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22 August 2020


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Brennan has a history of being very loose with the truth. He who opined as paid TV pundit that Trump would be facing mulitple criminal charges the very night before the Mueller Report came out.

His later day excuse, I guess my sources were wrong. He has done this on several occasions - grabs the headlines ahead of the facts, but seeding the public with what he wants them to believe. Just so they doubt the truth when it finally comes out.

I guess his makes him good at his counter-intelligence game, at least leaving half the population satisfied with the first untruth, not to bother themselves any further.

Bottomline: maybe the truth or just as likely a compete fabrication. I just can't remember when he ever told the truth, so don't know if this is a 50:50 proposition.

Other bottomline: Brennan flipped and has already plea bargained away any criminal charges. That would make him technically true, which remains good enough for government work. Brennan was smart enough to beat Clapper to become state's witness, and none of them liked Comey anyway.


RedState has an interesting discussion about the nuances of this third party statement and why the interview was held at Langley - and not DC - different federal district court jurisdictions for each location.

Team Barr already knows how difficult it has been to break through the Obama deep state federal courts in DC. - the east coast equivalent of the 9th District court out west --before President Trump finally brought some ideological balance to the 9th District's now sacred chambers.


Or this is all gamesmanship: trying to force the other side to confirm or deny to ascertain their intentions... That in itself shows he's feeling the heat, otherwise there is no point in making the statement.


If there was a functional justi3 department in America Brennan would be in jail
Unfortunately accountability is for those not connected to .gov District of Corruption.


If he already made a plea deal he wouldn't be under investigation, directly, any longer.

Chuck Light

Or maybe, after a complete and thorough investigation, Mr. Durham decided that he could not bring charges he could prove beyond a reasonable doubt, using the same standard which was required of Mr. Mueller. Just saying...


Brennan seems like the poster boy for the 1940s-50s WASP paranoia about unreliable/anti American Irish RCs so common in the Nero Wolfe novels. His invariably ugly, snarling appearance in photos makes me think he is Patsy #1 of the developing melodrama.

chris moffatt

The swamp has no intention of punishing any of its loyal denizens who have only done what they were supposed to do. With the connivance of a politicised judiciary it will all be swept under the rug. Those who have been or will be punished are the outsiders associated with Trump. Now it's Bannon. Who next? And still nothing about Clinton's server crimes, corruption and self-dealing. It's too late now for retribution for any of them. They'll win or steal the election and then Trump himself will be the object of numerous criminal investigations.

robt willmann

If the interview was actually eight hours long, excluding breaks, that would be interesting. A well-prepared questioner can start to cover some ground in eight hours.

Two important things are whether anybody will eventually be charged with a crime based on information that is not already public, and what non-public information will be made public.


News reports said that Brennan wad interviewed at CIA hq.
How does that happen?

Bill H

"Or is Durham's investigation nothing more than smoke-n-mirrors, another dog-n-pony show."

That sums it up in a nutshell. A bevvy of eternal optimists have been saying that the Durham Report would bring down the hammer of justice on the seditionists who have been attempting a coup, to which I have consistently responded, "Dream on."



Langley is in the federal court Eastern District of Virginia not in DC.



They may be executing the cooperation terms of the deal.


This piece may be of interest:




An excellent article that explains the meaning
of what took place. I recommend all SST folks read it.


Col:There must be hundreds of Federal offices in Nova, why the CIA?


That is true. Maybe they wanted to call n CIA participants on a work day.


This is a well written post by Sundance on the coverup of the SSCI leak of the classified FISA application to Ali Watkins.


A question I’d like to ask the committee is if the George Bush administration used law enforcement and intelligence agencies to interfere in a presidential election and frame Obama as a Manchurian Candidate, would Eric Holder and the Obama DOJ handle it similar to the Trump DOJ? Why has the Trump administration given a pass to folks like Yates, Rosenstein, Comey, McCabe, Boente who have committed perjury by signing under penalty of perjury FISA applications with known false evidence?



Thank you for that link. This was very illuminating on multiple fronts.

It would be so very delicious should Brennan be snared in a carefully - and legitimate, compared to what the FBI & Mueller's minions did to railroad their victims - perjury trap.

Clinesmith's plea revealed the means which the seditionists were prepared to employ. We await iron clad conformation on the lengths to which they were prepared to, and did, go in advancing their schemes.

Keith Harbaugh

Regarding the statement by Brennan's spokesperson, Sundance asserts
the following:

"Notice how [Brennan's spokesperson]
is using Mueller and the SSCI as a shield.

Again, for emphasis, the special counsel and the Senate Intelligence Committee (Warner & Burr) were working together to frame and remove President Trump.
Their collaboration is why the special counsel took the FBI investigative file of SSA Brian Dugan and released the content to those entities at risk from the Wolfe leak investigation.
The public FISA release on July 21, 2018, was also from Dugan’s investigative file; it was his equity.

The special counsel and SSCI were working together.
This is why the special counsel tipped-off SSCI Vice-Chairman Mark Warner about the capture of his text message content by FBI agent Dugan.
So when we see Brennan using the special counsel and the SSCI as his defense… well, that is yet another point of evidence about which primary institutions were running the Trump removal operation."

Regarding the Durham investigation,
Sundance met personally with "Durham's lead investigator" William Aldenberg to present and connect several dots.
He learned they are deathly afraid of being painted as pawns of the right:

"None of the former -and some remaining embed- officials in the FBI, DOJ, or Special Counsel actors, had any aversion to the use of weaponized politics in their corrupt investigations of President Trump.
However, in the current investigation of the former weaponized political investigations the primary avoidance filter is politics.

As expressed by almost everyone in and around the issue, any evidence that comes from inside the political silo is considered unusable.
This sets up a rather challenging approach… hence the overused 'delicate balances' etc."

Keith Harbaugh

Sundance has been emphasizing the significance of the non-prosecution of Wolfe, for leaking, for years.
He goes deep into this matter, and ties it into the muzzling of Julian Assange, here:

Concerning Sundance's complaint about how information is being siloed, and crucial connections and likely cause-and-effect relations, and investigations thereto, likely being lost, he vividly makes that complaint in this Twitter thread:



Yes. He is a sullen brute and always was.

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