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13 August 2020


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If George Soros and Randi Weingarten had a love child, it would be Kamala Harris.

Her unholy alliance with SEIU is worthy of front page headlines every day until election day. WSJ highlights just one of them as their lead editorial today.

Harris blatantly pandering to the public sector unions in California, when she was AG makes your hair curl - abusing her powers as AG to maliciously ensure the defeat two qualified voter sponsored public pension reform ballot initiatives.

Silicon Valley is crazy if they think Harris is their friend - SEIU is just salivating to unionize all their employees. Harris support for the Green New Deal does exactly that - all jobs must be union jobs - the fundamental cash cow for the Democrat party.

It is insane to support this craven opportunist.


Gov Newsom is already threatening to appoint Maxine Waters or Adam Schift, on his short list for our state's Senator, should Biden-Harris win.



Very fitting and truly representative of the Golden State.

Mister Odwin

Sir, Your opinion, should you care to offer it, on her actual eligibility to serve? There have been sporadic questions raised in the last few election cycles regarding the requirement of "Natural Born" citizenship. It has been brought up in regard to Senators Cruz and Rubio. If both Harris' parents were not yet/(never) naturalized before her live birth in 1964.
With high regards for the service you still render to the nation, your take on this would be appreciated.
The correspondence between Washington and Jay at the time of the Constitutional Convention (and Hamilton's reservations) points to the legitimate fear of divided allegiance the Founders feared in the highest office in the land. That it was included in the 12th Amendment, in regard to the Vice President, would seem to reaffirm its relevance.Thanks again.


Biden only got 15% of the White vote in Iowa. Just kidding, he was only at 15% in the polls for all voters in the state and Kamala didn't even get a mention in Politico's write up. Besides, what's not to like about a caucus that still hasn't tallied the rusults?

I think Tulsi's take down of Harris will have more weight. Harris is one of the dreaded "mass incarcerators" who made a name for herself filling prisons with low level drug offenders. I doubt that goes well the the pro-Mary Jane voters, nor will either one be loved much by the Bernie Bros. Speaking of Bernie, which of his four homes is he hiding in? It's almost like he got put into a witness protection program, I haven't heard a peep out of him in weeks.

Mister Odwin

If her Parents, arriving in 1960 and 1961, had not both become naturalized citizens before her birth, does she meet the criteria for the office she is being put forward for?


Mister Odwin

I am unqualified to answer your question but I hope someone will do so. I have been under the impression that all children born in the US are automatically citizens with the exception of the children of foreign diplomats stationed here at the time of birth.

A. Pols

Hmm, I expected this for a long time. Her being black is a nice cover story to ingratiate her with the BLM activists in the Democrat Party, but her connections with the American "Black Community" are tenuous to put it mildly. She's the child of an educated Hindu immigrant and a mixed race Jamaican immigrant intellectual (who comes from The aristocracy of Jamaican society). Her parents divorced when she was 7 and she lived exclusively with her mother and had little contact with her rather uninvolved father, both as a child and later on as an adult. I don't see Hindu immigrants as being overly drawn to SJW points of view. I think it likely she's skillfully navigated California political waters to get ahead, but as a prosecutor, she was hard nosed. So, if she becomes president (which she will if Biden wins), I won't be too surprised if she ends up being a great disappointment to those on the left who are filled with revolutionary zeal and are convinced that "a woman of color" will be the coming of the new Messiah. Possibly she'll be a Trojan Horse who makes her erstwhile supporters feel betrayed.It has a way of happening with Democrat presidents.

Martin Oline

I am mystified by the selection of Harris. Rice was the person who would never throw him under the bus because she has as much to lose as Biden in a successful Obama spy prosecution. Not so Harris. The representative from Orlando, Florida, should have been the pick if you were concerned about the Electoral College. She would have put Florida at risk for the republican party. An opinion on Naked Capitalism said "Harris was the pick of the Dem Establishment from the beginning, and once Obama/Clintonites got Bernie out of the way, their initial pick, Harris, even when she was resoundingly defeated and rejected by the people, found a way to re-insert her to the top of the ticket. I think this hypothesis is convincing." This seems the most plausible reason to me. She makes the Grifters who control the democrat party feel safe and secure.


Natural Born Citizen simply means the person was a citizen of the USA at birth - not someone who becames a citizen later in life. There was some mention of this when good ole John McCain was running because he was born on a military base in Panama (I believe). He was a natural born citizen because both his parents were citizens at the time of his birth. The other way is to be born on USA soil - doesn't matter if your parents are citizens or not in that situation.


The op-ed in The Hill was written by a Republican who served in the George W. Bush administration. And while his main point is a valid concern (her lack of foreign policy experience), I have doubts that it'll be of major interest to most voters. Besides, what FP experience did Trump have?

And after all, Biden chose her for her gender and skin color, which will be considered positive traits to those partisans inclined to be persuaded by demographics. But I definitely agree that she provides little if any electoral advantage. MI Gov. Whitmer or MN Sen. Klobuchar -- both from possible battleground states -- would seem to me to offer better electoral advantages. But alas, they're both white. Perhaps the Biden team felt it absolutely had to try to staunch any flow of black voters to the Kanye West or Trump camps.

IMO Harris' support of slavery reparations, of providing free health care and education to illegal immigrants, her support of the Green New Deal and all it entails that has nothing to do with climate change, her record as a prosecutor and AG in CA, etc., will provide much more fodder for opposition. Plus, even though she seemed to be far and away The Chosen One early on, she performed poorly in the primaries. Recall that even Biden didn't win CA - Sanders did by 8% (she'd dropped out by then).

Mister Odwin

Sir, this is the source of the best explanation I've seen WRT citizenship, natural born citizenship, and why Washington, Hamilton and Jay all wrestled with the wording of the legal status ONLY for those who stood for election to the Presidency, and later with the 12th Amendment, to the vice presidency. They believed that words have meaning, and the specific qualifier "Natural Born" was a critical distinction for the highest singular office in the land.
A "Naturalized citizen" is NOT a Natural Born citizen, and cannot be made such without an amendment to Article II, Section 1, Clause 5.



There’s a lot to say about Kamala Harris and much of it does not hold her in a very favorable light. I want to focus here on a small part, her disturbing history concerning the abuse of children by Catholic priests. Specifically, whether her actions regarding the abuse crisis were taken for personal political benefit when she ran for San Francisco District Attorney in 2003, and later when she was elected to and served as Attorney General of California. When Harris ran for San Francisco District Attorney in 2003, the Catholic church was politically powerful in San Francisco and retained strong ties to the city’s Irish, Italian, and Latin American communities—AND—the priest abuse crisis was very much in the news and of serious concern to powerful Catholic prelates.

In the 2003 race for San Francisco District Attorney, Harris defeated, Terrance Hallinan. Hallinan had previously demanded that the local Diocese provide 75 years of personal files related to child sex abuse. His efforts on behalf of victims made headlines and engendered criticism. The files were used to indict several priests, including one priest, Fr. Keegan who the records show had abused as many as 80 local children over the years. Most of this effort came to an end in June of 2003 when the US Supreme Court overturned a 1994 California law that had extended the criminal statute of limitations in sex abuse cases — the law under which indictments had been issued against clergy members. Because of the ruling, hundreds of accused abusers across the state walked free. Because the criminal cases came to a halt, the criminal accusations made against these clergy could not be tried, and no finding of guilt was ever made. This left the victims with only civil remedies—meaning that the priest files held by the DA were still very relevant to these civil cases. Every effort was made by priest abuse victims over the 6 years Harris served as DA to obtain access to these records—Harris never responded to victims requests and access to the records was never provided.

In fact, history shows that Harris never prosecuted a sex abuse case against a Catholic priest the entire time she was DA of San Francisco OR during the time she served as Attorney General for the State of California. Records of sexual abuse complied by the former San Francisco DA, Terence Hallinan, whom Harris defeated in 2003 were never provided to victims or their counsel.

After Harris was elected to the US Senate in 2017, priest abuse victim, Joey Piscetelli, wrote a letter to Harris’s successor, current California Attorney General Xavier Becerra demanding that Becerra open an inquiry into clergy sexual abuse. Within weeks, Piscitelli received a response and a request to meet with state investigators. Becerra soon set up a tip line for other survivors to come forward and has demanded clergy abuse records from all 12 Catholic Church dioceses in California. Compare this to the lack of any action on the part of Kamala Harris over the previous 13 years.

Several other “facts” about Senator Harris should also be discussed—below is just one—her relationship to Willie Brown—there are many more—especially dealing with her tenure as Attorney General of California on the substantive issues of criminal justice and how her response to the mortgage crisis favored the banks over mortgage holders:

As a young prosecutor, Harris “dated” one of the most powerful politicians in San Francisco and the State of California, Willie Brown, who was married at the time. Brown served in the state assembly for 30 years and as speaker for 15 years. In 1995 Brown became Mayor of San Francisco. During his tenure he was accused of creating an environment of corruption and patronage. See Nasty Race for Mayor Becomes Film Winner Brown won the race and served as Mayor until 2004. When they met, Harris was 29, Brown was 60. Brown became Harris's political patron and guided her into public life with appointments and political help especially her race to become San Francisco District Attorney.

Brown also appointed Harris to two well paid jobs before she became District Attorney: Brown appointed Harris to the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board and then to the Medical Assistance Commission – positions that paid her more than $400,000 over five years, according to SF Weekly. Brown also gave Harris a BMW. Brown also threw his considerable political support to Harris in her run for District Attorney of San Francisco in 2003. Brown later wrote a letter trying to explain it all. Willie Brown on Kamala Harris: 'We dated,' I 'influenced her career’

So far this seems like “small potatoes—a young attractive woman obtains the patronage of a powerful man and benefits greatly from the “relationship”—except for the fact that this “attractive woman” seems very likely to become President of the United States of America. Given this history, we need to know a lot more about Kamala Harris.

Polish Janitor

Kamala does not bring anything to the table in November. She did not do well with regards to the black votes and finished at 3% before withdrawing from the race with grand humiliation. She is not popular among the young voters and barely manages ahead of Biden with regards to this important voting bloc (If I remember correctly, it was 51% for Biden and 53% for Kamala, according to a Wednesday Reuters poll). It is a big fat lie that Biden picked Kamala to help him win over black votes. Biden himself did way better with black votes than Kamala ever could. How pathetic and dismal her prospects are and how stupid the 'brains' at the DNC and Biden's VP vetting team were for choosing Kamala over Rice or even Warren. If Biden was even remotely serious he would have picked Warren, heck even Tulsi Gabbard (same Indian-Black ethnic background) over Kamala. David Axelrod was like, meh..and said Biden played it safe. Trump described her perfectly for sure and I loved it.

The plan of the Democrats now is twofold: 1. to increase voter turnout nation-wide which favors the Democratic Party significantly, and the idea of mailing by vote is a big part of it, and 2. Suburban women votes which usually favors the democratic party.

But the question still remains: Can Kamala positively influence either or possibly both of these variables?

I think the answer is, likely not. I seriously hope someone remind these fool democrats that America is not a third-world direct democracy, but a republic with electoral college.



I’m not at all a good political prognosticator, however, I did forecast here on SST that Kamala Harris would be the pick. My analysis was based on reading the tea leaves that Obama is the puppeteer of the Democratic Party. The Clinton’s time as head honcho has passed. My forecast is that if Biden/Harris lose, Michelle will top the ticket in 2024. Note how Harris’s candidacy for the Democratic nomination was trumpeted from the ramparts on all channels. She was surging in elite media when she took Biden to task for busing in the debates. Until Tulsi Gabbard’s epic takedown on the primary debate stage. Kamala got zero traction among liberal Democratic caucus goers in Iowa. Obama executed Plan B and got Biden to the finish line by turning out older black voters in the South Carolina primary.

IMO, the presidential contest, comes down to 5 states. Possibly even just two which I posit are North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Tulsi has provided Trump the framework to hammer home that Kamala is a phony whose actual record is to incarcerate poor blacks and fight to even allow evidence that an innocent man was on death row. That’s her record. She can claim her Jamaican-Indian ethnicity and her gender and appeal to identity politics. But she’s not African-American and neither is her record of empathy towards them. Like Biden the architect of the 1994 Crime Bill, they are campaigning on identity politics when like Obama, they’re card carrying members of the globalist and corporatist Party of Davos surreptitiously pushing the big government in cahoots with big business agenda that has been the mainstay of both parties.


The selection of Kabbalah Haaretz is not about winning an election.

She is about globalists and Zionists (but I repeat myself) maintaining control of all political space to the left of Lindsey Graham.

Four more years of Trump? They can do that standing on thier heads. They know the demographics are moving rapidly in their favor. They also know that the GOP establishment is too cowardly and corrupt to do anything about it, and that aging boomers will wake up too late and are also both weak and selfish when it comes to acting in their grandchildrens' interests.

What they cannot do is lose control of the Democrat machine to progressives who might actually challenge the government-finance nexus or our Israel First foriegn policy.

Polish Janitor


I agree with your analysis, but somewhat disagree with your theory of Obama as the puppet-master. IMO, Obamas is surely very much involved, just like Soros and others are deeply involved, but 'Obama-ism" or the latest practical manifestation of post-millennial progressivisim that we have been experiencing from 2009 so far is the main culprit here. The thing with Democrats is that they automatically and by nature adhere to the 'group' thinking and 'collectivism' and the interconnected nature of their political, economic and social functions rule over everything they do. The best recent example is the Russia-gate failed coup which involved not only Obama, but Brennan, McCabe, Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Susan Rice, Yates and a host of other mid-to-high ranking dems in every single branch of the government. They were very much involved and orchestrated every move together in a collectivist leftist 'vanguardist' manner.

Interesting point you raised on Tulsi's thrashing of Kamala at the Dem debates. The thinking among the Dems is that every time Trump attacks Kamala it would be beneficial to Biden and basically how the negative attitude of women in general-one poll said close to 60 percent of all women voters held negative view of Trump- would play right into the hand of the Biden campaign and they actually dare Trump to attack Kamala and all that jazz to win over the crucial female suburban votes. But I agree that Tusli showed how vulnerable Kamala and other dems actually are and how she is not a darling of the radical left. She actually strikes me as a candidate that NeverTrumpers love (very Clinton-esque and liberal centrist) and maybe they had a little *something something* going on with the Biden campaign in a backroom deal to pick her and not say, Warren or Rice. I assume you are aware how these washed-up Lincoln project people (Kristol, Horn, Schmidt, Conway, i.e. Liberal Bush 43 Republicans) are helping the Biden campaign and even are attacking Republican incumbents with their ads against their democratic challengers. They have no place to go and neither the current Left and Right accept them. Their last option I think would be to pack their bags and migrate to one middle-eastern country and settle their for good. So their best bets are with Biden and they are all-in with Biden.

Michele O is very sneaky and although she seriously flirted with the idea back in March and April, she suddenly got the 'cold feet' and withdrew from 2020 for good. I think 2024 is even more important in terms of political re-mapping of the nation for sometime to come. The prospect of Michele O-AOC vs Nikki Haley-Liz Cheney (or Ivanka) in 2024 is what I think is very possible. We'll see what happens.


She is just another DC think tank type. Have you ever read "Gone With the Wind," perhaps even the Classics Comics version? How about the film?


Call me an antisemite.
Kamala's husband is Jewish.
That assures her of Jewish campaign money & votes. And influence.
And assures the American public that wars for Israel will continue.


SEIU picked Barry Soetoro in 2008. SEIU picked Clinton in 2016. SEIU picked Biden-Harris in 2020. No need to look further.

Harris is nothing but a public employee union talking head. Review her very recent relationships with all of them and learn why she was picked, over any other possible POC female.

Plus the big public unions owe her on after what she did for them in California when she was AG. This is very fruitful hunting grounds. Get copies of all her speeches to these organizations - list her promises made. That is who this woman is; not some cipher you think you might like

Prison guard unions were behind Calif Three Strikes Law that led to the frenzy of new incarcerations in this state. More prisoners, more prison guards and more prison guard union member dues.

This is how it has been working in California since the big take-over in 1999 - by the prison guard unions which created our now ruinous public pension crisis. It is a mockery to think Harris is "law and order" - she is pure unions and nothing else. That is who butters the bread in this state. And that is why this state rapidly slide over the edge to become 100% blue after 1999.

Back when RINO Gov Schwarzenegger was lusting after Kamala and her "hot African blood" - caught on tape. Back when Barry was introducing her as the prettiest AG in the entire country. We have known Kamala Harris for a long, long time. Just like Willie Brown knew her well too, and concluded "Kamala is only out for Kamala."

Account Deleted

Colonel: Blakeman also wrote in the Hill piece: "Typically, the American people go into the voting booth in presidential election cycles asking themselves: “Am I better off today, then I was four years ago?” Clearly the answer is no this year, but not due to the fault of the president. The question voters will be asking themselves this cycle is: “Who do I trust to get us through this crisis?”

I think Blakeman is partially correct here, but, I also think there is a large part of the electorate that is demanding accountability.


Polish Janitor,

Don’t know if you recall Bill Clinton’s Sista Souljah moment?

These people while espousing all kinds of “progressive” rhetoric when given power throw the minorities and working class under the bus. That was the case under Bill with landmark legislation like repealing Glass-Steagall and the 1994 Crime Bill. Yeah, they’ll throw them some sops. At the end they’re all corporatists that use big government to grow market concentration.

What was the first thing the Obama’s did on leaving the White House? Cavort with Richard Branson at his Caribbean playground. And then followed up hanging out with David Geffen on his yacht. They are the Party of Davos. And so are the Republicans.

BTW, IMO, Bernie plays the useful idiot role. Power and privilege changes people. Notice how development interests have such huge sway at the municipal level.



Colonel Lang and MK are correct:

"all children born in the US are automatically citizens with the exception of the children of foreign diplomats stationed here at the time of birth."

"The other way is to be born on USA soil - doesn't matter if your parents are citizens or not in that situation."

A person who born on US soil is automatically a "natural born" US citizen.

It is both laughable and sad that Trump is recycling the same "birther" crap which he did with Obama, this time with Kamala Harris.


Harris is a weathervane, but that's a plus for now because it will be difficult to pin a label on her. She is also likely to do reasonably well against Pence in debate, even if she is overrated as a debater (Gabbard wiped the floor with her). That's really all she has to do between now and November.

Polish Janitor


I hear you. Davos men, as Sam Huntington once described these corrupt and arrogant elites, they indeed are. On Sista Souljah moments and democrats, I was reminded of Benrnie's own moment when he apologized to those who were offended by his fellow maoist "Bernie Bros" behaving badly at his campaign rallies. I never liked Bernie and never understood why and how he's popualr among the millennials, and basically think of him as a boring gatekeeper and socialist boogeyman whose main function is to scare-off voters and away from stumbling into too far leftism.

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