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21 July 2020


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scott s.

I see now we are being encouraged to ignore "death rate" as unimportant. What we are told to panic about is a higher incidence of "positives" among population under 40 years of age. This population apparently doesn't have as bad an outcome (hospitalization/death) and that's "bad" because they don't get contact traced and thus have "community spread".

I just love how AP/NYT and local journos all quote seemingly random "experts" with no discussion of just what their "expertise" consists of, other than perhaps a credential (and the relevance of the credential to the "expert statement" (more correctly opinion) is never provided).

At least Fauci has some standing.



Am I right in thinking that the peak was in the midst of Cuomo's butchery in the nursing homes?

Eric Newhill

Yes. You are thinking right about Cuomo murdering the elderly that cost the state so much money - many having the homes and medical treatment paid for by Medicaid (Medicare only pays for 30 days). Only it wasn't just Cuomo it was also Witmer in Michigan and Murphy in New Jersey. They killed off the costly elderly and got the bonus of more deaths to raise the fear of the virus and gain subsequent control over the lives of citizens + via twisted logic, try to give Trump a black eye. Those govs are are morally sick people. It is a no brainer, if you care about the elderly, to not place people with what you believe is a deadly highly contagious virus in homes full of elderly infirm people. I mean what is there to even consider or weigh about that decision?

Had those murderers handled the nursing homes correctly (like Florida did) the virus would have been a lot less deadly.

Btw, with regard to schools re-opening, note that the line of the graph for school and college age people is basically synonymous with the X-axis; meaning they didn't die from the virus even at its peak lethality.


We are told because a single covid virus will kill any teacher who re-enters the classroom, you must turn over all your assets to the teachers union for their chosen re-distribution, or your children will never return to a classroom ever again. Oh yes, and vote for Batty Biden and Chipmunk Kamala in November, or else.


I can see why they delayed Tax Day until July 15, because coinciding with Covid Peak Death Day on April 15 would be a regrettable death and taxes association.


You might be Colonel, if CT was doing what NY was doing. Here in Florida (where we did not put covid patients in nursing homes) we've had about 5400 deaths compared to CT's 4500 deaths but we're triple their population.





The high population states in the NE have flattened their curve of death. The recalcitrant / refusenik states are S & W, & have lower populations (or at least, lower pop density).
Thus, the large-pop peak death rate states (of the past) are no longer contributing much to the national total. Refuseniks are doing all they can to make up the difference... just give ‘em a bit more time... they are slow but determined.
Don’t despair, we should hit a quarter-mil before the 2nd Wave.



You can't read a simple graph from CDC? "Don’t despair, we should hit a quarter-mil before the 2nd Wave." Wishful thinking.


As with all charts they tell you a story but unfortunately its never fully accurate. Looking at peak week it is showing 15K for that week. A big number but then looking at the most recent week it indicates less than 1k when there were over 2k. The present week will come in over 3k. The difference in age groupings does indicate a truer story.

Regarding the esteemed Doctor I'm sure he will indicate that more horror is coming to feed the beast that is making more and more people anxious running to their own Doctors for the truth and some more happy pills. Whoever, said that Fauci only presents a view of a Pandemist not a view that encompasses the whole for the benefit this nation, was an honest man.



What is the source of your numbers? The graph does not have that fine a focus. Limbaugh got his numbers from CDC.
How about yours? You DO recognize the trend?



The trend is obvious. Keep in mind total world deaths on 4/18/2020 was 143,996 vs 427,259 on 7/11/2020 or a gain of 283,263. Yesterday in the USA there were 546 and today another 456 (so far) thus this virus is not completely flattening out. The age disparity is the most value in the chart presented.
Probably my aversion to charts is my main thrust but this virus has a long ways to go before petering out and everybody has been wrong more than a few times in their prognostications.


@ The Colonel
In the article, towards the end, Gov. Murphy is quoted as saying he wants a post-mortem on the handling of the nursing home situation in the same sense as the post-mortem for 9/11.
So what he wants is redactions and cover ups and blame shifting.
Same shit same millenia


To know what Fauci [don't wear a mask it don't help; wear a mask it helps] would say, let's look at how Aristotle would help us elucidate this answer.

Q: What can one conclude from [the mouth of] the liar [Fauci]?

A: Answer: nothing
Absolutely Nothing.
And on this basis, from his mouth, our national "pandemic" "strategy" was thus formulated, from Mr. Nothing aka Fauci.

And onto more black humor, and the wearing a mask as virtue signalling -- since they can only slow down by at most ten minutes any disease transmission of the novel coronvirus, there is this "gem" spoken by someone who apparently believes the mask kool aid? I D K . . . --and for me at least, his essay, Attorney Jonathan Turley, was funny to read, irrespective of whether that was his intent:

[[There is a new form of protests sweeping across the country as individuals put on anti-Mask masks to defy mandatory mask rules. The anti-masks are made of thin material, mesh or even crochet and are advertised as having no protective qualities for Covid-19. The question is whether they are legal. They appear to be so.]]




First Wave isn’t over - CDC’s is all backward-looking “1st Wave” data. Accurate? maybe. Sound basis for projections? nor so sure.
2nd Wave hasn’t started.
I’m praying for vaccines to hit sooner rather than later, despite my cynicism about lousy political leaders & exceptionally cranky population.


I should’ve included this link. It provides a decent overview of 1st & 2nd Wave dynamics, makes comparisons to the 1918 pandemic & has some charts too.



"Yesterday in the USA there were 546 and today another 456" Source?


The CDC's own data show vaccines to prevent influenza are about 50 percent effective, with some years a little better and many years also worse.

This despite decades and decades of "research." And millions and millions of dead.

Let's not pretend this is a panacea.

Safe vaccines would be a good thing; but we never hear the word safe precede the word vaccine, and this is on purpose.

Some years, in the US, flu vaccines are actually totally worthless.

Like last year.

This was the case with a strain of the H3N2 flu --3C.3a clade.

For those 9 to 49 years old, the vaccine was actually and totally totally totally worthless. Zero percent effective.

And that does not stop those that should know better from writing silly headlines:

"Last Season's Influenza Virus Changed Personalities"

So we have vaccines changing personalities? This is at the heart of the sickness over vaccine propaganda.

A vaccine can come down with Schizophrenia?

Or worse, a multi personality disorder? You don't say.

An overall effective rate of 5 percent.

Last year.

H3N2 flu -- 3C.3a clade.


Laws do not allow consumers to sue these criminal drug pushers/makers for doling out poison and calling it a medicine, calling it a vaccine. This is also on purpose

What would Fauci say?


Some Guy

Fauci would probably say that death certificate based reporting (which this is) has significant lag, The associated tech notes say even 8 weeks out it's only approximately 75% complete - and completeness is assessed by year over year comparison of total deaths, which might be a touch tricky to assess if one has significant excess mortality and reporting channels get congested.

Eric Newhill

There is no way that anything like an accurate tally of today's or yesterdays deaths is possible. If you go to the CDC, they consistently caveat their data with the statement that recent month's data is either incomplete due to data gathering and compilation lags of up to two months, or they are employing some kind of estimation/prediction.

Furthermore, There is no way that anyone can understand the true cause of death unless they are spending some time looking at the deceased's medical claims with all diagnoses and procedures and then looking back at the deceased's medical history. No way. Because I can do that, I know that people who are having heart attacks, renal failure, cancer and so on and so forth are being reported as covid deaths if they tested positive - or even if they didn't test positive and died of pneumonia like so many elderly and/or very sick people do.

I am afraid that you, like so many, are succumbing to a myth and associated ginned up hysteria.

Eric Newhill

You are mightily determined to reinforce the covid hysteria.

First, the Kaiser Foundation went full blown leftist about a decade ago. They have been promoting radical ideas using selective and misleading data and people quote them because the name used to mean something.

Second, who cares about infection rates (which what they are using as "evidence")? The vast majority of those infected won't even know they "have it".

The only data that counts is hospitalizations for covid only and deaths from covid only; meaning reasonably healthy people being admitted or dying with no other serious conditions that could or would kill them. Notice that those statistics are never mentioned. Never. Why not? Do you not think them at least relevant if not key?



blue peacock


I am willing to bet that if the Democrats win the November election, then the Wuhan virus will disappear from the front pages.


There are a number of tracking sites keeping track of hospitalizations, deaths and testing results with each having slightly different numbers but all within the ballpark. It’s obvious those differences are in the algorithms but the ones I see of value are the one previously mentioned and the State of Florida daily report. Now with all the stories out there of misreporting of results, differences in deciding death causes and hospitalization reasons cannot amount to more than 5-7% thus what is presented is trends and presently they are on an upswing, I’m sure you agree. As to death causes the government has skewed those numbers by providing extra funds to call it Covid, that needs to be quickly cleaned up.
Succumbing to the myth, come on, as I’m far from that and more a skeptic. The reality is that we are seeing an 8-10% positive test result and extrapolating that to a population tells us what will be seen over the next year or so as this virus is far from over.
You have better access to numbers than most here correct me where I’m wrong.

Michael D McCarthy

I'm not sure just what this chart is supposed to convey except that peak death rate was in the middle of April and that the most recent data shows that the death rate has decreased significantly.
Mr Limbaugh's assertion that the Jul 11th weekly death count is less than 500. This is wrong. CDC data shows that there were 2097 deaths during that week, not less than 500.

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