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21 July 2020


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blue peacock


In these situations the likelihood of coincidences are limited. It seems clear that this "amicus curiae" was a premeditated plan orchestrated by the same people that ran the Russia Collusion hoax.

The foundation of the Russia Collusion investigation including the FISA warrants and the Mueller "special counsel". The Steele Dossier.



They showed more leniency towards Gravano, a serial killer who only got 5 years in prison, than a general of the US Army. It speaks volumes of their character.

Mark K Logan

Sullivan may be convinced that Flynn did all the deeds he plead guilty to. It would not be expected for a judge, if convinced both sides were now working for the defense, to seek representation for The People's side of the case before giving "leave of the court" to dismiss?

exiled off mainstreet

"Getting" Flynn was the key to neutering the danger Trump posed to the deep state, since General Flynn was the one military advisor to Trump who was knowledgeable and who had recognized the salient fact that, under Obama, the US was employing the "raghead" element to do their bidding in Syria and elsewhere. Without Flynn, Trump, who like many has a tendency to accept the views of credentialled experts, could be convinced to continue the deep state policy of permanent warfare aided by jihadist barbarians. Trump's tragedy was that he accepted what appeared to be the inevitable and allowed Flynn to be taken down.


NSA patriotic Cyber expert & whistleblower William Binney has forensic evidence to prove there was NO HACK into the DNC. He offered it to Mueller, Congress, and to the Judges in the Cases of General Flynn and Roger Stone. They all refused his evidence and his offer to testify . Tune in Thursday to his live internet presentation on Thursday 11 am 7/23:




Where in the Constitution does the Judicial branch of government become the prosecutor in a "People's Court"? (The 'volksgerichtshof' reference, not the tv show.)


Veering off topic: Judicial Watch Tom Fitton warns Durham report will only capture low hanging fruit, if any. Rest will go on their merry way - too hard to prove intent.

Team Obozo was just trying to protect us from the Russki's. Brennan, Clapper, Comey will live to see another day, another book deal and probably a harassment and/or wrongful termination suit against Trump. Clue was letting McCabe off, according to inside pundits.

Not much different from the Gowdy Benghazi efforts - he just could not pin anyone down - they all just slipped through a prosecutor's fingers - can't remember, it was some other dude, not as I recall.

Some say Gowdy wasted our time - yet he got the only answer that was out there - no one was in charge therefore no one was at fault. The classic description of borg, is it not? Looks like Durham ran into the same borg wall of resistance too.

robt willmann

Yesterday, I forgot to put in that John Gleeson resigned as a federal district court judge in March of 2016. I have fixed that. In order to have been asked by Judge Sullivan to file a friend of the court brief, he obviously could not still be a federal judge.

Mark K Logan


The Judicial branch is always the prosecutor in criminal cases, never the defender. It's simply a given. What other entity can charge someone with a crime? It's not an exaggeration to say that the basis of civilization is the creation of government primarily to enforce rule of law, and The People grant government the sole authority to do violence and imprison on their behalf, aside from that which is immediately necessary for self defense.


Mark Logan

Federal Prosecutors are employees of the Executive Branch. In federal courts they are employees of the Justice Department, not the Judicial Branch.

Mark K Logan


I understand the question better now. I had been confused by prosecutors being sworn officers of the court.

Fred, we use an adversarial system in our courts. Two sides take a slant with a judge presiding. Not everybody does that. The French for instance use an investigatorial system. The judge doesn't just play ref, he actively seeks the truth himself and is empowered to do so. A lot of things aren't in the Constitution but that document wasn't intended to be all-inclusive, it's almost a pamphlet.

More to the point, the judge isn't seeking an unbiased person to merely render an opinion on case of Flynn's dismissal, he is seeking an advocate for the case against it.

It's tricky business accusing a prosecutor of bias, as bias is intrinsic in the bringing-of-charges and to an adversarial system. A prosecutor that does not already believe a person has committed a crime would be committing a crime by bringing charges against that person..yet the accused is innocent until proven guilty.



Which government are you talking about? Judges is the US are not prosecutors. In colonial times the special courts established during the Salem witch trials are the only ones I can recall where such prosecutorial powers were given to judges and those predate the republic by a century or more.

Mark Logan


I'm not seeing a judge acting as prosecutor in this. Gleeson is not currently a judge, and asking for a brief from Gleeson does not make Sullivan a prosecutor. The rule says the case can be dismissed by 'leave of the Court', which indicates that a judge has to sign off on it, and thereby has discretion.



Where in the Constitution does the Judicial branch of government have authority to appoint a third party answerable solely to the Judicial branch, in this instance Judge Sullivan, to perform the prosecutoriral function; or do you mean the judge is unable to conclude that the federal prosecutor, with agreement from the defendant, has requested dismissal with predjudice and therefor the case must be dismissed and needs someone else to advise him on what to do? The writ of mandamus order specifies the same dismissal. "Leave of the Court" doesn't mean the judge can trie the case with his own council however camouflaged nor drag the case out until the election is over.

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