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21 July 2020


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Diana Croissant

The big news event of my life, the one I remember the most in terms of where I was and how I felt when we watched the news on television happened about this date ( on July 20) in 1969.

I was at home watching the news, and at the time I was teaching junior high English, my first teaching position). Almost every teacher in the building later had that famous poster displayed somewhere on the walls of the classrooms in which they taught.

Thank you for keeping us posted on what is happing now in regard to space exploration. I feel jealous of my grandkids because of what they may get to witness and/or experience.


Here's the video: https://www.space.com/spacex-falcon-9-rocket-payload-fairing-catch-success.html?jwsource=cl

Love that one-acre-sized net, and those huge shock-absorber arms. Not sure I like the name play on the ships. They need a name a bit more substantial. And they need a good motto. Maybe something like the motto of the first guys who recovered an object from space. Who by the way just celebrated their 6oth anniversary a couple of weeks ago:


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