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16 August 2020


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Even though we assume (the case is not clear yet) this is all about Clinsesmith reversing the meaning of a document submitted to the FISA court, about as bad act a senior FBI lawyer can get up to, they are nowhere near as confident as yourself about the potential outcome of this case over at the CTH.

Much more along the lines of this being another James Wolfe situation. Like Wolfe, Clinsesmith knows too much and if he spills it all hell lets loose. However, to show there is justice for all he, again like Wolfe, will spend a short amount of time in a white collar jail and that's it.

By pleading guilty he has saved himself a small fortune in lawyers fees. Nice one.



I agree that he has made a deal with Durham but if Durham presses him he must tell all about all or loose the deal and become the cutest fellow in the cell block.


Someone asked that I paint a bird's eye, 20,000 mile high view of the why's and wherefore's for this whole fiasco, and I'd like feedback.

I draw a direct line from Russiagate to the West’s NATO/EU expansion it’s collusion with fascist forces to Regime Change(TM) Ukraine in ’14

• where Manafort was working to promote Ukraine’s EU accession (AGAINST Russia's interests)

• backed by the Clinton, Obama, McCain, Kerry, Nuland State Department, and the establishment media

• leading Crimeans to vote 95% for annexation with Russia, to escape the Ukraine civil war
prompting punishing sanctions to damage the recovery of Russia

• which was looted by the oligarchs under Clinton/Yeltsin/Summers “shock therapy” in the ‘90s.

• including by oligarch tax cheat Bill Browder who lied to promote the extra-judicial and bogus Magnitsky Act (REAL reason for Trump Tower meeting)

• all hiding behind a massive psy-op campaign of McCarthyite anti-Russia, anti-Putin hysteria

• brought to you by the (corrupt) FBI, CIA, NSA, MI-6, Five Eyes, all led by the nose by John Brennan, and

• and the disinfo industry and a spy network which laid out the breadcrumbs of distraction, while trying to entrap bozos George Papadopolous, Carter Page, Roger Stone, etc.

• ALL because Trump (via Manafort) would know the truth, and not see Russia as THE ENEMY - which would totally blowing their cover.

So, the incompetent Dems handed Trump his re-election victory and sparked a dangerous new Cold War (World War?) and nuclear M.A.D.

No one benefits from this other than the military/national security/information industry complex.

-=-=- whadayathink? -=-=-



"I draw a direct line from Russiagate to the West’s NATO/EU expansion it’s collusion with fascist forces to Regime Change(TM) Ukraine in ’14" Do you think the Russians were guilty or not?


Plead guilty to a crime and you lose your bar license. I guess Clinesmith was not ready to fall back being only a bar-tender after all, so he is now wiggling out of his "plea agreement". The gulf between pleading guilty and pleading nolo contendre now appears insurmountable.

Reality bites, along with the drawn-out difficulty getting justice in any of this Spygate takedown. Humbles one about the amount of time it takes to actually build a beyond a reasonable doubt case against any of these now exposed players, when the defendant can successfully argue - I didn't intend to commit a crime, and/or I can't recall or I don't remember anything about this incident.

Carry on Barr-Durham You have my very best wishes and even prayers. Just like Benghazi, something happened, but you just can't prove something happened. Is that justice served or a miscarriage of justice?



Guilty of what in particular?


Col, the Russians guilty of what?



An alternate theory that I find very plausible is that FBI contractors were using the NSA database for political opposition research. When the NSA found out and closed that avenue there was a movement to hide that activity. Russia Collusion provided that opportunity as the Clinton campaign funded Steele Dossier got laundered by Fusion GPS, DOJ official Bruce Ohr and with the support of Obama White House became the basis to launch a counter-intelligence investigation. After Trump got elected this operation moved to hide and obfuscate. Getting Flynn out became priority one and Trump obliged by firing him. Mueller was the additional option to prevent exposure and Trump once gain acceded by not declassifying.

As documents get declassified now the public, at least those following this story, get to see how law enforcement and intelligence were used to interfere in a presidential election and frame an opposition political candidate and duly elected president as a Manchurian Candidate. Even more importantly we see how the entire justice system got weaponized using false evidence and secret courts as well as a campaign of disinformation using the media who were in cahoots to destroy the Trump presidency.

Clinesmith’s plea deal is an important cornerstone in uncovering both the malfeasance and the violation of law. He knowingly submitted false evidence to FISC to obtain a FISA warrant. The only open question is how far and deep does Bill Barr want to go?



Your comment is badly written and I am trying to get a clarification.



Begging your indulgence for my 'stream-of-consciousness' argument. Just trying to connect so many points and history into a concise post.

My view of Russia under Putin has been of a country initially leaning West but unwilling to give up its sovereignty to US diktat, given the history of NATO aggression.

It was the logical course of events which convinced me Putin was not the aggressor in Ukraine. First, the Sochi Olympics with all of the media potshots at Russia/Putin, concurrent and immediately followed by the Maidan coupe and ultra-right attacks on eastern Ukrainians, especially the fiery massacre in the Odessa Trade Union building killing nearly nearly 50, with 200 injured.

In the public record at the time was NATO's position that Ukraine must cancel a lease given the Russians to keep its centuries old naval fleet (it's only warm water base) on the Crimean peninsula. So, the accession of Crimea to the Russian federation by democratic vote seemed only too logical, considering it had historically been considered part of Russia.

Otherwise, Russia foreign policy appears to be a model for the world, when compared side-by-side with that of the U.S., IMHO.

Thank you for the opportunity to clarify.


Once Clinesmith pleads guilty then it is proven that the OGA had notified the Crossfire Hurricane (CH) team of Page’s history as an operational contact from the very beginning of CH. Thus the CH team lied to the FISA court who allowed surveillance of Page and whoever was in contact with Page and whoever was in contact with the individuals that contacted Page. That false surveillance needs to be made public and the names of the surveilled individuals as well a the amount of times they were surveilled needs to be made public should the surveilled individuals desire that notification.
Transparency should not be denied to the citizens of this country so they better understand the degree of malfeasance that occurred.


SusieQ, did you tell Scarlett to stop waiting for Ashely?

I was in the Crimea right before the Sochi Olympics and historic alignment vote of the people. The only question they were asking at that time was where are the millions of dollars Russia was paying Ukraine to rent the boat yards?

But agree, this area was more old 'Russia" than new Ukraine. Though at one time, they were one and the same. Amazing what a sense of a place one can pick up as a tourist, just from off hand remarks of the tour guides. Not their canned stuff, their off hand remarks one observes when their guard is down.

However, most of us were more moved by the field where the Charge of the Light Brigade took place - so ordinary, so immortal.


Clinesmith will do a couple of months (weeks?)in a "club fed" and then land on his feet at some Dem lobby firm.
NOBODY will serve any real time or pay a real fine.
Little fish, as usual, will take the symbolic hit.
The swamp takes care of its own and Barr, for all the tough talk, is a member in good standing.


I agree that the President might have been willing to let it all blow over 'for the good of politics' had the President been someone other than Trump. However, accusations that Team Mueller engaged in a partisan attempt to take him out, and in the course of so doing played fast and loose with the truth seem to have merit. Plenty of evidence from Trump's previous 'deals' shows that Trump's idea of a deal is when he completely crushes his adversary and leaves him at a tremendous disadvantage, having given away the store by caving in to Trump's relentless pressure. His opposition's best strategy now is to distract him, and that doesn't even stand much of a chance.


Member of the Mueller Gang/Coup d'Etat, NYC Attorney Andrew Weissmann appears to be running scared now that Clinsesmith has rolled over for DOJ Investigator United States Attorney John Durham. Weissmann has authored two hit-pieces against AG Barr and his pursuit of justice, one hit-piece Weissmann authored in the New York Times, and his other hit-piece in the Atlantic.



Weissmann appears to be extremely fearful of what is unfolding in the Durham investigation. Weissmann and the other members's crimes are finally under review. Weissmann is using the New York Times and the Atlantic because neither will concede their dishonest messages. This has been a reoccurring theme by both NY Times and Atlantic for the past four years.

Sidney Powell was a guest on Fox's Life, Liberty, and Levin 1/27/2019 where she discussed how Mueller purposefully hand-picked corrupt Weissmann for his team.

Weissmann's (and Mueller's) corruption partnership spans over a decade, that includes the Enron Case, Audit firm Arthur Andersen; Four Merrill Lynch employees; General Mike Flynn and his lies that never occurred; Paul Manafort’s crimes that the FBI earlier claimed were not crimes; Made up crimes against numerous Russians and Russian companies; The case against Roger Stone. Numerous examples of criminal malfeasance.


Coup d'Etat member Andrew Weissmann is calling for DOJ officials to not cooperate with the Barr investigations, shows that Weissmann is running scared.

Something to note: All bios regarding Weissmann appear to purposfully hide where he was born, raised, and went school. All bios only speak about the year he was born, and his college times and locations. Why is Weissmann's full history being hidden?



"His opposition's best strategy now is to distract him, and that doesn't even stand much of a chance."

It seems to me that the radicals are getting what they want. The entire agenda for campaign 2020 is based on what 1/3 of the Democratic voting base says they want; a radical transformation of policing and control of police departments in all states; a radical change in teaching, with teacher's unions poised to crush school choice and private/charter schooling, and mandator conformity via mask mandates. Let's not forget rioting, looting and the cleansing of urban cities of those pesky non-conformist and everyone knows which color doesn't matter at all. BLM, and your's matters less, much less. Just ask the family of Cannon Hinnant.

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