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03 July 2020


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Babak makkinejad


He was talking about the ancient Type Theory, a qualitative way of understanding human diversity.

Where would legalistic religions such as Judaism and Islam belong in this categorization?

Babak makkinejad

Deirde O'Sullivan

Most men do not like women; the way they are, what they do, and how they do things.

The AI advocates, the CRISPR sub-human makers, the Roboticist are all suffering from this, perhaps even unbeknownst to themselves.

Thank you for youtube postings. Messiah does not speak to me. Gospel singers, I find, more appealing.

You do not need to convince me about the significance of dance: I applied for a patent to express quantitative information through dance movement, using Labanotation or other such systems of codifying dance movements and computer animated figures:


I think that South Indian system of dance is the most developed one in the world; all the Flamenco movements are there, for example.

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