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08 July 2020


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She could have escaped the country. Carlos Ghosn had escaped prosecution in Japan by hiding in a box taken aboard a private plane, eventually finding his way to Lebanon.


Perhaps she felt she was untouchable. Or maybe Israel, where she would have been protected against extradition to the US, wasn't safe for her.

What I still can't grasp is the whole Berman/Clayton situation. There's no question she could have been arrested sooner. It seems Berman was blocking her arrest. Also there is a lot of resistance to Clayton's nomination. Even Senator Lindsay Graham, who has become something of an ally to Trump, has come out in opposition to it. It's very strange.


You aren't the only person thinking this strongly enough to write about it:


It has enough irregularity in it to remind me of JFKjr plane crash. If she truly has the same goods as JE, then it would require days of testimony and corroboration, months even, along with locating and reviewing said actual physical evidence. It would not take a few days post-arrest; legal matters simply take forever at this level, and the more lawyers the longer it takes whether civil or criminal.

This reeks to me of a cover story for someone who had their ears pinned back months or years ago by one team or the other.


I don’t know but I suspect she calculated that she was safer in America than elsewhere. I think she was probably concerned about the British more than anyone else. Prince Andrew is a chump, but a Royal one.

I would expect that the FBI and perhaps her lawyers also lulled her into a false sense of security. - designed to keep her “within range” and perhaps over time she becomes careless enough to reveal the location of hidden evidence.

In my darkest moods I suspect she now needs to be “dealt with”, perhaps to remove spoiling opportunities with one or more Democratic party candidates.

I am concerned for her safety. I am especially concerned that she be kept totally isolated from the rest of the prison population. We had a “super grass” crook - Carl Williams in jail here. He was singing about judicial corruption. He was inexplicably transferred to a unit shared with two homicidal inmates who murdered him. I say “inexplicable” since the prison governor responsible then went deer hunting near here and has not been seen since.



"What I still can't grasp is the whole Berman/Clayton situation. There's no question she could have been arrested sooner." Of course you "grasp it." Democrat big-wigs will be implicated if she talks. It is amusing how much this affair resembles the TeeVee Series "Billions." NY is a caricature of the show.

A. Pols

Honestly it seems the govt. is making a bit much over her role in Epstein's philandering with underage girls. Sort of seems he was the prime mover in all this, but of course since he's dead, she'll have to take the fall.


In the wake of - and in spite of - his death, France began a preliminary investigation of Epstein for rape, etc., last year. He had an apartment in Paris and was returning to the US from there when he was arrested in New Jersey in July, 2019.

Could this answer speculation as to why Ghislaine Maxwell chose to settle here in the US instead of France?


I can't make heads from tails here until I see more done. Clayton still has to get confirmed and Ghislaine has to be made to talk. That's just a start.

Part of me thinks they could all be scoundrels, one no better than the next. Knowing what I know about Jared Kushner's father has made me believe the worst. I'd like to think. We'll see.


She has hired Christian Everdell for her defense. "He was named one of New York’s 2019 Super Lawyers for white collar criminal defense." He used to be an Assistant US Attorney for SDNY where he helped convict El Chapo of the Sinaloa drug cartel.

A former colleague says he will do what is in the best interests of the client, but no doubt he will be talking to her about the benefits of becoming a cooperating witness.



Clayton can be acting. She will sing to avoid dying in prison (she would make a splendid laundress). You are a Democrat.


A. Pols

She personally molested a lot of these girls. She used sex toys and her fingers on their genitals to "train" them. That's all right by you?


This article from the Daily Mail had lots of interesting details and anonymous quotes that may or may not be legit.


A source familiar with the hunt for Maxwell told the paper: “This has taken millions of dollars and hundreds of man hours. At least five million bucks, maybe more.

“The FBI has been tracking her for a year. They had her, then they lost her.

“She was in Colorado and Wyoming then they lost her until she showed up in New Hampshire. It’s been a high-stakes game of cat and mouse.”


Paul supporter.

I don't know what to believe with the president. One minute he wants to respond to Iran, the next he doesn't want to kill 150 of them, and then the minute after he's blowing up Soleimani. He's liable to do things that really make me question him.

Also he keeps hiring people who undermine him at every turn or who raise a lot of red flags. Take Alexander Acosta's appointment to Secretary of Labor, a role that oversaw federal efforts to counter forced prostitution and child trafficking. It was Acosta, whether it was his choice or not, who gave Epstein that sweetheart deal. He had to resign because of that.

And then there's the whole thing with Jared's father.


Kushner paid a prostitute $10,000 to lure his brother-in-law to a motel room at the Red Bull Inn in Bridgewater to have sex with him. A hidden camera recorded the activity, and Kushner sent the lurid tape to his sister, making sure the tape arrived on the day of a family party.


Exactly one week before, (New Jersey Governor) McGreevey had also lost nearly everything he had worked his whole life to achieve. In an even more public, more personal, and more heavily scrutinized admission of guilt, McGreevey stood in the statehouse in Trenton, flanked by his oddly smiling wife and his parents, and admitted his own lies, deceptions, and sensational bad judgment. “My truth,” he said, “is that I am a gay American.”

Kushner’s split with McGreevey had occurred almost nine months earlier, when Kushner was competing with Bruce Ratner to buy the New Jersey Nets.


Within days of the Cipel appointment, the Bergen Record ran a story asking who this unknown Israeli named Golan Cipel was and why, given his obvious lack of credentials, he had been named to a homeland-security post. The story even went so far as to describe Cipel as the governor’s traveling companion.


McGreevey met (Cipel) in Israel in March of 2000, long before he was governor. Cipel came here six months later, with Charles Kushner as his sponsor, in September. So there’s a long period of time when they’re just having sex.

You can't be cautious enough with these people.


After Epstein was convicted in Florida he turned on his master's and so did Ghislaine.Arresting Maxwell is desperate times all round.Take a big bite out of the apple and the pips squeak.netanyahu might be vulnerable but not gantz.


You get a hell of a lot for a million bucks: here is a site with actual photos.


Actually Nard, I wonder what you can get for a million dollars in NE. I live in NE, about a 100 miles from the location in question. You can get a nice house, in a real nice town for about 800K. No land at all. You can get a real nice house, in an ok town. (measure of a town? School system). But a 'luxury home, along with 150 plus acres of land? In NH? I'd have to see it. There are a lot of ticks, no see ems, and black flies that come after the snow is gone. Which is about mid to late April in that location. Makes the woods near inhabitable. Paradise it ain't.


Found out today that Ghislaine Maxwells nephew was put in charge of the State Departments Libya-Syria desk at the tender age of 25. Alexander Maxwell Djessari is the son of Dale Djerassi, who's father Carl Djerassi is the inventor of the pill, and art philantropist (himself whipping a jesus effigy), and Isabel Maxwell, on of Ghislaine's sisters.

So if the Maxwells are Israeli intelligence it would not be a stretch that assume that Alex is too.

"Isabel and Dale’s child, Alexander Maxwell Djessari, would go on to serve under the Hillary Clinton State Department and the former presidential candidate’s transition team in 2016, donating $2,700 to an affiliated PAC, according to FEC filings."

Mark Logan

The probably dragged in all those cops because they wanted a complete ring around the property. She scoots into the woods for a couple days? They'd of had to get a lot of people there in a hurry. Expensive and embarrassing. There are probably no more than a half dozen local cops all told.

They probably set the end of the watch at July 3, barring the discovery of something promising in her communications. Would've had to maintained a couple people close by 24/7. That detail would be owed holiday pay for the weekend if it had gone on one more day...and surely appreciated getting the 4th weekend off.


"The FBI brought the NYPD as well as the local flics". PL is mastering the french argot (slang).



Tu ne comprends pas que je parle Francais? The "tu" was deliberate. I have spoken French since childhood and my wife forces me to watch TV5 Monde.


Speaking of..... it appears that Maxwell is defensing up with strong lawyers:

Former NY Fed Prosecutors: Christopher Everdell and Mark Cohen.

Denver power house legal eagles Laura Menninger and Jeffrey Pagliuca, who have been defending Maxwell against civil lawsuits filed by Epstein’s victims.


A jewel thief who goes by a pseudonym says he had been shown video Epstein and Ghislaine took of two high profile US politicians together with underage girls.

He also claimed that Ghislaine had a "Polanski plan" to escape to France.

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