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12 July 2020


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I'll add to Mr. Willmann's suggestions, the very best thing you can do for yourself is to run away fast from sugar. Sugar, not bacon and eggs, is what causes high cholesterol.

Nancy K

Col Lang

Not testing does not keep you from having the virus it just allows you to use precautions and not give it to others. If you have it and don't test you are still going to die. Testing does not make the symptoms worse. I agree with you I'm not going into the hospital either and be put on a ventilator.


Nancy K

"Col Lang Not testing does not keep you from having the virus it just allows you to use precautions and not give it to others." IMO the population is saturated with this virus. What testing does is reveal this. The epidemiologists are engaged in mutual careerist masturbation. Are you not concerned with infecting others?

Marc b

The antibody tests are shit. Even the CDC site says you could get a positive antibody result for previous reaction to any corona virus including the virus responsible for the common cold.


There's some hanky panky going on in Florida. 333 labs testing here had 100% positives with no negatives at all. It's being looked into.

English Outsider

Get well soon, Colonel!

Is there a possibility that the recent renovations or possibly decorating work used materials that can cause these symptoms? Some people react quite strongly to quite ordinary building/decorating materials when fresh, if exposed to them for any length of time. Thinners, turps substitute and some sealants sometimes have this effect and leaving the windows open usually clears the problem.

That's my story. SWMBO reckons that it's psychosomatic in my case and more to do with my reluctance to getting down to some overdue re-decorating.


Take 200mg of Celebrex and 5mg of Melatonin today. Lots of water with the Celebrex (celecoxib, unfortunately by prescription, but any MD will prescribe it for joint pain, it's supposed to be easier on the stomach, but it has unique favorable effects on the immune response.). 5mg of Melatonin is the "maximum" dose, but it is essentially harmless. It too has a unique, favorably effect on the immune response. Summary, both these medications are very widely used and not dangerous.

I was sick for two months. Slight fevers, felt sick every day, sick enough not to want to do anything. I took the cocktail above and got better.

Melatonin might aggravate preexisting diabetes but you're not going to be taking it for a prolonged time. I took it for about a week. I was very impressed the first day that it made me sleepy and fall asleep.

All the best.


Lyme disease?

Kilo 4/11

@ Stephanie

"unique favorable effects on the immune response."

Are you talking about using it before or after symptoms appear? IOW, is this for prevention, or mitigation? Of the so-called "cytokine storm"?

Kilo 4/11

@ BillWade

..."the very best thing you can do for yourself is to run away fast from sugar."

They will pry my sugar from my cold, dead hands.


I posted back in March/early April about the research from China on the lingering neurological symptoms of this disease, and other strange symptoms found in otherwise healthy patients that had recovered(like very low testosterone). These effects can be compared to Long Term Lyme Disease , in the end I believe a similar percentage of people will be found to suffer from Long Term SARS COV 2 as you can find as a percentage for that former-mentioned syndrome

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