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29 July 2020


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A. Pols

Rice, from Portland Maine? maybe a grandparent? Wikipedia says she's born in DC and went through school there before landing at Stanford.



The core of the backing of both parties are big money interests who use their wealth to gain massive political influence as big government is what drives market concentration.

Take for example big tech. Their CEOs are testifying to Congress this week. There’s no better examples of market concentration. Yet both parties “leadership” will be working to insure the tech monopolies are protected. When billions are used to purchase political influence, the entire system is fully bought and paid for. Between the Obama and Trump administrations the amount of money conjured up and handed over to the financiers is in the trillions with a capital T. This is exactly what political influence buys when big money and big government are locked together in a symbiotic relationship.

The Bernie/AOC wing will make a lot of noise, just like the evangelists did in the GOP. But in my opinion we should look at the details of the legislation that actually gets enacted not the rhetoric that is designed to distract. The fact is the working and middle class are sold increasingly strident rhetoric to divide and distract while they’re being looted blind for generations.

Biden in my opinion is just a front for Obama’s third term. Obama’s team is running the Biden campaign. Obama was very friendly to global corporate and Wall St interests. The first person he hung out with on leaving the White House was Richard Branson.

Below is a link with some charts. Well worth a perusal.


"A tent full of them (Antifa) was captured by the Feds near the Portland court house." Good news, do tell!

Anyone know how to volunteer to help the local police? I've lived in Portland Oregon for 20 but have had zero interaction with them. I suppose that means I'm a grown up. It would seem they mean well, but the mayor, governor, and city establishment certainly don't appear to. The county sheriff would seem to be less compromised. I did a stint TAD in the MAA shack on my first ship, but I've been out of the Navy for 30 years now...


A. Pols

Her mother and I sat on a board together. The family is from Portland. Where she was born is unimportant.



So, it does not really matter which side wins?


My understanding of Susan Rice is that she is the Democrats' version of John Bolton--arrogant, foul-mouthed, and interested only in the business of defeating America's enemies abroad. For her, the protests after George Floyd's killing were "right of Putin's playbook!"

Can we dispense with the nonsense? Enough already!!!

Given that Biden's first campaign ad was anti-China, trying to out-tough Trump, it makes you wonder if Biden cares about anything besides foreign policy. And Rice apparently knows nothing about anything but foreign policy, and nothing much beyond what she learned from reading her own propaganda.

If anything is to get done domestically, it will be a result of Biden, the sclerotic empty suit, leading from behind...way behind the senescent octogenarians and septuagenarians who pass for "leadership" of his party...the same inept, bumbling crew who got nothing done when they had their chance under Obama.

In the event of a crisis, can you imagine Biden trying to rally the American people? Bully Pulpit, RIP. It would be funny if it were not so sad.

While I will be very happy to see Trump go, I most certainly will NOT be happy to see Biden take over.

Come November, I think I'll write in Mr. Potato Head.


Regarding your pic of Flynn and Rice. I recall seeing a video of their convivial meeting at the Institute of Peace in Jan 2017. It is on youtube. She not only had good words about her successor Flynn as Nat'l Scty Advisor, but also about her predecessor Stephen Hadley. She does not seem to be an ideologue like Warren and Harris. But she may not want the job. Her son is a Trump fan.



"The Bernie/AOC wing will make a lot of noise, just like the evangelists did in the GOP."

It was a discontented Bernie Bro, James Hodgkinson, who decided to take matters into his own hands by attempting to assasinate a couple dozen Republican members of Congress. We see his analogues burning and destroying in cities across the country, all controlled by the left. The evangelists chose to take matters to the ballot and dropped the RINOS and voted for Trump. Their rejection of the RINOS in 2018 led Paul Ryan and others to "retire". From the look they are still going to vote for Trump. The differences are night and day, literally. Anarchy or the Republic, if we can keep it.



It appears that is the evidence of the past 50+ years under both parties. It didn’t matter who ran the presidency or Congress on the core issues of market concentration, deindustrialization, offshoring productive capacity, wealth inequality, socialization of financial speculative losses and privatization of speculative gains, debt growth, political influence peddling, etc.

Could we discern the differences between the Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Clinton, George Bush and Obama terms on the substantive issues where we’ve had both Republican and Democratic Congresses? We’ve seen an inexorable rise in the financialization of the economy, offshoring manufacturing, and market concentration across practically every segment over this period.

IMO, what we have had are faux rhetorical battles to divide and distract the working and middle classes.


The Beaver

I would like to know who, among the list of la gent féminine, will visit Israel before November 3rd 2020 !


Fouled mouth Susan - no need : everyone knows where she stands, especially her treatment of Abu Mazen at the WH where she spent more time that Turtle Bat when she was Ambassador.

Kamala _ More AIPAC than J street

Warren - another flip flopper who knows how to make it work to her advantage.

The other two prospects from the House: need to see how much pressure is out on them.



She would be 150% neocon in her foreign policy. She wants to crush and dominate people, any people will do. Obama actually reigned her in.


Biden Coalition is holding on to the standard Democrat coalition: SEIU, AFSCME, NEA, AFT, UAW ......... all 44 million government employee union members and their family and friends. Hello?

Losing the police unions to Trump has upset the traditional Democrat "coalition".

Polish Janitor


I was asking myself the same question today when reading a Politico piece on Biden's VP menu. I think you missed two big names: Rep. Karen Bass and Sen. Tammy Duckworth. I think Biden's campaign are looking at the VP from the POV of how each candidate could help him in a specific area. Let me explain my theory:

1. Karen Bass: Congressional Black Caucus head, will deliver both the congress' black votes and will brigde between Biden's campaign and progressives and has the correct 'optics'. plus Biden himself admitted that it was Rep. Clyburn who delivered the black votes to him, and I think for this reason rep. Bass fits well into this situation.

2. Tammy Duckworth: war veteran, Filipino, has the support of both liberal internationalists and and Never Trumpers. She can deliver F.P. to biden But she has no name recognition compared to Warren and Kamala. Plus she is not a huge name anyway.

3. Kamala: has the California factor, tough on crime (independents and centrists like her very much), Indian and Black, name recognition, has that 'presidential vibe' that makes her naturally in charge much like how Cheney did during Bush 43's tenure. has F.P. similar to Obama's, but not very specialized there. Maybe somewhere in-between progressive f.p. and liberal internationalists.

4. The rest is hard to sell to the leftists, espeically to the radicals. Delmingo, Bottoms, et. al don't strike me as VP quality material and at best are the mini version of Kamala.

5. Susan Rice is the dark horse here and is purely specialized in F.P. and nat sec affairs. What would Biden gain from Rice, is most likely be undoing what Trump has done since 2016. Meaning bringing back multilaterlaism, free-trade, R2P, Paris, JCPOA, and others. Although the congressional republicans will do their best to block these attempts, there are bipartisan issues that will be addressed like maintaining NATO, keeping troops in the ME, humanitarian pivot to China and social engineering projects broadly, a.k.a. the continuation of forever wars. domestically, I don't think Rice has anything to offer to Biden on domestic policy. It is just not her forte.


Which brings us to this question: What is the immediate priority of Biden's campaign if he is able to pull off the win in November 8th with regards to his pick for the VP? Domestic concern? if the answer is yes, then it will be Karen Bass, Warren, and Kamala. But if the priority is foreign policy, then it will be Rice and Duckworth to a lesser degree, but primarily Rice.

My gut tells me he will pick Kamala next week instead of Susan Rice. She can deliver both, but rice can only deliver F.P.

Polish Janitor

@ the Beaver

Given the possibility of a new (4th or 5th??!) election and the low popularity of Bibi (21%), his handling of the Covid-19, the growing unrest of the Hasidic Orthdox Jews (his base) with his restrictive policies, the new rounds of court hearing about his corruption (and his wife's) and the recent escalations in northern borders it would be hard to see Bibi in office if Biden becomes president.

I think Democrats are more favorable to the Tel Aviv aspect of Israel if you know what I mean, than the Jerusalem aspect. Plus, Benny Gantz is already serving both as PM alternate and war minister, and several key nat sec dems have already voiced their support of him.

I too am interested to see how the Biden admin (if elected) and Israel's relationship will look like...

Barbara Ann

What Jack says was true in the pre Trump era. Yes, the Uniparty has been an exercise in faux rhetorical battles distracting from a single underlying agenda in the past. But this time it is different. Trump is the last bulwark against the sweeping away of conservatism as a political force altogether. The ideological battle is real and the stakes could not be higher.

It matters very much who wins, it could scarcely matter more. If the above described witches brew of leftists gains power under the Dem standard, the US will be unrecognizable in short order. Love him or loathe him, Trump is the only barrier to a tsunami of crazy ideas being unleashed upon us. All in the interest of hastening the Brave New World and saving us from our simpleminded and outmoded notions; ones like personal & state sovereignty.

Trump himself has displayed some authoritarian tendencies, but his value system does at least appear to be rooted in humanism. The great irony of the TDS afflicted who rage against his supposed tyrannical designs, is that very often they display utter contempt for the millions of regular folk who voted him into power. For me, Trump is the only thing standing in the way of the tyrannies each of the various leftist crackpot groups would unleash.

The sclerotic Dem old guard, as you say, are just interested in power and of course the attendant opportunities for personal enrichment. By and large they have zero respect for the actual people who they nominally serve. They are corrupt, but otherwise not the most dangerous constituency and may well be swept away by a hard Left takeover.

The Marxists and anarchists, as always, are desperate to force us to be free and bring about the greatest good for all. So a few (million?) may have to be re-educated or liquidated in the process. Well that's the price of Progress. No thanks.

The financial engine; the élites of the Silicon Valley and Wall Street, see people as mere units of account in their schemes; sources of data or sources of debt - to be exploited by their respective systems. I see them, particularly the Big Tech and global finance techno-fascists, as the most dangerous. Davos chair Klaus Schwab describes a coming Fourth Industrial Revolution which will "redefine what it means to be human". What is it with such people, why can't they just be happy with humans the way we are? All such talk stems from the most profound of delusions; that Mankind may somehow transcend its flawed existence thru the use of ever more sophisticated technology. Transhumanism it is called - literally engineering ourselves into something better. And dare we ask whose definition of "better" - in whose image are we to be remade - Bill Gates'?

Religion and spiritualism are of course the correct places to seek to be reconciled with the seeming paradoxes of the human condition. Conservatism comes closest to embracing this path to true happiness and rejecting the false gospel of technology-induced redemption. All other roads lead to dystopias of one kind or another and IMO there is a great concentration of such roads leading away from a Dem win in November.

Diana Croissant

I can't even imagine a Biden Presidency. Actually, I really can't imagine it because his presidency will be really that of the people who are able to pull more of his puppet strings.

If we're talking Republican women as VP picks, I find it strange that they all somehow disreagarded Tulsi Gabbard. She's the only one who actually seemed human to me and not a wind-up blathering doll spewing tape-recorded messages.


A female version of Caligula, which takes great delight in crushing people. We as a nation don't need her.


Fourth and Long

Such women are relentlessly hostile about male courtesies like holding a door or a chair. I worked in parallel with a woman NIO who told me that it was unfair for me to mention my experience of war in congressional testimony. The intent was clearly to intimidate.

Antoinetta III

I suspect, that if Biden should get elected he will only be a mouthpiece for various puppet-masters. And when it comes to FP, lurking just off-stage, will be the Chief puppet-master, the Hildebeast!

Antoinetta III

Republicans performance in the tech hearings today was an absolute embarrassment. They claim to care about bias but don’t actually believe in doing anything to curb market power.

Why don’t they care? Because they’re making too much money shilling for big tech and selling out their voters! Imagine a Congressman asking what consumer harm would result to Rockefeller or Morgan in the 1900s.


An interview on Tucker today about the Big Tech hearings. These comments by Saagar Enjeti on Tucker’s show while directed at the Republicans could equally be applied to the Democrats. As Canadian member of parliament Pierre Poilievre noted the other day, socialism and corporatism are two sides of the same coin.

Trump has been in office for 3+ years. Where has his administration been on monopolies and the oligarchy? There were no anti-trust investigations by his administration. Go across sectors from seeds to ag inputs and media to big tech you’ll find unprecedented concentration compared to even the 80s.

What about “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated,...”? How does mass surveillance by government and mass data collection by big tech on user behavior on the web comport with this constitutional prerogative?

The Fed has just handed out a few trillion dollars to Wall St because of the Wuhan virus, so they say. No different than the Fed when Obama was president. They didn’t bailout underwater homeowners but they sure did big money financiers.



You seem to think these unions with membership mostly in closed shop states are full of automotons who will vote as ordered. Perhaps Debbie Dingell will summon the Biden open borders, open outsourcoing vote amongst the new rank and file UAW members who foreced a strike and a leadership vote? Fat chance. Did you miss the news about the four UAW executives enjoying their stays, at taxpayer expense, in federal penetentionaries? I don't think the membership has forgotten how they rigged a contract with FCA for a big fat payoff at their expense.

AFSME? You left out the NEA, and the history of the 'closed shop' which the 2011 Wisconsin Act 10 changed significantly. The Democrats spent years trying to drive Scott Walker out of office over that bill. The WI Supreme Court held it constitutional. Feel free to look up the impact on union dues collection as a proxy for loyalty to union endorsed candidates.

Polish Janitor,

Democratic veterans? I was one once; however I don't see Senator Duckworth brining in any more votes than Wesley Clark brought in for Hilary, probably less. Or haven't you noticed the increasing contempt for miltary veterans and active duty members held by the left and far left? Kamala? How many net votes will Senator "law and order" bring given her history of "mass incarceration" in California as a prosecutor?

Karen Bass? Three elder giants of the civil rights era, Conyers, Cummings, Lewis; have passed into eternity like Covid patients in a nursing home. Just what, compared to these men, has she done for people in LA, Baltimore, Minneapolis, anywhere, in her modest decade+ in office that would bring in votes needed to put Biden into the White House? What are any of these possible VP choices going to do for a community that the left is desparate to keep voting Democratic as a racial block given the cries of "systemic" issues that we hear are keeping the black man down (Which apparently was not a problem while Barack was in office, or Biden his VP, mind you) all while simultaneously utilizing state power to destroy independent businesses, many of them owned by minorities, via declarations of seperate but equal non-essential status and closure orders using the China virus as cover?


If there was a presidential candidate less in charge of his campaign than 2020 Biden, I am not aware.

If there was a presidential candidate more in charge of his campaign than 2016 Trump, since Kennedy, I am not aware.

Stating the obvious, it could be Biden is actually in charge of nothing at this point, and has not been for months.

What do we know of those, the leading and most influential actors directing Biden Burlesque?

Everything is concocted, created, in other words, the illusion of Biden.

For instance, no one should take at face value that he wrote that note-card praising --- or to be accurate, alleging to praise --- Sen. Kamala Harris, D-California.

Nor that the AP photo of it was an accident, nor the Politico story that was pulled off the web dated early August, saying K H was VEEP.

The handwriting in the alleged note Biden allegedly wrote allegedly praising KH does not necessarily match Biden]s own handwriting which tends to be in cursive.

While it is a given the media apostles are in on the conspiracy to drag Burlesque Biden over the finish line come November, there are many outside of the legacy bubble that would do wise and good to question, scrutinize, elaborate on and find the truth, the concrete reality: of every single last action "Biden does" between now and election.

Since he is rarely un-quarantined, the task won’t be as gargantuan were he out and about all the time, like a normal candidate would be.

Like an actual candidate would be, perhaps I should have said.

Answering the obvious: What do we know of those, the leading and most influential actors directing the Biden Burlesque? – and figuring out how united and/or disunited this elite group is – would go some measure to figuring out a lot of what will happen not just in terms of his alleged VP selection, which he won’t be making.

The only thing that may unite this conglomeration of individuals and interest running Biden is covering up.

In other words: constant and perpetual lying. That is all they have in common at this point, of this much I am sure.

Right now, among the biggest media apostle cover ups, in cahoots with those actually in charge of this Burlesque --- is making damn sure the illusion of unity, that this myth is perpetuated.

Who might burst that bubble?

This, another wonderful task for non-apostle media entities: uncover, however seemingly insignificant, all manner and form of media apostle conspiracy and collusion with the Burlesque masters dictating Biden.

We’ll know such sleuths would be making some progress when NYTimes has a headline along the lines of:
“White Nationalist Conspiracy Theories Push Racist Narratives on Biden Campaign”

“Misogynists Try Stealing Biden Campaign Secrets”

John Lyly, in Euphues wrote: “All’s Fair in Love and War”

Perhaps if Bruce Jenner, aka Caitlyn Marie Jenner (born William Bruce Jenner; October 28, 1949), can get himself a dark enough tan, he/she/it may be in the running for VEEP.

Or arm wrestle Susan Rice for the job; and may the best man win.




Kamala Harris got zero traction during the primaries. She had to pull out just in time to get her name the Calif primary ballot because it was clear she would lost her own home state badly.

SNL got Harris just right, a conniving, blowsy drunk with an annoying and inappropriate laugh. She was wretched in California - but she has sucked up to the unions. They know she would be safe, but California is going for Biden no matter what. She add nothing to the ticket and now looks like a badly damaged Chatty Cathy doll, with her mouth strings broken.

She is a craven phony and that is exactly how she comes across. But two losers on the same ticket might clear the deck for the Dems in 2024 and get her off the stage for good.


Bring back Amy Klobuchar. Even the George Flody taint isn't as bad as the other VP liabilities.

Both Bass and Demmings had their time to shine in the past two days of Judiciary hearings - didn't happen. Rice is a non-starter, unless they are twisting her arm to be a stalking horse. The unions will run the entire show no matter who is on the ticket.

Deep State Alive candidate is all they need.

Mathias Alexander

BLM recieve funding from the Ford Foundation. I doubt their interests are the same as a rank and file BLMer or that the rank and file is aware of whwere the money comes from. This process is being manipulated by powerfull people. There has been no lesser evil for years, now everybody in the running is just evil.
Its a mystery why anybody thinks Biden is 'left wing' or even 'liberal'.
AOC and crew are window dressing whether they know it or not.

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