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25 July 2020


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Polish Janitor

I hope the Trump administration would declassify and make available at least something, anything concrete and revealing about the UFOs. So far the military folks are the first coming forward with really good new information. I would also want to thank you Colonel for discussing and covering these UFO developments. I really like this blog very much. God bless you for this cool no nonsense blog.


Colonel, I wasn't trying to talk down to you and I apologize for causing you think so. I just find it very suspicious that at this moment of national political turmoil, with a presidential election a few months away that leftists are desperate to win, and the DOJ investigation of widespread corruption of top-level US IC winding down, that the NYT and US military are going public with a story like this, a story that is certain to capture the attention of just about every person on earth.

While I'm a believer that UFOs are actual phenomena AND that our government has withheld proof of their existence for a long time, I hope you'll pardon my skepticism about the timing of this report. WHY NOW, I wonder?

Peter in Toronto

This is indeed interesting, and at least partially corroborates Bob Lazar's claims that he worked and received pay cheques from the ONI at his alleged time at the Groom Lake facility (Area 51).

But I've always believed Corso to be a hoaxter, and I'm not convinced Lazar is truthful either.

Considering these "craft" travel through either space or dimensions using a physics unknown to our science, it strains credulity to hear they travel these distances and suddenly are crashing out of the skies because of lighting or some feeble forms of radiation our sensors give off (as claimed in the Roswell crash).



Perhaps this is another example of ideas spring from 'area 51'. A synthetic material which can't be cut:

It looks intereseting, not sure where the grapefruit fits in, but I do see their on-line video doesn't show any cooling fluids in use, which is commonly used on hard to cut materials.


70 years to get the doors unlocked! LOL

Arthur C. Clarke: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic". After eons of witches, sorcerers, demons & angels, gods & goddesses appearing & disappearing, & miracles, one might surmise that there are natural phenomena we can not adequately observe, do not understand & do not have control of. Not to mention raining fire & brimstone. Therefore physical laws would imply that new technologies may be available to us.

Funny analogy to humans with UFOs: (45 sec.)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhxqIITtTtU (Chimp with AK47)
Faked, but those guys sure can run. The guys that gave us the UFOs probably ran too. Great ending says it all.

Maybe we have it but haven't quite figured it out yet.
If we can't understand the tech we can't utilise it or control it.
Better keep that cat in the bag awhile if possible.
We don't want everybody able to step behind a tree & vanish like Bigfoot.

Science may soon be taking a closer look at the "spiritual" realm. What looks like magic today may be reality tomorrow. Terms like "off world" are moving in this direction. The Overton Window moves slow but it's on bureaucratic time.


UFOs were just a spook prank psy-op to scare the Reds. Oops, it went viral. Libraries of books. Movies, TV shows, documentaries. Steady traffic to Roswell, NM from worldwide. NM has a creepy surreal aspect anyway, aside from UFO/MIC, practically uninhabitable standing alone.

Went horseback trail riding in NM.(Near Black Mesa) What struck me was how ominously quiet it was. Even the coyotes at night seemed subdued. Rough terrain. In 2 weeks I saw 1 antelope. Jack rabbits, doves, crows. No songbirds. Bad vibes. No desire to go back. Great place for a fable though.

UFOs are thoroughly fixed in folklore now.
More USA soft power if nothing else. We're #1.


Harry C

Do not post twice. All comments are moderated before final deletion by me.

Polish Janitor

@ Peter in Toronto

Bob Lazar and Corso are not the only high level guys to come out with information on UFOs. Simply and blindly ruling out and rejecting these guys and similar accounts with regards to UFO encounters and other extra-terrestrial phenomena do not make sense in my opinion. With that being said, I am definitely not one of those blind believers in aliens and ETs and don't look for them in every corner, but always take seriously the accounts of military folks and especially pilots. The best example is Commdr. David Fravor a recently-retired F/A-18 super hornet Navy pilot who gave interview to The New York Times in 2017 and discussed his numerous encounters with tic-toc shaped flying objects who defied all rules of aerodynamics and physics (at least our current understanding of them). My father himself is a retired jet-fighter pilot and he himself has had a couple of strange sightings throughout his 30+ service in the air force and later as commercial airliner (not America). Also I believe Colonel Lang's analyses and consider his views and takes on matters very seriously. But again, these are my views and you can agree or disagree with them. Just wanted to give my own two cents friend.


When I click "post" I get a message that it's in moderation.
It's all yours from there on.


Harry C

Yes, and you will have wait until I get to it.


I don't follow. I click "post" & have no further input.
It's gone from my end. Although longer posts I write/save on Notepad
just in case, then paste it in the typebox. Can't see how I am getting multi posts. I would delete if had the option. If you can see what I'm doing wrong send me an email so as not to clutter up the blog.

Other blogs use Typepad but I've not had this problem.

My main complaint is it's hard to get paragraph spacing thru the typebox to get a legible post. Preview comes out all run-on like a text message. Have to go back edit & edit to see what comes out.
Windows 10/Chrome


harry C

You did it again. Perhaps someone will explain it to you. Strangely, many others manage to make it work. Ii don't care if you post here or not but don't tell me what to do.


Why do you suppose all of this information is being released now?



Preparing for a much larger admission.


From Oct. 18, 1948, "Flying Disc" sighting near Honolulu.



different clue

I have been thinking off and on about this description of reverse-engineering technology taken from alien crash sites. The only way I can make sense of this in my own mind is to think that these Crash Site Aliens were operating from the same basic scientific and technological concepts and knowledge we were operating from. They and we were on the same road, thought they were ahead of us. But not so far ahead that their recovered technology was beyond our reverse-engineering understanding.

But I think there have also been other alien presences here straight along. They could be up to millions of years ahead of us, and they could have taken a very different scientific and technological road than we did. They could be the ones behind some of the amazing craft sightings. They could be projections or even more than just "projections".

What if some of these aliens have the ability to create engineered and tailored "thought-forms" and place and operate them at a far distance from themselves? What if these alien civilizations are able to harness and direct a significant percent of the energy-yield of an entire star or stars? What if they know how to run Einstein's equation backwards and compress and precipitate huge amounts of energy into controllable material objects?

Tibetan ( and maybe other) master meditators claim the ability to create actual quasi-material derivitave constructs of their focused meditating minds. Hopeful wishers credit these Tibetans ( and maybe others) with actually being able to actually do that. They call these things "tulpas". I found a website about this designed for people like me to run across.

I have my doubts that I or any other layman can just read about this and then make a tulpa or think up a tulpa. But it may be that some Tibetans lamas or other meditation masters can or have. If so, perhaps eventually Tibetan tulpa-masters may be able to help us think about how to find a way into this High
Alien phenomenon.

About the ONI being in charge of at least some of this alien studies subject . . . I can think of another reason in addition to the one give as to why the ONI might be a very good office to do that. And that would be the amount of alien activity happening or having happened in, around or over water. And since water covers 3/4ths of the planet, that is a lot of scope for water-related alien activity, and the navy and other waterborne people would have been seeing this over time.

Ivan T. Sanderson wrote a book about this once. His own remembered experience of water-related alien phenomena was part of what lead him to research other reports of this as extensively as he could. He felt that what he had gathered deserved writing up into a book, which he called Invisible Residents.

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