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19 August 2020


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Wasn't Peter Strzok one of their "top" guys?
'Nuff said.


"FBI's Counter Intelligence are ever watchful, working their tails off to negate the threats posed to U.S. National Security."

Peter Strzock, head of FBI CI, worked his tail off negating the electoral chances of Donald J. Trump then proceeded to work on negating his ability to govern.
"...three months' incarceration for a fraud..." You get more jail time for a DUI. Hilary's server leaked more than the starboard side of the Titanic. How much jail time did anyone associated with that get?

A big part of the FBI needs to be reformed, preferably with removal of most of its current leadership.



Then there’s Bill Priestap and Peter Strzok! Didn’t these guys run the show for a bit?


Does someone here have a good link to either one of Colonel Lang's posts or from somewhere else that lays out the entire scenario and crimes committed by Hillary involving her servers and the whole cover-up and the purpose of her lies (treason) for that period anyway. I can look myself as well but I know many here could probably find it in a second. Thanks—Chris

Godfree Roberts

A great deal of smoke, but not much fire when these cases reach the courtroom. Most turn out to be exaggerated or even falsified, as this review and analysis demonstrates:

Conclusion: This Study finds that Chinese and other Asian-Americans are disproportionately charged under the Economic Espionage Act, receive much longer sentences, and are significantly more likely to be innocent than defendants of other races.

Although it is possible that Asian-Americans are prosecuted more often because they commit espionage more often, it is also possible that they are prosecuted more often because the DOJ has focused more resources to detect and punish spying related to Asian countries and defendants and so spends fewer resources investigating espionage conducted by defendants of other races.

This Study also suggests that the DOJ is more likely to file charges prematurely, based on weak evidence, when the case involves an Asian- American defendant.

Although some of these disparities may reflect legitimate concerns over the risk of flight, they may also reflect implicit biases with regard to the loyalty of Asian-Americans to the United States.

In addition, this Article reveals that the traditional justifications for pretextual prosecutions generally do not apply to convictions of Asian-Americans originally suspected of espionage for false statements. Rather, these convictions harm the accountability of the DOJ, may serve to punish otherwise innocent minorities simply for being wrongfully profiled, and, ultimately, may force loyal Americans to refuse to cooperate with investigators for fear of being punished for false statements.

By addressing racial biases and creating more transparent processes for charging and resolving espionage cases, however, we can reduce the number of innocent Americans charged with espionage and minimize the harm caused by these unfortunate cases.



Evidently they sent a team to Beirut.Wonder why



The zionist neocons want to pin this on Hizballah.


Damm pesky neocons.Bunch of senile domino players.Push the first one in the circle and the last one hits you in the ass (non biblical).


Bannon's gone and that's one less swampy barr none.Wonder if he and ghislaine will be neighbours.

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