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16 July 2020


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Hopefully you didn't venture out to Longboat Key. They closed the public beach access and made wearing of masks mandatory. As a social conformity measure it works great. Everyone is kneeling in submission to the tv terror. The further away from downtow one gets, the closer to reality people appear to be. At least Bradenton hasn't succomed to the face burka brotherhood. As I mentioned on another thread, the wife of a friend of mine (age 52) came down with COVID a couple of weeks ago. The symptoms were just like you described, mild fever and headache. She's back to work after her 14 day home incarceration. If they were in their seventies I'ld be more concerned. The rest of society needs to get back to reality. I certainly hope they remember to vote all these clowns out in November.

Larry Johnson

I played golf yesterday on Longboat Key Club. Didn't wear a mask but shot 90 from the blues. A mediocre course.

Larry Johnson

Fred, send me your email. You're a neighbor.


Emergency room entrepreneur-physician Jake Deutsch appeared on C Span this morning to discuss "the rise in Covid cases."

Deutsch said he had had the virus; he used Chloroquinine as part of his cure, but that was before it had been declared unsuitable, even counterindicated for Covid.

Deutsch inserted the instruction, "Wear a mask" in numerous places in his conversation.

He also urged listeners to "take your temperature regularly, at home; and also, buy an Oximeter to check your blood-oxygen levels regularly -- Covid manifests by depleting oxygen in blood cells.

Sooo -- has anyone done a study of Oximeter readings for persons who wear a mask that restricts oxygen, say for two hours, vs. those who do not wear a mask for the same two hour period?

Does Dr. Deutsch recognize any inconsistencies in his prescriptions?

About social distancing: I imagine this little exercise: Assemble some volunteers; give each person a small pipe or small wand and bubble-blowing liquid. Instruct Vol. #1 to stand on six-foot spot, blow tiny bubbles in the air; advance to next 6 foot spot. Did the bubbles, i.e. your germs, travel with you, or did they drift or hover to POP! over Volunteer #2 who advanced to the 6' spot you vacated?


scott s.

Well supposedly wearing a mask is to show how much you care about others, not yourself. Under this logic, not wearing a mask is an act of selfishness. As it happens I've been in the hotspot of Louisiana since January (Jefferson Parish). But I just don't see the panic around here that seems to be the case elsewhere (back home in Hawaii there have been like 22 deaths so far in the entire state, yet they are wringing their collective hands. In Hawaii they have an effective way of shaming -- mask wearing demonstrates your Aloha.) Now the Parish President (ie mayor) did mandate masks and since then I would estimate mask usage in retail went from 30% (maybe as high as 45-50% at the height of the first onslaught) to about 95% today. How long that keeps up remains to be seen.

It does appear to me that the school issue is one of the NEA doesn't want its members to work too hard so teaching 10 is much easier than 30. Plus classroom management seems to be passe these days.


A country of baby sheep (lambs) is quite able, unfortunately,to elect a corrupt career (I repeat myself) politician on the edge of dementia.


In January Fauci said novel coronavirus was "not a major threat to the people of the United States".

Then he said don't wear a mask.

March he's pushing total lockdown.

April: "data shows that remdesivir has a clear-cut, significant, positive effect in diminishing the time to recovery"

May, it's: hydroxychloroquine is useless.

"Clearly, the scientific data is really quite evident now about the lack of efficacy for it, and even the possibility that there could be" Fauci said

Fauci is to medicine what Romney is to politics, Epstein is to virtue, Emmett Sullivan to law, New York Times to Journalism -- Milley to honor, Obama to integrity.


"They strike one, above all, as giving no account of themselves in any terms already consecrated by human use; to this inarticulate state they probably form, collectively, the most unprecedented of monuments; abysmal the mystery of what they think, what they feel, what they want, what they suppose themselves to be saying."
--Henry James


Bottom line:

Covid has given to the power elite (the davos crowd, DNC, whatever) much of what they wanted. It is used to attack Trump. It slows down carbon production. It is reducing births and maybe population (from hunger). It promotes vaccines and other big pharma (a major DNC contributor) products. It is changing people's lives in the way they want.

Most (though not all) scientific research concludes masks offer no benefit in reducing spread of respiratory virus and the research that claims a benefit has serious issues which are addressed in meta analysis studies.

Masks are a, maybe the, critical psychological barrier to returning to normalcy. They facilitate extension of the dystopic, freak show that the Davos crowd are forcing on us. It is wise to fight against them and to force a real discussion about their merit.


In California the more people seen wearing masks, the more crazy the next round of Govern Newsom's demands. He has them where he wants them. They will obey.

Masks here are signs of control and willingness to be told what to do; substituting the total hash "experts" are putting out (easy), for weighing and balancing one's own personal risks (scary).

Californians now look like those faceless cartoon characters - the ones who play non-essential background roles only but are necessary to fill out the screen. Californians are happy just preening in their masks and being able to say "I care" ....... and You Do Not.......if don't wear one.

BTW: most wear them under their nose ........... as if I care.

Bill H

@Fred, "If they were in their seventies I'd be more concerned."

I'm in my seventies, 77, and have emphysema and heart issues. Had Covid in February and was moderately uncomfortable for about three weeks. Have been fine since. You can imagine the lack of panic with which I view all of the posturing over this thing.


Sadly, the mask hysteria has now made it's way to England. From the 24th of July, they will be mandatory in all shops but not pubs, takeaways or restaurants. Just when it started to look like things were creeping back to normality they hit us with this. I am now able to go and get drunk without a mask and afterwards stagger into a kebab house, again maskless, and get a kebab. If, however, I then want to go into a late night shop for something I have to mask up. On what planet does this make sense?


I am increasingly becoming a Corona sceptic.
My company, 15-20K employees (I could get in trouble for posint idenfitiactionable numbers), released how many people with Covid they had. More then 30 and less then 40. All of those are healthy again.

Amusingly, there were less people calling in sick during Corona, and productivity was up.

We did went into 100% homeoffice in march, which allowed me a lot of quality time with my family.

Seamus Padraig

People without a background in health care are likely to believe what they hear on TV without asking questions and demanding answers of experts, like Dr. Fauci, who has taken opposite sides on the same issue, such as wearing masks.

As recently as February this year in the New England Journal of Medicine, Fauci was saying something very different about COVID-19, something now quite taboo:
"This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively."


Terence Gore

Masks are the new meme battlefield. Either you are a selfish uncaring bastard or you wear a mask. It appears similar to the way cigarette smokers are socially outcasted. The new scarlet letter is not to wear a mask.

I am not even sure the primary spread of the virus is by the respiratory track. Earlier this year I was seeing a lot of coughing and sneezing in my travels. Now not so much.

This guy is not an MD but he feels oral fecal route is the primary spread.


It makes more sense to me.

from a recent paper

"Earlier evidence suggested that SARS coronavirus viral RNA was detectable in the respiratory secretions and stool of some patients after onset of illness for more than one month but live virus could not be cultured after third week (Chan et al., 2004). Now, recent report also suggests that SARS-Cov2 RNA can be detected in stool of some patients of Covid-19 (Wu et al., 2020). This along with the fact that some patients of this disease have diarrhoea points out towards a distinct possibility of involvement of gut-lung axis and may be the gut microbiota"


Frequent hand washing would probably be a good thing in either case.

"Sometimes poliovirus is spread through saliva from an infected person or droplets expelled when an infected person sneezes or coughs. People become infected when they inhale airborne droplets or touch something contaminated with the infected saliva or droplets. The infection usually begins in the intestine."

If I had covid the first thing I had was diarrhea.


Have you considered that a lone person in a car may be running errands to several close by stores and doesn't want to repeatedly take their mask off and on? They may not be doing it to offend you, Larry.

My N95 has 2 elastic bands. I wear glasses and a hat. If I'm between stores a few minutes apart, I leave it on.

I agree bandanas or shoddy cloth masks don't filter the virus and only prevent spittle from circulating. But N95, properly fitted, does filter the virus. If 2 people have masks that are only 90% effective (not the N95, a lesser mask with a 10% failure rate or risk of passing the virus) the probability of failure between 2 people is 1% (0.1 * 0.1= 0.01). These are odds that I like.

Deaths have gone down. That is good. But deaths are not the measure to focus on; personal risks and the residual damage from a symptomatic illness are. I'm 65 and if I get sick and can't cycle or run, that would really suck for me. Regaining endurance is not easy or could be impossible.

So my advice is people opposing masks demonstrate and civilly disobey the mask rules, particularly where they can get noticed, like a hospital or public health department. Because Darwin always wins in the long haul.


Here in Charlotte county we were about 50/50 split on masks until the recent megaphone announcements of positive covid tests (certainly as genuine as that Rolex picked up in Bangkok a few years back), we're now about 70% wearing them, I'm in the minority and my wife is in the majority.

I'm thinking about ordering one:


Larry Johnson

Does the act of slipping the loops of the mask off of your ear exhaust you? Seriously. If wearing a mask makes you feel safe and protected go for it. If you have your mask on it does not matter that I don't. I'm 65 too but I'm not quaking in my car with a mask. Man up.

Larry Johnson

Facts are n95 masks only can filter .3 microbes and higher

Coronavirus is .1

So n95 masks do nothing but create the illusion of security




Sent a note to the Col. asking him to forward my contact info to you. Hope we can have a beer soon. Hope even more you own a boat! I'll bring gas money if you do.



NBC suit anyone?


From City AM of the UK

Couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery, as the saying goes

A lot of the problems in 'managing' the pandemic in England have been due to the way the NHS works (i.e. in the manner of a highly centralized Soviet-style bureaucracy) and also due to the general incompetence of the government (with ministers and advisers appointed on the basis of their loyalty to the Brexit camp, not on merit). But another major factor has been Public Health England (PHE), which is clearly an inept quango.

The article explains what many experts and commentators had pointed out before, i.e. that the stats regarding COVID 19-related deaths in England are totally unreliable. Most countries would try to reduce the death toll by all means possible (to show they were doing ever so well) but, in England, it's the opposite! And public policy is determined on the basis of such data, obviously.


Matt Hancock calls for 'urgent review' into England coronavirus deaths tally :

Matt Hancock is to call for an 'urgent review' into Public Health England's coronavirus deaths tally after it reportedly included people who tested positive for Covid-19 but died from other causes ...


The very latest "grand rounds" broadcast from UCSF Med School is now claiming mask help reduce the viral load - they no longer claim they prevent anything.

Their premise is viral reduction causes fewer or milder infections. This of course is based on zero research, but it is a way of backing out of the extreme 100% mask demands.

Demanding masks is becoming the equivalent of "saving face" for the medical industry "experts" who got exposed wearing absolutely no cloaks of any expertise about anything. For the past decades when they should have been on the job, they were just phoning it in and cashing heir tax dollar funded paycheck.

Our entire post WWII massively expanding government system does need a thorough house cleaning - not easy and not pretty, but necessary. It will be a rough ride. This is a given.


Fact: masks are a real pain for anyone wearing hearing aids. They are easily dislodged when wearing ear loop masks along with eyeglasses. Quite cumbersome and a n easy disaster when removing the mask for dining or just trying to get some air and use one's nose for breathing again.

Ask yourself, do you breather through your mouth more than your nose when wearing a mask? The nose is highly evolved as a mucus-rich infection filter, and anti-body builder, also warming air before it enters the lungs. The mouth far less designed to be an airborne infection filter compared to the nose. Yet now I suspect mask wearers are doing a lot more mouth breathing, than nose breathing.

Plus many of us of a certain age had our tonsils removed, which also play a part of the body's own infection fighting immune system response. There is an interesting "co-morbidity" to explore in the numbers of "elderly deaths" -- did they or did they not have their tonsils?

Has mask wearing, which increases mouth breathing, for those with no tonsils led to higher respiratory disease incidence? Is this our "elderly" weak link.



Hey! Do what you please. The truth is that this illness is not all that "deadly" except for people like me. You are being trained to do what the TeeVee tells you to do. You do not recognize 1984?

Charlie Wilson


I think you mean 0.3 microns.

I am continually amazed as to how this issue has been politicized. The virus doesn't give a shit how manly you are. It is a public health issue. Emphasis on public. The government has an obligation to all, not only to us non-manly types. Fauci is not selling snake oil at the UN to justify the invasion of yet another defenseless country. Only guy in government who has not flinched from his duty despite all the bullshit criticism. When all is said and done, if that ever comes to pass, he should be given a medal.


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