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22 July 2020


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Deap, In my overseas time I've had about 10-12 people ask me for help with a visa (Thailand/Philippines, etc.). Not one of them ever disparaged the USA.

Terence Gore


"In Clark County, Ohio, a thug named Isaiah Jackson, 20, has been arrested and is being held pending charges in connection with the following act, which he shared on social media, with the caption added to the photo. The picture has been altered to hide the identity of the innocent abused child:"

didn't see it on the news



In other on-line reports that perpetrator of that hate crime was arrested on an outstanding warrant for someting else, not for the hate crime pictured.



You are partially correct. He was arrested on probation violation. What kind of repercussions that carries for him, I don't know.

Here's another tragic story that doesn't conform to the narrative and so goes unreported.


"Yet to Daniel Navarro, the sight and sound of a Harley (Davidson) represented white supremacy. As a result of that misplaced rage, over the July 4 weekend Navarro allegedly decided to take out his prejudice on Phillip Thiessen, swerving his pickup truck head-on into Thiessen... Citing 'recent events' and the 'racial climate in the United States,' Navarro referenced a 'silent majority that voted for Donald Trump as president and the political and racial tensions in the news lately, including racial tensions related to President Trump.' According to the complaint, he emphasized that 'if Trump and white people are going to create a world like we are living in, then he has no choice and people are going to have to die.' Deciding to act on this rage, Navarro is alleged to have 'intentionally swerved his truck' into Thiessen head-on because all Harley riders are 'white racists.' Lest there be any doubt as to the intentional nature of the act, according to the complaint, Navarro had been 'thinking about targeting a white person and killing them with a vehicle earlier that day,' and he 'picked a motorcycle because he wanted the person to die,' because 'white people drive motorcycles,' and 'the Harley culture is made up of white racists.'"

The victim was a 26-year LEO vet currently serving with the Wisconsin Dept. of Justice's Internet Child Sex Crimes unit.

This is the world the Left is setting up for all of us. If they don't think a reaction to this kind of crap will come, they are dumber than we know. The hilarious thing is when I point these stories out to Leftist acquaintances, their reaction is universally "but that's just one incident. It doesn't prove anything." Funny how that logic only works in one direction...


I think we can all agree, something is rotten in Denmark. The #GreatReset, the Sustainability Agenda, the collapsed global economy, the Postmodernism teaching of our youth that America is the greatest evil of all time, and the British Empire were the good guys, the false, literally false 1619 Project https://www.realclearinvestigations.com/articles/2020/01/31/disputed_ny_times_1619_project_is_already_shaping_kids_minds_on_race_bias_122192.html
Portland, Seattle, Antifa, 100% Marxist BLM & Susan Rosenberg, cancel culture, journalists and others fear free speech, cutting police for 1/2 pay, no pension social, community workers, 4th Industrial Revolution, & more, I could go on...
The WEF has decided on a paradigm shift, and we're watching it, all in Covid (how can we go out there-although the protesters do, so???) real time.

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