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29 July 2020


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Religion and spiritualism are of course the correct places to seek to be reconciled with the seeming paradoxes of the human condition. Conservatism comes closest to embracing this path to true happiness and rejecting the false gospel of technology-induced redemption. All other roads lead to dystopias of one kind or another and IMO there is a great concentration of such roads leading away from a Dem win in November.
Posted by: Barbara Ann | 29 July 2020 at 05:55 PM

So true!!! Amen. And who has done more for the cradle of the monotheist religion and arguably spiritualism too, than Donald Trump. Which shows he cares.

Prof K

Biden, or the forces behind him, will pick Rice because she has drunk the koolaid on Russiagate and the wider imperatives of liberal imperialism, because the last thing the donors and operatives of the DNC want is a domestic progressive, and because she's black and they think that will give them street cred in the new era of liberal identity politics. She is dumb and uncharming. Just watch any of her clips on Russiagate to see how pathetic and credulous and mendacious she is. Then read Biden's hawkish essay on Russia in Foreign Affairs a few years back. It's all set.
But what a crisis for American liberalism if, after all the bloviating of the past four years, all it can do is put up those two.


Fourth & Long @ 6:38 pm-- one of the weirdest comments ever.

Just a guess: neither 4th & Long nor Fraudie psychiatrist ever dealt with feminine hygiene products.

That Susan Rice has rage issues & resents "male privilege" is one thing. Attempting to analyze in terms that most females -- or at least this female -- would never think about in a million years, results in a GIGO assessment.

Most of us women have never given a thought to why you men are always grabbing your crotch. No kidding.

different clue

As much a loser as the Harris revealed itself to be, I still suspect that the Biden's hidden masters will instruct the Biden to pick the Harris as its VP running mate. ( And if elected, make the Susan Rice its Secretary of State.)

If events prove me wrong about that, people can laugh as much as they like. If it turns out the way I sorta feel like it might ( Biden/Harris), then I will go ahead and say why I felt that way.


Makes sense for Biden to pick Tulsi Gabbard for VP - checks all the right boxes, plus she knocked Harris out of contention with amazing stealth so Biden owes her one - who primed Gabbard to make this particular attack on Harris? She was hardly a student of Calif politics.

Then Gabbard disappears - so no one can pin anything against her during this DNC run-up. No exposure means no mistakes. Biden pulling her out of the hat would be like the McCain and Palin moment. She is the woman in white who even SNL couldn't attack. Plus we know you "moderates" here love here, knowing she would quickly replace Dottering Biden, if in fact he makes it to the White House.

Clinton faked an outrageous attack on her (Gabbard is a communist agent) to get her off the stage as well as finding out if there as anything out there that could stick since Clinton signaled she was fair game to attack. Crickets. Nothing in the closet. Mission accomplished. Gabbard looks clean.

Gabbard's staged demurrers not withstanding, she has chosen to play out the rest of her 2020 role. How this will sit with the "real women or color" is probably not even on Biden's radar. He just wants a woman around who looks good, with hair he would love to smell.

Plus who can attack a former military chick who can bench press you out of the gym. Two-fer - Biden also gets to tick off Kamala Harris at the same time. I am sure that was a "mistake" at Politico who "by accident" released Harris as Biden's chosen one. More like Harris was Biden's favorite cat toy and he wanted to rub it in, it was not going to be Horney Harris. .

Tomorrow you can tell me I am all wet, but this suddenly came as a big aha since little else about Gabbard's race to the WH made any other sense, than being the pre-ordained VP pick. Plus articles revealing the unions have long backed Gabbard nearly cinches the deal.

Plus at this point all the other potential picks are just too flawed to merit further consideration. Gabbard laying low was the perfect strategy.

Sorry, Mooshell, it is probably not going to be your year after all.
As long as I am setting myself up here, if it is Biden- Gabbard, Trump drops out and it is Pence and that wonderful guy from Ohio. GOP has depth; Democrats only have people they need to keep hidden in their basements.

What has Tulsi Gabbard been up to lately?


OMG - there is an article out there just a few days ago - making this exact same arguments for Biden-Gabbard 2020 - claiming that each fills in the missing gaps for each other. Curious all the sudden there is a dateline July 27, just days before the big VP announcement. When Gabbard disappeared off the face of the earth if you do any other search on her.

Plus "covid" to the rescue again for the Democrats. Gabbard suddenly drops her defamation lawsuit against Hilary Clinton, so Gabbard can concentrate on the "covid" thing, or something. Defeating Trump is now more important than sticking it to Clinton - how convenient, how brilliantly timed.

...... "Plaintiffs Tulsi Gabbard and Tulsi Now, Inc. dismiss this action," Gabbard's lawyers, Dan Terzian and Janice Roven, wrote in a court filing on Wednesday. "While they remain certain of the action's legal merit, they are just as certain that this new COVID and post-COVID world require them to focus their time and attention on other priorities, including defeating Donald Trump in 2020, rather than righting the wrongs here.".......

Gabbard sells out her prior Bernie Sanders creds when she dropped out and endorsed Biden. I admit, in her present iteration she is programed to make it feel safe to vote for Biden. But will she also make voters, and cross-over and die hard anarchist and POC Democrats enthusiastic to vote for Biden? Does being Pretty Woman even make Democrat feminists want to get in line with Biden-Gabbard?

Will bad sport Kamala Harris find some way to take her down? Or does Harris also laugh off Gabbard's attacks as "just politics". The only missing play is will Gabbard step in and take over the POTUS nomination before Nov and then debate Trump?

As appealing as I know you find Gabbard, you really do not want Nancy Pelosi and her pack of Democrat trouble makers back in total power. If you do, be sure and review the recent Barr Hearings and get a grip. Jerry Nadler in charge? Swallwell, Schiff, Harris, please, too much is at stake at every level of our government to put Team Obama and SEIU back in power.


I Biden and Maxine Waters would make an entertaining comedy team.


Artemesia said "Most of us women have never given a thought to why you men are always grabbing your crotch. No kidding."

perhaps because most/many women are fixated on their [possibly too small??] thoracic dangling bits.

My question: why does the performative masculinity of wannabe swinging dick women parody that of low ranking males.


Ah, Товарищ Karen Bass. A hard core Communist like Ms. Bass as Biden's Vice President. Huh?

Seems that in addition to Товарищ Representative Karen Bass (D-CA) being a hard core Marxist-Leninist, Maoist, was also a member of the L.A. Black Panthers.

Really good choice for VP.


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