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31 August 2020


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Polish Janitor


I agree with your premise that identity politics and nonsensical attention to it should take a back seat and allow common sense arise from the ashes of today's mindless hatred and politicized despair.

To be honest, I blame 'democratist' intellectuals of the 60s and 70s for today's problems who put identity politics at the forefront of every social malady in the world and don't value common sense and pragmatism at all.


Enjoyed this article.
Well spoken and clear eyed opinion on American maladies.
American congressional leadership looks remarkably like CCCP politburo in the early 80s.
America will do the right thing after they have tried everything else.
$860 billion dollar June budget deficit is not sustainable.
There will be a correction regardless of political nonsense.



I was a young man in the 60s. The social discord then is nothing compared to what we see today.

I’ve been at a loss to explain why the political and media establishment hate Trump so much that they do everything in their power to vilify him. Including an attempted coup by the national security apparatus. He’s done nothing to curb their influence and financial gains. He’s been even more profligate with future generations money that has mostly gone to the Party of Davos. Why are they so upset and petulant? None of the coup plotters have been indicted.

The problems with American governance have been building for decades. None of the issues are new. From the offshoring of the industrial base and the decimation of the working class to massive transfers of wealth to the Wall St financial elites under the guise of economic sophistry are all fundamental issues that have been supported by both political parties and the media-governmental and big business complex.

The American voter keeps voting for the same guys and expect different outcomes. Isn’t that reportedly Einstein’s definition of insanity?



"Last July I was invited to lunch at the Middle Temple...."
I am heartned to hear a solid middle class Australian knows just how Americans should kneel in submission. It certainly looks like a solid half century or more of shit getting rubbed in thier faces is finally causing red blooded Americans to take action, thus creating a bit of trouble for the utopian nobility of the pro-globalist order. So good of you to take notice.

"The deck is stacked against the poor, the blacks and perhaps other minorities and under the pressure of the pandemic these tensions are surfacing now. "

I agree that many have been betrayed by Barack and the Change We Can Believe In. He was enabled in this betrayal by:
Biden, 44 years in office: Schumer, 38 years in office: Pelsoi, 32 years in office. At the state level there are current Governors Cuomo, Murphy, Whitmer, Walz, Brown, Inslee, Newsom. There are Mayor de Blasio, Lightfoot, Frey, Wheeler, Durkan, Garcetti; just to name a few.

"the very rich lead a very scared existence and they will make use of their political power to protect themselves. "

Really? What have victim of American oppression, Ophrah, JZ, Kapernick, the NBA players,the NFL players, the team owners, been doing all those years they were getting rich? Opposing immigration so that "The days when labourers - the vast portion of the population, were valuable enough to be listened to and paid a living wage are long gone." would not be gone due to devaluation of labor due to a massive influx of people willing to supply labor at lower wages? How about the UAW, Teamsters, SEIU, AFL-CIO, AFSME? Where o where were they and who, whom, were they supporting.

I sure hope someone with a better degree from a better school that modest ole me with an MBA from an elite school - the University of Florida - could chime in and let us know who got all those donations. Maybe they could enlighten us on what teachers were teaching as budgets and federal aid increased from, say 1980, to 2016? Anyone have an inkling of how many black studies/womens studies/gender studies degrees student visa recipients from China were awarded during those decades? How about the quality of American schools as english as second language students were mainstreamed into classes - for their benefit, of course? Anyone? Perhaps one of you from a proletarean school like Yale could chime in? Maybe a PHD economist could tell us why 10,000+ colleges and universities in America can't turn out enough trained talent so that US firms would not need a million plus H1B visa's for foreign nationals who are going to get the jobs American's just aren't getting the 'edumacation' to obtain?

"If we focus on buzz words"

You mean like "decent jobs, education, healthcare, infrastructure"? (Biden's campaign buzz words for 44 years) Which politicians promoted NAFTA and the TPP agreements? Yes, I know, I left out McCain, Flake and Romney, along with a few other never-Trumpers who left office rather than go down in flames in 2018, and of course, the US Chamber of Commerce.

"I say again, look at China. Our overlords are looking too - with envy!"

China, source of the Wuhan flu and a great deal of seditious interference in America, and hundreds of thousands of deaths due to Chinese fentynol; to that I say: China delenda Est.

"Overlords" No. They are our enemies.

John Merryman

Maybe the problem goes much deeper than politics. The physical fact of polarity is that it is two sides of the same dynamic and that applies to liberalism and conservatism. One could go to any society in the world, or in history and there will be those pushing the existing order and those subscribing to it. What drives society is the energy bubbling up through it, while the civil and cultural forms it evolves give it structure and direction. Too much energy and it's anarchy. Too much structure and it's tyranny.
It's like the cycles of the seasons, expansion and consolidation, youth and age.
We have this consumer culture, where all our desires and impulses are promoted in order to sell things, so there isn't much cultural appreciation for asceticism, from the top to the bottom. If a little is good, more must be better, yet nature is cyclical. What goes round, comes round.
How does that conversation get started when we are linear, goal oriented creatures, who think it's all about the pot of gold at the end of the narrative arc? Nature is so profuse and dense, because it isn't a monoculture. We better get some sense of the processes by which nature works, because imposing ours on it is reaching its limits. The future we have been borrowing against has arrived.


Jack and Fred, Yes. What are we going to do about it short of civil war?

Fred, UF MBA #67, Mine is #28.


I would like to share this link to the latest post from the Zman blog, a post entitled "Irreconcilable Differences".

He lays out the Founders apprehensions about "factionalism" and the measures that they settled on to limit its dangers, Federalism. Well, it didn't last long, as the railroad lawyer, Lincoln (the 19th century's version of a member of the Borg), and his Yankee Exceptionalists crushed Federalism into the dust in the War of Northern Aggression. Since then, the ratchet has turned only in one way, toward the aggrandizement of central government against functional state/local independence. An interesting post, one worthy of consideration by the members of this Committee of Correspondance in my estimation.


Regards to all of good will, and sound character,


Rick Merlotti

There’s a certain type of European Oligarchy, especially British, who consider some misty version of the Middle Ages as the platonic ideal of human political economy. What’s needed, as echoed in your post, is some version of the Treaty of Westphalia. Doesn’t seem like we (and I mean the whole of humanity), have a political class that is serious or intelligent enough to complete such a fraught and Herculean task.


With all due respect Mr Walrus, do you know anything about our nationwide, open enrollment, public community college system in the US? I don't believe anything like this exists in the UK.

This system is why we remain a Land of Opportunity for all. Any continuing "class divisions" in the US melt in its face, since anyone can, and many do, get a college education and/or vocational training certificates regardless of color, background financial status or origins for minimal or no cost.

The ticket to at least the middle class is found through our community college system, across the nation. Even "hands up" Michael Brown was due to start a community college auto tech program the day after he decided to get high and stupid the night before. Right in the exact same neighborhood where he lost his life attacking and threatening a police officer., after roughing up a shot keeper and stealing from that store.

Drugs, are the problem in 99% of these police confrontation issues. Much like the induced addiction the UK had during the Opium Wars with China. Perhaps you can share your knowledge how to also end our own induced addiction issues in this country. What did China have to do to get the UK pushers out of their neighborhoods?



A remarkably supercilious and condescending bag of hot air. The notion pushed by the Democrats and our overseas Anglo betters that Blacks, Latinos, and other minorities are held down by deliberate or even non-deliberate discriminations is just wrong. These populations need to get up off their haunches and take advantages of all the opportunities available here. A lot have done that ,but a sizable portion of the population including a lot of White kids from privileged background would rather take up a vicious Marxist street fight to simply take what is not theirs.

Example, we have a remarkably good public high school in this town, TC Williams (the Titans) Its population is mostly minority since Black and White middle class people send their kids to private schools which are excellent. The school has a large and well funded trade school department for; construction arts, commercial electrician, commercial cooking, automotive skills plumbing ,etc., etc. I have made it a practice to take one course a year from the trade school department. As a result I can do a lot of things around the house or could. The teachers all tell ne the same thing. Their classes are very thinly taken by minority student who say that what they want is real opportunity to study for jobs that will pay 100k+/year. That opportunity is there for them if they can do the work, and some do.

I must correct you. I am already tolerating a large number of people who I think to be sentimental, romantic, fools. I tolerate them because they are suitable foils.

Will I accede to the idea that an earthly paradise can be created in which hard work is not necessary and milk and honey flow freely without application. No, I will not.


The media and establishment (swamp) hates Trump for a variety of reasons - boorish, "outsider" - but the real reason can be boiled down to that Trump actually likes America and believes in US interests first.
The swamp is NOT pro-America and generally has nothing but contempt and dislike for the American citizenry.

Babak makkinejad

Col. Lang:

There are many successful Iranians in US: in business, in the academe, in medicine and from different religions; Jewish, Sabean, Shia Muslim, Sunni Muslim, Christian, Baha'i, Zoroastrian.

In US, the White people were evidently not very successful at keeping them down; very many, on othe other hand, would have gone nowhere real fast in Iran, there being a mass of Beige people trying to keep them down.


Col. Lang,

Thank you for putting up with my posts. So I take it that you believe there is not a scintilla of common ground between Democrat supporters and Trump supporters? I had to ask the question because to an outside observer from a western background the polarisation looks extreme.

I have no love for scum sucking Democrat politicians, BLM looters, halfwits, thieves, rioters, chiselers, anarchists, communists and white over educated kids acting out. Neither do I profess to make condescending criticism of the “In civilised Europe, we do it this way....” type. I am simply asking SST folk to consider if you are absolutely sure that not one of the matters raised by the Portlandians and their ilk has any merit. To my way of thinking, you have to separate what is being said from the vile creeps that are saying it.

After that I support opposing this insurrection, if that is what it is, with the full force of Government.



"has any merit." None at all. BTW I have an ancestor who was a term Templar. Not all were in perpetual vows. He served a couple of years in Palestine and then went home to France and got married. His name was Fulk.


I am also reminded of the deadly years of the Northern Ireland "Troubles"- we viewed this from outside and wondered how and when will this stop and how could such "civilized" people of similar extraction resort to urban terrorism for so long. I am also sorry the British brought slaves to our shores allegedly in 1619. Even sorrier we did not tell the Brits no thank you. UK and the IRA solved their "troubles". We at least fought and died to end slavery in the US. There is hope.

But honestly, don't over look most of the current "troubles" in the US are backed by the big government employee unions who do hate Trump with their very souls and front most of the Trump "resistance" and are currently in turf wars with each other over shrinking tax dollars.

They are the sole group where TDS drives the existential choice because they see Trump, not one of their own union cronies, is an existential threat to their own jobs and livelihood.

That is what brings out the meanness in all of this. Lucre. Who hands out the government pie and now in what size slices. Democrat party politics has brazenly driven TDS for four years - nothing else explains their total and consistent goofiness than surrendering to their public sector union crony base.

Labor unions run deep in the UK, but are they as embedded within the UK government too?


Not sure I have too much to add but I wanted to add a little tidbit. Today was the last day at work for a colleague of mine, a Vietnamese woman in her late 50s. She was one of the boat refugees, her father had to stay in Vietnam i order to trick the authorities, she never saw him again. Once on the boat they were raided by pirates, my colleague, then about 12 years of age, was smeared in oil and kept in the bottom of the boat in order to save her from rape. Eventually she made it to the States and got an engineering degree and a good work in Silicon Valley, first in semiconductor manufacturing and then in R&D support. Her job is shipped to India, which due to time difference, accents and inexperience makes my job worse. My new boss is a brahmin as is his boss, so I'm not exactly getting very far with my complaints. Our delays are an intangible, the salary saving is measurable.
She is a sweet woman, very elegant and refined, speaks French and also babysat my daughter... she won't get another job.
She came to the US very poor, worked hard, had a good life and then got shafted by globalism. I have much more sympathy for her than for the thugs destroying American streets right now


Recently filling our my Medicare Satisfaction Survey, they asked at the end what "race" I was.

They listed White and then about a dozen other different ways to slice and dice everyone in the human race. I crossed out White and inserted Northern European, since what the heck is "White".

How come everyone else gets shades of gray, and "Whites" just get only one billing? Plus I have nothing in common with the white gangsters running rampant in our cities right now. Don't pin their idiocy on me. They are not my tribe.

And if Medicare demands to slice and dice their services among Whites and dozens of other rainbow shades, why do they make Whites into some sort of collectively normative and everyone else gets to identify as a separate minority, when we are all supposed to be Americans?

Who is selling continuing racial divisiveness against Whites in the US- now it is Medicare's turn too.


OK, time to say farewell to SST after 14 or 15 years of deep enjoyment, education, and comradeship.

My political beliefs are Catholic and neo-platonist with some syndicalism thrown in. And I am that dirtiest of all things, a self-made, provincial Brit.

For several years now I have been asking myself, ever more desperately, how on earth God is going to haul The West out of its death spiral - especially the US. (Had I been an American voter in '16 I'd have voted Trump).

How does God in His mercy bring a nuclear-armed-to-its-fingertips collossus like the US (and to a lesser extent Britain) down without destroying all of humanity.

In ancient times - both pre- and post-Christian - plagues were seen as the gods or God's punishment for a wicked and out-of-control humanity.

And lo, what appears - that most antiquated of all things, a plague! Crashing the economy. Forcing humanity to rethink itself from the roots upwards. Reinstating the family at the centre of human living. Bringing neighbours and communities together in order to survive. (That, at any rate, is what is happening in provincial Britain). Forcing the goverment - through mass non-compliance to its diktats- to behave with humanity.

If you want to crash a nuclear-armed empire (as the USSR crashed) without destroying humanity, then internal collapse followed by rebuilding from within seems to me the only way.

Col Lang a few weeks ago dated the American
Empire from 1931 to the present day. Let us hope that time is now ending. And America (and The West) is going to be allowed to become itself, starting to once again live comfortably within its own skin and democratic traditions. In a multi-polar world.

(And, if the bogey men are brought out, I'd argue, with others, that contemporary China is far more neo-Confucian than neo-communist).

Balint Somkuti, PhD

Dear Walrus,

while nobility (especially high nobility) in all countries had built up a skill of remarkable resilience over the centuries towards political changes they just fail to understand the new winds blowing since the French revolution.

Many aristocracts including Louis XVI's cousin Philipe Égalité foolishly believed, that if they join the revolutionaries at least the family members can survive, if not family wealth and influence. Same with russian nobility. But they just did not grasp that the changes pursued by these radicals are completely incompatible with the whole idea of inheriting. They literally wanted to undo history and start from all over. That is why today's revolutionaires are rightfully called marxists with diploms (university degrees).

I as a historian have studied enough revolutions to tell you they all follow the same pattern. After subduing the greater ideological enemy, revolutionaires turn on each other always starting with the imperative allies, those with different background and ideology, fighting on the same side of necessity. See moderates in Khomeini's revoution, aristocrats and other bourgeoise in French Revolution, SRs (eser) and mensheviks in Russian Revolution and the list goes on.

If this Antifa revolution is victorious then we all must prepare for another century of oppression, cuz like you said they have the tools and the intent.



Thank you. Your valiant effort is admirable, and I salute you for that.

However, just read Fred's post above and see how futile it is to reason with the extreme lefts or extreme rights (I meant no disrepect to Fred). They no longer have patience to listen to the other side. It is probably too much to ask if they would put ideology aside and doing what's good for the country in time of crisis.



#28 - like a fish to bait you couldn't resist, or, more precisely, couldn't comprehend what was intended. In regards to the civil war the left will launch rather than let the investigations into Chinese interference within the US and Democratic politicians use of intelligence agencies against political opponents take their course, I reccomend Australia change her immigration policy to match what Argentina did in '45.


There is a lot of doom and gloom here.I am more optimistic for america's future.9/11 and the wars that followed had to affect American society.The chickens came home to roost and the pain,the great crying out,the anguish,the rage is being squeezed out like pus from a wound.The pandemic has been a necessary part of this healing process and when it ends this year or next healing will begin.
Trump must be allowed to stay the course and finish the job.People need to be able to look back and say.We are done.Let us move forward.I truly believe that peace in the middle east is an important part of this healing process and it will happen.God willing



Why is an Australian so interested in evidence of our salvation?



The problem is that what you want iS NOT good for the country. Not good at all.

Eric Newhill

I have listened extensively to "the other side". I have engaged in discussion with them on social media for several years. I actually watch/read their media to try to understand. My conclusion is that there is no compromise with them. Give a little and they push for more. What they want is demonstrably very bad for the country and very bad for the individual soul. History and current events prove that socialism destroys, eliminating manufacturing type jobs destroys and coal miners aren't going to become coders, anthropomorphic global warming, like covid, is a farce and a shake down scam, race based revolution destroys (e.g. S. Africa) and no matter how many times you say it's true, a man in a dress is just a freak and not a woman.

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