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07 July 2020


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@Barbara Ann
While he is not mentioned in the movie, Backstabbing for Beginners is a fascinating account of the Oil for Food UN scam and eventual scandal. If your indulgences run to cable tv, you can probably find the movie on Pay Per View.

Barbara Ann


Thanks, I'll look it up. To return to our earlier exchange, in one of his later interviews Ronald mentions putting together a dossier, for self preservation purposes, before he 'got out'. Presuming his story is true, I expect he'd have an interesting view on the construction of a viable dead man's switch. He is after all, still alive.


Do we know what happened to ex-PFC Chuck? Thx, JMH



People come and go here and we are all older every day.


Iran and Syria have signed a military security agreement that will enhance Syrian air defense. This will make the Israelis sit up and take notice and whine to Pompeo and crew.

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