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17 July 2020


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At one time in my early years, I was acquainted with a lady who traded her favours or money. She told me that I was a homely sob.
The fact that a whore can also make an honest observation does not change her nature.



Just trying to be fair.


As the recently late bard sang, "Blow up your TV"

Christian J. Chuba

I always found Jake Tapper the most palatable of the CNN crew.


A graph comparing countries that use hydroxychloroquine to treat covid-19 early have a lower death rate than countries that don't. It makes no sense the CDC downplaying HCQ effectiveness unless perpetuating fear is the true purpose.



Speaking of whores and journalist, there is NYTimes reporter Ali Watkins.

She was sleeping with the married man James A. Wolfe, when on March 17, 2017, she received 82 separate text messages from him.

Of note, this is number of pages of the Carter Page FISA document, which to this day has yet to be fully declassified, in other words, the public cannot see it. [Watkins has it but we can't see it; what's wrong with this picture?]

At the time, Wolfe was Security Director for the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, a position he'd had for years -- 29 years.

Prior to, he was Intelligence Analyst for the U.S. Army, 1983 to 1987.

He was [ONLY] convicted of lying to the FBI about his role in the leak what apparently was the top secret Carter Page FISA. In fact he plead guilty to one count of lying.

Curiously, very curiously, in fact: Wolfe was never charged with leaking that.

At the time, Watkins was a reporter at Buzzfeed, and she, her story on the leak, following the 82 pages of texts from Wolfe, was the first one that named Carter Page as being subject to . . . . .

It was published online at Buzzfeed April 3, 2017.

Wikipedia would eventually characterize this story as [[Watkins broke a story about the 2013 meetings between CIA asset Carter Page and a Russian spy.]]

Hers was actually titled: "A Former Trump Adviser Met With A Russian Spy"


Her story includes: [[The revelation of Page’s connection to Russian intelligence — which occurred more than three years before his association with Trump — is the most clearly documented contact to date between Russian intelligence and someone in Trump’s orbit. It comes as federal investigators probe whether Trump’s campaign-era associates — including Page — had any inappropriate contact with Russian officials or intelligence operatives during the course of the election. Page has volunteered to help Senate investigators in their inquiry.]]

In other words: this was part of The Resistance propaganda targeting Trump. This particular piece of smear and propaganda at the time was all the rage among the Resistance Warriors in government and media.

Watkins went onto Politico and then NYTimes hired her.

Getting back to Wolfe, why wasn't he charged with leaking the FISA?

Records filed by the DOJ in the criminal case against Wolfe go into minute detail about SOME of the intercepted text messages between Wolfe and Watkins.

Such as a December 2017 text from Wolfe to Watkins that said in part: [[I always tried to give you as much information that I could and to do the right thing with it so you could get that scoop before anyone else]]

Why did the DOJ FAIL FAIL FAIL to say what were the contents of the 82 text messages, in their court filings?

All the court filing says is "March 17, 2017 exchanged 82 text messages with REPORTER #2" who is: Watkins.

The document used to charge Wolfe with crimes [of only lying] says that on the same day, March 17 -- "the Classified Document was transported to the SSCI. As Director of Security, WOLFE received, maintained, and managed the Classified Document on behalf of the SSCI."

So, why did the DOJ REFUSE to say what Wolfe texted Watkins on March 17, 2017, the 82 text messages?

This is a most obvious and relevant question.

Did any senators on the committee, or then chair Richard Mauze Burr and/or ranking member Mark Robert Warner direct Wolfe to do any leaking? does anybody know? Did they do it, did anyone leak anything to her or anyone?

There is no question one or both of these men requested the Page FISA on March 17, 2017, as Sen. Charles Grassley, then Judiciary Committee Chairman notes on the fourth page of the below document [link], dated Jan. 4, 2018 -- referring to classified documents, redacted in many places:




In the past, Tapper could be counted on for being more objective than most of his cohorts. But times have changed and the MSM seem to require absolute fealty to the Daily Talking Points, which are repeated nearly verbatim by all of the Usual Suspects.

He'd better be careful, he could get demoted and/or doxxed for failing to toe the party line if he keeps it up. He recently called out Governor Covid - I mean Cuomo - for being shamelessly and undeservedly boastful.


The Hydroxychloroquine, zinc, zpac regimen costs approx. $5 a day,
Hydroxychloroquine has been in use since WWII.
Remdesivir from Gilead costs $3200 a treatment and doesn't do anything to cure the covid.
However: There are no Nobel prizes in Medicine for finding new uses for generic drugs and no profits for the vaccine fakers.
There has yet to be a successful vaccine for a corona virus, maybe there will be one but I would not lay a large bet on it. Furthermore, if the corona virus mutates any vaccine will have to be redone … at expanded expense of course.



Thank you for your response. The US anger over Russia trying to hack information on US companies research into a vaccine make me think it's all about money. We want a US company to reap the financial rewards of developing first and selling a vaccine to the rest of the world. This should not be proprietary information but shared with the world since it would guarantee a speedier and more broadly tested outcome. These power games are man's downfall.


Astra Zeneca (big pharma) is supposed to announce phase one testing results Monday 7/20. The stock has had a very sweet runup this last week.
The Russians are already in late phase testing of their vaccine. It is sad to say but the Russians do not need to "hack" from us what they already have in abundance.

Computers be scary and folks who use them be evil if they live overseas.


Hydroxychloroquine the steps taken to demonize it:
There once was song:
Same shit different millenia


I do not know who was trying to make what points but the science says the children are prone to infection at fairly low risk of severe illness themselves. The unknown at present is if they are a major source of spread and so are a danger to all the higher risk population including the staff (30% of US teachers are over 50).



The teachers are at risk, from the young! What a poisoins crock of an idea. The teachers should stay home and give up their own furtures rather than taking away the futures of their charges. Vouchers and school choice will solve that problem and eliminate one hell of a lot of teacher make-work baby sitting careers.

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