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05 July 2020


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Keith Harbaugh

Turcopolier wrote:
"IMO the freedom of speech and thought that we have had in the US is in great peril."

Fred wrote, in a comment to a previous post:
"What you are seeing is the result of a successful decades long anti-Western propaganda campaign."

I couldn't agree more with both comments.

For an excellent description of the campaign that I have observed (although Fred might have something different in mind) called variously Cultural Marxism, Critical Theory, and The Culture of Critique,
see Chapter Four, "Four Who Made a Revolution: The Frankfurt School Comes To America", of Patrick Buchanan's book "The Death of the West", published in 2001.

This excellent and prescient book is easily and inexpensively ($8!) available from both Google Play and Kindle.

As to its relevance to the suppression of speech, here is Buchanan describing Marcuse:


In "One Dimensional Man", [Marcuse] advocated an educational dictatorship. In “Repressive ‘tolerance,” he called for a new “liberating tolerance” that entails “intolerance against movements from the right, and toleration of movements from the left".
In "Carnivorous Society," [Marcuse] wrote:

"One can rightfully speak of a cultural revolution, since the protest is directed toward the whole cultural establishment … there is one thing we can say with complete assurance. The traditional idea of revolution and the traditional strategy of revolution have ended. These ideas are old-fashioned … what we must undertake is a type of diffuse and dispersed disintegration of the system."


Start reading this book for free: https://a.co/cOPOWf6


The printing presses were vulnerable to the wielders of the sledge hammers and fire axes.
It is even easier to unplug the internet. The DNS are the simplest points of failure and the registrars are the easiest ones to suborn.
Think your thoughts, and as always be parsimonious with what you say. Coat your words with unctuous oils and let safe similes and modest affect be your coat of invisibility. And always keep your powder dry and unannounced.
The bill of rights was ratified in 1791 and freedom of speech lasted until 1798 and the passage of the Alien and Sedition acts.


Col, I think it would be stretch to imagine they could get, at this PRESENT TIME 38 States. But let me ask you Col, rhetorically, if things keep 'progressing' like they are now, is a it a lock they could not get the needed votes? The Elites of both Parties now remind me of the Lebanese Army. I do not know the exact manner you would hold a Constitutional Convention. But give me the House, the Senate, and the White House, NY, California, Texas, and Florida and put a hundred selected lawyers in a room for a week (think chimps), and I bet they could figure out a way to accomplish what they want. Things would have to deteriorate for that to be anything near a reality. I grant you. But who is to say with certainty they won't? As you know better than I Col, retreats can become routs. And I see retreat everywhere. But in any event, I stand by what I wrote, they care coming for the Constitution. It is their ultimate aim. The statues are Operation Torch. The Germans knew what the ultimate target was. Torch was the softening up process.



And was restored under Jefferson.



You won't need to wait long. An election of Biden will coincide with another "Covid" crisis needing emergency powers to "protect Americans". Emergency powers that are broad and sweeping, just like the ones granted to the newly elected Chancelor did in '33. A timely podcast by Lewis Lapham in reviewing a book on the infamous one's first 100 days covers some of the details. I can easily see party 'antifa'-lite community groups being incorporated into 'defunded' police departments as auxiliaries. It's been done before, and an election just adds credibility to the farce.



@ The Colonel
And limited again under Jackson, Lincoln, Wilson, Roosevelt and Clinton. All speech is the precursor to action and all actions have consequences.
Behind the hedge of the teeth one may think what ever one wishes and chase whatever chimeras and unicorns he may devise.

Larry Kart

Doesn't (or shouldn't) divisive here simply mean remarks specifically designed to attack a particular other group and its actual or supposed policies/goals and decisively draw the line between one's own group (to that group's satisfaction) and the other group -- this aside from the social-political rightness or wrongness of such acts of decisive/devisive separation, both in terms of "Who struck John?" and of the likely outcome of each group's policies should they come to pass. My point, or one of them, is that there's nothing innocent about such rhetoric on either or any side; it's would-be power politics of the mouth and deed.


This fella spoke to this phenomenon several years ago. It has been on the march on campus for decades.


KGB Defector Yuri Bezmenov said that the "Leftists are useful IDIOTS"

Stages of communist takeovers- Yuri Bezmenov (Leftists are useful IDIOTS)



Radical Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant Vows to Overthrow the United States and Replace with “a Socialist World”



Fred @ July 6
Doesn't anybody ever run out of inappropriate Hitler comparisons?

So tiresome.



Yes, watching the pattern unfold before our eyes is tiring. I would reach back to Sulla and Crassus, but the proscription lists haven't been made public yet.

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