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29 August 2020


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Strange times indeed.approaching full psychosis.Watched a video of a black man shoot himself as the cops approached him.like the matrix where one chooses between a red or green pill someone has now introduced the black pill.Thats right 3 pills to choose from.Waiting in anticipation for the defining event of the 2020 us elections

People living in their fictional world ruled by there prejudice.


Kamala Harris claims the nation is "tired and angry" because of the chaos Trump keeps triggering.

Expect major blowback, Kamala. Stick to what you do best; because it ain't political punditry.


I don’t know if these are just events in a few block area or if it’s widespread. It appears Portland violence is gonna ratchet up. Clashes reported between Antifa and Trump supporters.



What I don't understand AT ALL is that apparently leftists believed - until polling told them otherwise - it was a winning strategy to support the months-long rioting. How is it possible anyone with an IQ above 100 could even think that?

Another thing that has me scratching my head is the difference between the DNC and RNC conventions. The Democrats' convention couldn't have been more lame. One would expect the party that enjoys the overwhelming support of Hollywood and Big Tech to turn out a far-superior production. Instead, the opposite was true. And that doesn't even take into account the dreary at best and offensive at worst tone of the whole thing. On the other hand, I was astounded by the polished production values of the Republican convention and the profundity of many of the speakers. It blew me away. And then we were treated to the repulsive scene in DC afterwards when people were assaulted and harassed. It was sickening to see.

I just don't get it - are the Democrats trying to lose?


You left out victim of white oppression, Ophrah Winfrey, who is claiming we need Justice! for Breonna Taylor (Cannon Hinnant was unavailable for comment.) and the Say Her Name! crowd who attacked the sponsor of the Justice for Breanna Taylor act, Senator Rand Paul just yesterday

A few bright notes, Jeff Bezos is $40 billion richer (Thanks Covid19 and governor's lockdown orders) and not a single Amazon warehouse has been torched. And the press, ABC/CBS/NBC/AOL adnauseum all report "protests" confronted the Senator.

Meanwhile, new science shows that those infected with the AR15 Virus in Kenosha will not riot again. America's politicians, led by Beto O'Rourke, are deeply concerned.

Keith Harbaugh

This doesn't deal with Biden or the revolutionaries, but it does deal with past concerns of LJ and many others:


"As to who launched the disinformation campaign against Flynn, the jury is still out.
Best evidence, however, suggests forces within the CIA working in tandem with its friends in the media."

Fourth and Long

This is like shooting fish in a barrel for Trump. I can't see how he doesn't win in a landslide. I also can't see how anyone actually goes into a voting booth, pulls shut the curtains, and physically, actually, pulls down a voting lever till it clicks for Joe Biden. And I am not a Trump supporter in any way. It's a country of ridiculous, spoiled, overfed, superfluous people. Emphasis on ridiculous. On Twitter, seemingly educated, articulate, people demonstrate their actual cretinism by justifying the burning and lootings of businesses by invoking the word "insurance." I would execute them on national TV but that's just me.

Barbara Ann

Great piece Larry

Fourth and Long is right, you don't need to be a polling expert to detect that the mood of the nation is shifting fast. If the choice facing you is either order or chaos the niceties of choosing a 'good' or 'bad' leader become irrelevant. Trump is consistently standing for order while the Democrats and their anarchist supporters are lost in arguments over whether looting is OK if the looters really need the stuff they take.

Biden will have to go. I just can't see the DNC backing this charismaless three legged donkey when even the skewed official polls catch up and have Trump in the lead.


I expect some democratic politicians in red states to switch over, why beat a dead horse? Pelosi and Shumer won't change and seem intent on riding out the spiraling down to the end. I really wish Tulsi would come over, who knows, maybe President Trump might offer her a position in the administration.

One can dream, can't they?

blue peacock

Fourth and Long, Barbara Ann

A month ago it seemed that Trump was on the ropes and Obama was going to pull a rabbit out of the hat by getting Biden across the finish line. Now it seems that Trump is gaining and you believe he is going to win a "landslide".

Remember that folks really only pay attention after Labor Day and we have yet to know what the October Surprise is. And there are very few undecideds. It will come down to turnout. If there are a large number of mail-in ballots who knows how that all turns out.

This presidential election was always about a handful of states - Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania.

Even more important is who controls the Senate. The Republicans are at a disadvantage since they are defending 26 seats compared to the Democrats defending 12.

The big question is what if the Democrats and their corporate media supporters and officials in key counties in the handful of states create a setup of complete uncertainty. Counts & re-counts! Will Trump fight back? He didn't when Clapper, Comey & Brennan ran interference in 2016/2017.


2016: Democrats own chaos
2018: Democrats own anarchy

2020: Democrats own chaos, anarchy and violence.


The national mood is now owned by Trump. But the mechanics of the voting process is still owned by the Democrats and SEIU.

Never sleep, Democrats can still easily steal this election. It is not the number of votes, it is who counts the votes and Stalin cynically observed. Volunteer at your local election office, be a poll worker, be an election count observer.

Kamala Harris only slept her way part of the way to the top. The other part is because Californians slept through her vote count process for AG, when she finally "won" weeks after the long slow SEIU vote count.


Hey rick, your memory is long and nasty. What is really up with you?


Not sure what adblocker allows to get through.


Infotainment docudrama scheduled a month before election.

Barbara Ann

blue peacock

A lot can happen in 2 months for sure, most of it very bad for Biden's chances if his handlers let him anywhere near a microphone, let alone a debate.

The core TDS crowd will turn up and vote for an empty chair, but Michael Moore (of all people) is right when he says the Democrats' poor (and getting worse) polling compared to 2016 is down to the candidate. Plenty of scope for stay-at-homes if Biden's evident unsuitability for the presidency becomes even more obvious.

I think there is a good chance he'll be asked/told to stand down on health grounds IFO someone else. Maybe that was the plan all along.


VD Hanson is a cuck and a neocon apologist, but he's the only halfway decent talking head that boomer conservatives have left. I hope one day he finally has the courage to publicly break with the Israel Firsters. If he's worried about losing his sinecure or minor celebrity status, I'm sure Tucker will still have him on.

If you want to talk stats on crime and race, you need to be paying attention to Colin Flaherty and Steve Sailer.




blue peacock,

I recall all the “Lock her Up” sloganeering during the 2016 election. What happened after Trump won? There were no real investigations of the Clinton classified information leaks or the fundraising and disbursements of the Clinton Foundation, let alone any indictments.

Then there was the coup attempt. Trump himself did nothing other than tweet.

So, if Trump gets re-elected what happens to the Antifa/BLM rioters & looters AND more importantly those that orchestrated it all behind the scenes?

It all seems a scam to me.

Watch this video.


Col. Bunny


Trump seems to me to lack any concept of what is strategic or tactical. He was the target of a rolling coup d'etat from the beginning but got in a Twitter war with Rosie O'Donnell so help me. He's had excellent insight into the numerous ways the US has had to deal with numerous foreign free riders but has been curiously blind in a host of other areas. Art. IV, Sect. 4 allows him to repel invasion but he's allergic to that word and has insisted on proceeding under legislation pertaining to "emergency." Nice and vague.

His response to the supposed Khan Sheikhoun chemical incident was precipitous and based on a spurious assessment. His sanctions on Syria are petty, as is his determination to deny it any kind of reconstruction aid. Now it's Nascar in Mesopotamia with the Russians.

Don't expect him to call for the return of Glass-Steagall or to get off his absurd notion that the stock market highs are an indicator of economic health.

And his odd passivity and inaction that you point out are beyond mystifying. He's utterly failed to use his pulpit to point out the danger of this obstruction and subversion and if he has a Dept. of Justice to assist him any way it's news to me. DOJ's hot to trot on Bannon and Flynn and other threats to the Republic but by jimminy it's polishing those commas when it comes to the Brennan-Comey-Page-Strzok Potomac Route Army.

Oh, well. It's all about the correlation of forces now. Spending, debt, desperation monetary fiddling, and economic pain will cause whatever.


Col. Bunny

Sounds like you might be military. Businessmen like Trump have no conception whatever of the difference between tactics and strategy. They use the words but don't understand the difference. In every case they just mean a plan.

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