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13 August 2020


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different clue

Does Maxwell know as much as Epstein knew? And about all the same people?

Then it stands to reason that the same people who had Epstein suissassinated in jail are the same people who would like to have Maxwell suissassinated in jail the same way.

She knows it. They know it. And she knows that they know that she knows it. All the fake "precautions" taken "against" suicide are for show. And she and they all know that, too.

Why does she want to be in general population? Does she think it would be harder for them to suissassinate her in the midst of general population?

The only hope she has for her own physical safety and survival is if she has placed totally detailed information in safe hands which will reveal it all if she is suissassinated in jail. If such information exists in secret safe hands and will stay secret as long as she stays safe, then the assassin-masters may be incentivised to let her stay alive.

Of course I have zero evidence for any of this. It is just muh feelz on the matter.


Maxwell was being tortured (for that is what it is) precisely so that she would request reassignment to the general prison population.

She will then be housed with one or more convicted murderous females who have a history of being sexually abused as a child. Once those persons discover Maxwells alleged history, nature will take its course and Maxwell will be dead. The media will opine “who could have known...??”

This same technique was used to silence a criminal snitch here - Carl Williams was transferred to a unit with people who hated informers. They killed him. The jail manager who authorised that transfer disappeared near here a few weeks later while hunting. His body has not been found



"Maxwell was being tortured "

You have some evidence of that? "her lawyers have been complaining" A lawyer's complaint about suicide watch stanards in prison is not torture.

different clue

Interesting that Walrus and I appear to have what appear to be two "different" theories of why and what Maxwell's treatment just now is being.

But both theories seem to be two different theories leading to the same prediction . . . that she is being set up for assassination
in jail.

I will still offer the thought that the only thing which would keep her alive is if she has placed every bit of everything that she and Epstein did and know about in safe untraceable hands together with instructions to release it all, including all the names most of all . . . to the eyes of a waiting world. And that every name in her files knows it and therefor has an incentive to keep her safe, either in solitary or general or wherever they may have her.


Her request for reassignment was denied. Anyone in authority in the Bureau of Prisons would have had to been crazy to go along with her request. She never wanted it anyway. It was a ploy to ease up on her conditions of confinement. And perhaps a last ditch gambit to delay the unveiling of documents.

Skip Barber

I hope Ghislaine had the forethought to secretly distribute to some trusted confidants the secret information she knows/possesses.

Ghislaine Maxwell complains she’s being watched by mystery guards who aren’t proper prison staff

GHISLAINE Maxwell has claimed she is watched 24 hours a day by guards who are not "regular personnel" at the prison where she is being held

... “[Maxwell] continues to be surveilled 24 hours a day by security cameras and by multiple prison guards, many of whom do not appear to be regular [Metropolitan Detention Center] personnel,” the filing read.

“These prison guards constantly observe Ms Maxwell and take notes on her every activity, including her phone conversations with defense counsel."

New York law protects against disclosure of a “confidential communication" between an attorney and his or her client.

The filing continued: "Her cell is [still] searched multiple times a day and she has been forced to undergo numerous body scans.




I am really pleased to learn that the situation in Australia, when it comes to the administration of Justice, truly is analogous to that of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Skip B -

Strauss, the US Attorney for SDNY, obviously does not trust the Bureau of Prisons. So she sends in her investigators or perhaps US Marshals to double check. Just in case.


The documents in question come from a 2016 deposition by one of Epstein's victims, Virginia Giuffre who said that Epstein kept her as a "sex slave" with Maxwell's help. J

Thus inside the larger Epstein and his surviving friend as procurer another minidrama may unfold?

Virginia Giuffre vs Alan Dershowitz? The Giuffre-Dershowitz Affair?


There were so many "glitches" that led to Epstein's "hanging" that there had to be some inside payoffs going on - failed bed checks, failed surveillance cameras, staff asleep on the watch. One could assume those same inside players would be open to re-enacting a similar scenario for this next Epstein drama player before she can open her mouth.

Sure, she want to go back into the general prison population.

Not when she has no make-up , the wrong clothes and a permanent bad hair day. Not her style to mingle with those a few stations beneath her, in her natural essence. with her gray roots about 2 inches long by now. But what a way to start the narrative - she wanted to go back into the general population and so we could not offer the same level of care for her safety that we could in isolation. Ooops. So sorry. Shived by a sharpened toothbrush handle. Who could guess that one.

Hope she left lots of tapes, admissible or not they at least can tell part of the story from her point of view. Gossip fodder can punish as much as a court of law these days.


Curious how Ms. Maxwell avoids the fate of her father who died under suspicious conditions after looting the pension fund of his highly leveraged British media empire?

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