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24 July 2020


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That Hainan launch site is about ten degrees of latitude closer to the equator than Cape Canaveral. That gives them a big payload advantage over the US. Of course they have some logistics problems being that it is on an island and they have to ship the launch vehicle and engines and such by ship.

Which is the reason why we never put a launch site closer to the equator on Puerto Rico, or in the Marshall Islands. Or on Christmas Island like Werner von Braun wanted to do 70 years ago.

Kilo 4/11

I am feeling a bit playful today, Colonel, so in that spirit I will pose a question: I notice you did not specify which type of "luck", good or bad, you wished the Chinese.

For myself, I wish them that their lunar rover does a nice rollover as it rolls down the exit ramps. It would do me a lot of good to see that thing belly up, waving its antennae like a dead bug!

Kilo 4/11

And the question I forgot to ask was of course: which kind of luck do you wish them?


The rover is the most interesting part. Right now, the US has a monopoly on the tech involved in controlling a rover over these vast distances and they have not been sharing with anyone.

ESA and the Russian are right now working together on a lunar rover project to see if they can figure out how it is done.


It is interesting that the Chinese government didn't make this an exciting national event but kept the launch a secret instead. No televising the lift-off for them. How sad.

Are they sharing any of their space exploration data? I remember now hearing about them going to the far side of the Moon but I don't remember hearing what they found there.


Jersey Joan; They did televise the liftoff. Perhaps not in English, but why would they? And they advertised six months ago that they would launch in July. No secrets about this launch. They've been talking up their Mars mission for at least the last four years.




What I'm more concerned with is the Chinese PLA's ability to wage system destruction warfare

Systems Confrontation and System Destruction Warfare

How the Chinese People's Liberation Army Seeks to Wage Modern Warfare

by Jeffrey Engstrom

Joint Chiefs of Staff
(U//FOUO) Joint Staff Briefing Paper on China’s “System Attack” Concept of Warfare
July 18, 2019


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