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09 July 2020


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"She can enjoy her shithole."

I'm truly sure she will enjoy it. These people would rather have absolute power over a shithole than live in a thriving, peaceful society in which they do not wield full control over all. And their astonishing abilities for self-delusion will allow them to deny the abject shittiness of the holes over which they preside. Frankly, I think the people of Seattle deserve it at this point. It pains me to admit that, but there it is. They vote for these people time and again, which means they share their beliefs. Elections have consequences...


Mark K Logan

I hope these swine die of starvation in their marxist ghettoes. Do you think that might teach them something? Oh! I forget! We all may be living in a marxist ghetto after January.

Mark Logan


If taxing the rich is a wish to destroy the USA...there never has been a USA. The very first taxation as an estate tax, IIRC, the sort of tax intended to hit the wealthy the hardest.


AK - Agreed, we're at the point where things need to start breaking before they can get fixed.

Such an unfortunate result for such a beautiful city. San Francisco too. They know how to pick them.

Babak makkinejad

Mark Logan

Referring to the quote at the start of this post.


I was never that much of an Ayn Rand fan, but recently I've begun to think "Atlas Shrugged", though overwrought, was rather prescient with its depiction of the language used by the "Moochers" and the wide spread decline in all areas where their agenda was made real. An hour long video made a year or so back titled "Seattle is dying" comes to mind with its depiction of extensive areas turned into "needle parks" while police are hobbled. It had a good interview with a middle aged cop who'd thrown in the towel and moved to a remote area. With leadership like Seattle has, it's future as one giant Favella seems assured. Corporations will move as the parasites lay more eggs in them. The only question I have is: will the United States continue to have free-of-madness enclaves in the future or will the socialist poison infect even places like Coeur D'alene?

Mark Logan


Thanks, I see it now. Locally (I'm a local) everyone ignores the ravings of Sawant, even our local rag mocks her.


I suspect God created city councils because He had to find someplace to put His greatest loonies.


Tyranny comes in different 'packaging', this one comes from the I wanna rule the world U.N.. It's basically saying either you accept our U.N. leadership or suffer a 5 year depression and still have to accept our U.N. leadership in the end.

What a bunch of narcissistic individuals the U.N. leadership are. They want to rule the world, they want to be the iron fist. They want to be the new Hitler par deux.

Don't believe me? Take a look:


Oh it gets better, they're whining about how they need mega-moo-la, so back in October/November of last year, they were whining to 'global investors' to support their 2030 agenda which is nothing short of a global de-population agenda.

Take a look at their list of 'investors':


And the Davos crowd aka World Economic Forum did their 'reset' mumbo jumbo, which bodes ill for the globe if we as humanity follow them down their yellow-brick-road.

IMO we the U.S. need to kick the UN off U.S. soil and withdraw from it.


More Marxist Tyranny. This time an attack on independent schools and the police.

L.A. teachers union says schools can't reopen unless charter schools get shut down, police defunded

They also want Medicare-for-All, a wealth tax, a federal bailout.


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