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01 July 2020


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"eliminating bail requirements" is a nationwide movement that is part of the leftist ideology playing out in the "revolution" to give us fundamental change just like Barack and his backers promised.
"The concrete towers in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn are filled..." with many people who are part of the immigration is our strenghth wave of population change that make up a large percentage of democratic party street muscle and perhaps even votes. They have little cultural assimilation to America, have been led to believe America was founded in sin and if they know about Sinatra at all it is only than he's a white guy who's probably racist and misogonystic.
"The bureaucratic and administration castration of the police..." is just working acording to plan.
"The political powers" want NYC to fail so that they can point to a systemic failure in
a) the structure of government as it was founded in 16191776 and reformed in 1789 and ammended many times by white males, who did not meet the new standards of the true Americans and loyal democrats
b) Trump voters, especially small business owners.
c) capitalism. Just look at the wealth distribution and how this is not fair as there is no equal distribution. (exemptions of Oprah, JZ, Michael Jordan, David Steward, Robert F. Smith and assorted professional atheletes, musicians, and politicians excluded). That Kanye Guy, well he supports Trump so you know how his wealth needs redistribution first.


NYC was never a shining city on a hill. Never understood its appeal nor its status as America's leading city; even during its "good days". it is a world apart and it is not America; no thank you. Turn NYC over to the United Nations and let it become an international enterprise zone under the UN's crack management. Get rid of it, once and for all. NYC is an ugly, crude embarrassment.


You missed an Irishman - Dermot Shea, the toady Police Commissioner who is following De Blasio's orders defenestrating the NYPD.
As to the denizens of this looming hell on earth, they voted for it - TWICE.
De Blasio made no attempt to hide his dimwitted neo-socialism.


If the police "back away and do nothing", then their budget should be ZERO, ZIP, NADA. What is the point of funding people that go to work and intentionally do nothing?

I also disagree with this nonsense of branding a hack like DeBlasio as a "Marxist". Can you kindly provide references to any public speech or paper where he advocates dictatorship of the proletariat or public/worker ownership of the means of production? Labels are a cheap cop out.

Cuomo and DeBlasio are self serving opportunists that feed their benefactors at the expense of the public. Nothing more or less.

Fort Greene

I’ll start by saying that I’m a little younger than you all, so my perspective might be a bit different, but I’ve lived in New York since I graduated about 9 years ago.

I think the author is partly right that the current administration and fantasy politics will negatively impact the city as a whole, however what I envisage is something that I think is a bit darker and more in line with protecting the interests of those who store wealth in the city, because that is ultimately what a lot of this is about. I have lived in a few areas in Brooklyn that have gone through gentrifcation, and I think what strikes me about that and about New York in general is that gentrifcation is not a one time thing, it’s an ongoing iterative process. What will happen is that you will see even further division in the city, with wealth gating entrance to the more exclusive manhattan and Brooklyn neighborhoods. While this is already absolutely the case, I think these political dynamics are about to make that much worse. I have seen already in a short period of time the original gentrifiers are now being functionally gentrifed themselves by being price out of their neighborhood in a few short years. This is what will happen to an nth degree should th city continue to follow its current trajectory, the bifurcation of the neighborhoods will become even more extreme. One interesting watch point in this is that a good deal of NYC public housing is in desirable neighborhoods, will the woke yuppies stand for loitering?

Additionally, I agree with your assessment of the issues with the reasoned decline in moral of the police force, having spoken with NYPD that share a similar assessment. One thing I foresee, and would like the committee’s opinion on is the rise in private security that will function much the same as foot patrols do in high end neighborhoods. I think it’s a natural landing spot for many disaffected former nypd and seems like a way for the wealthy to kowtow to defund the police and similar movements without actually giving up anything and perhaps even gaining.

Finally, I’ve seen a bit about the loss of the reserve currency status here, and for many reasons this right here is why we will maintain that reserve status. We are a place that will protect property and wealth. In Manhattan there are tons of luxury highrises in midtown (near the Javits center and Lincoln tunnel) where basically no one lives yet all of the apartments are sold, almost entirely to foreign cash buyers. This is investment at best and more like it money laundering into the reserve currency.


In the short run, the left may make dramatic poses such as brandishing bazookas:


In the long run, the right will realize that sheriffs are locally elected and sheriffs can deputize all their voters:



frankie p:
"I thought that Cuomo and DeBlasio were Americans."
They may hold US passports, but Americans?
They're Democrats which is mutually exclusive to being Americans.


if we are going back to Taxi Driver/Midnight Cowboy-era NYC then it's fine by me. Seemed like a much more interesting place than the sterile overpriced hipster disneyworld that we have today, God bless Guiliani and all for its existence but something of the original soul is clearly missing.

John Merryman

I used to think the civil war talk was a bit hyperbolic, but the solid ground seems to be liquifying.
People have been living in bubbles, comfort zones, safe spaces long enough they will be getting a serious dose of reality, when it all goes Mexico and the gangs find they've been given the keys to the kingdom.

Terence Gore


no violence but hard to watch


Fort Greene that sounds like South Africa, problem is it just isn't a pleasant way to live your life cowering away in your gated community or property, having to think twice about popping down to the shop to buy a pint of milk. The ever present threat of crime looming over your every move.

I am surprised this has been allowed to happen, a lot of money has been sunk in to 'luxury' apartments in NY, they have been struggling for a few years and this looks like the nail in the coffin.

Never much cared for NY myself, always thought it was dirty, unpleasant, atomised place.

I thought DeBlasio was a kraut masquerading as a paesan anyway.


I've lived in a NYC suburb for the last 40 years and spent a number of years commuting to the city. I think it is premature to forecast the City's demise. Previous forecasts of it's demise have not been realized. NY City is a significant economic engine for America and it's capabilities are not easily replicated. Yes, NYC has it's problems as does every big city in America. The important thing is to work on solving those problems and correcting any mistakes in governing. Lets take Trump's motto and "Make NYC Great Again".

Babak makkinejad

Fort Greene

What you descibe has already taken place in Brazil's Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Dangerously unsafe as well as deeply segrated by race and by income.

Ironic in as much as Brazil had been modeling herself on the United States, while the United States chose to become like Brazil (minus the women chasing after you).

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