth the realization of Hebraic Protestanism's Dream to fruitation by pulling all the stops, so to speak, to create the state of Israel. Harry I-am-Cyrus (the Great) Truman was the folky man who presided over another affront to the Muslims by having USG heavily lobbying UN member states to achieve that, cementing USA as protector and benefactor of Israel.

While USA gave money and weapons to Israelis, 3 other WASP states: Canada, New Zealand, and Australia provided blank passports for their assasins and spies.

Arabs understood all of this and correctly so, another Crusade but they did not make the connection to the enamoration of so many Anglo Protestants with all things Old Testament: a Welshman changes his last name to Habbakkuk out of the fervor of religious ideas.

The wars ensued the creation of the state of Israel and have continued since then, intermittently, just like the Catholic Crusades and will almost certainly continue into the future.

It is to this Anglo-Zion Protestanism that Israelis owe the existence of Israel.

Israel is so dear and close to the heart of this Anglo-Zion Protestanism that Nixon put US nuclear forces on alert in 1973 during another Arab-Israeli War, that US ignored the attack on USS Liberty, and finally declared enemies of Israel to be the enemies of US in 2002, just prior to US invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Trump's Iran policy can quite easily be understood as trying to destroy the last White Knight of Palestine standing.

Looking at USA, and the damages that she has inflicted on herself in the Middle East, one can only see Religious Zeal as the motivation and the explanation certainly not oil or the noun "geopolitics".

Regrettably, I do not see any inkling of the comprehension among Protestants that there is no margin in a war against Islam. I suppose we need to endure another 100 years of intermittent warfare.

Incidentally, you might be interested to know that Prophet Habbakkuk is buried in Iran, his burial site is on the National Register of Holy & Sacred Places.

Babak makkinejad


No, not at all a rube, but a cunning cynic.

Yeah, Right

Cofer Mushlan, perhaps best in that case to actually quote the text of that agreement wherein your "points" are acctually, you know, agreed by all parties.

Otherwise it is just a "he said, she said" set of competing narratives by a pair of scoundrels.

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