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15 August 2020


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English Outsider

I am familiar with the theory that you have expounded here.

It describes aspects of the English Constitution and not all of it.

Elizabeth the Second is the person who has kept the United Kingdom sovereign since the end of the Cold War; else any of the subsequent English Governments would have sold UK's sovereignty to the the United States; in my opinion.

I think her personal experiences during World War II (such as meeting the troops, and knowing, even then, that one third of them will not see England again) stiffened her resolve to safeguard the United Kingdom's sovereign.

In regards to Germany, we must agree to disagree. European leaders are mid-managers, competent but not brave. Like de Gaul said: "to be a sovereign country, you must act like one."

Americans are going around the world, for the better or for worse, making history. Where are the Europeans? Hiding under US skirt, it seems to me.

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