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20 July 2020


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Col. Lang:

Would US policy on Lebanon been less pernicious had there been a large number of Protestant Christians living there?


Thank you for your insights, Colonel. That's why I come here.

A country used to living well beyond its means. And fractious cultural, geographic and ethnic divides.



Hey! Don't post twice! Can you grasp that?


Did you know Bill Eveland?
Author of "Ropes of Sand", his personal story of time in Lebanon with CIA and his later struggle against CIA, State Dept, and Kissinger.



ages ago you had this powerpoint (?) presentation. I forget most of it.

But how would those different religous communities relate to the overall Arab clan nature? Sorry if I misunderstood your presentation.



Not sure you understand your own question. In Lebanon lineage systems are normally all in one sect, but these are often divided into political factions built around some egomaniac. In Iraq, tribes, clans and other lineage systems are sometimes divided between Sunni and Shia. This came about because of Shia missionary activity over the last few centuries.


Not sure you understand your own question...
Posted by: turcopolier | 21 July 2020 at 09:16 AM

Colonel, I actually do. But yes there are layers upon layers of questions buried below or between the lines. So yes, I fully accept that no one else possibly can.

I'd love to watch an exchange between you and two Brits on the region, 'Beirut Bob' as Ephraim Karsh calls Robert Fisk and Alastair Cooke, who I have been following lately rather regularly on the Strategic Culture Foundation's website, on the Middle East history, past, presence.

Come to think of it, we could add a French perspective via Patrick Bahzad.



fisk interviewed me a couple of times long ago. I can't say that I was impressed. Crooke knows his stuff. We correspond occasionally. Bahzad is a serving French spook. I miss him too but IMO he has been directed to stay out of print.

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