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14 July 2020


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Wanna know what could really fuel a Marxist populist wildfire? Finding out that leadership of both political parties are involved in a child raping human trafficking ring! Ghislaine sits on exactly that powder keg. The “mysterious” death of her partner lit the fuse.


Ankle monitors:
Another lie that keeps criminals on the street from government that
insists on treating criminals like victims and real victims as little more than an annoyance.
Bolt cutters, just the trick.
Ever deal with the cops about a stolen car or a burglary?


A Judge ordered Maxwell to be held without bail until her trial after prosecutors argued she's a flight risk. Maxwell pleaded not guilty. U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan scheduled Maxwell's trial for July 12, 2021.

Prosecutors said today that financial info that Maxwell gave to the government was questionable, saying that she had zero income. The prosecutor noted that her lifestyle doesn't match the assets she listed.


What I'm hoping for to come out in open court are:

1. Maxwell is an Israeli Intelligence operative.

2. The pedophile blackmail operation was officially sanctioned and run by the Israeli government in particular their IDF/Mossad Intelligence apparatus.

3. The pedophile blackmail honey trap operation's information customer was the Israeli Prime Minister's office.


A year in jail until the trial. How long will she last one wonders?


So Maxwell's trial isn't for a year.

What's the over/under for how long she is still breathing air?
Weeks? Months?

As an outsider thinking about Epstein, I'm leaning towards weeks.

Keith Harbaugh

Not sure if this is the best place to post this, but this seems reasonable.

Sundance, over at CTH, says he is running some kind of operation, trying to make something happen.
What it is, I don't know.
He discusses it here:
I have enough respect for Sundance that it seems worth mentioning, in advance of its eventual resolution.


Got to keep her alive for a year.
Keep her out of any prison, have the US Marshals hide her away.
She PAYS for meals and personal expenses.
Uncle only pays for the security.



You are right, this isn't the place to advertise for your favorite blogger.



Yes. I have asked people not to use SST as a bulletin board for other sites, but, to no avail. What I have always wanted is for commenters to discuss their own views. To that end they can cite material but not for the purpose of advertising it.



They could house her with the stinky aliens inside the Archuleta Mesa. Nobody wants to go in that place.


The prison G Max is in has a very bad reputation, there's nothing good about it. It holds folks convicted but not yet sentenced but more importantly, it holds people not yet gone to trial, it's a "take a plea deal" type of place, basically "I'll admit to anything to just get out of here". With her trial a year away, staying alive will be difficult.


Incarcerating someone, even Maxwell, without bail for a year before trial is b.s. unless the trial is delayed at the request of the defense. This is especially true when the conditions of incarceration are likely to be something akin to solitary... and prolonged solitary lands squarelly on barbaric. A person can forget how to talk. There used to be something called the speedy trial act which provided that the government had to be ready to go in 90 days, as I remember. The government should move the case along.


SDNY needs to subpoena Ghislaine's brother, the one that hired ex British soldiers as her bodyguards. He could have a well-founded insight on who wants to silence her. He and another brother reportedly have lots of contacts in the security world. They co-founded the think tank CoJiT (Combatting Jihadist Terrorism), whose funding comes from unspecified contributors.


My concern is that GM will eventually request access to the general prison population to preserve her sanity.

One of them will then be provided with an incentive and motive to kill her. For example someone who was abused as a child.


Pssst.....wanna hear a secret?

Seems that Maxwell has a 'secret hubby', that she's refusing to disclose to the prosecutors and the court. The prosecutors see it as a way Maxwell is trying to hide her assets and real worth (excluding the Israeli Intelligence front money and Israeli Intelligence owned assets like multi million condos, etc.).

So....who could her 'secret hubby' be? A Brit ex-SAS type who guards her, or....a millionaire tech CEO.....or could be she 'hooked up' with another Israeli spy while she was on the lam in Israel?

So...when was their 'secret wedding'? Where were they hooked up, at a Vegas wedding chapel? Did/does her 'secret hubby' share Maxwell's criminal pedophile proclivities?

My inquiring mind doesn't want to know. Maxwell for the hurt and anguish she's tormented upon her victims, IMO she deserves to be drawn and quartered for it.



How much does Yosi Cohen the current head of Mossad know about Israel's Intelligence Epstein-Maxwell Blackmail Honey-Trap Operation? What did Tamir Pardo know? What did Meir Dagan know? What did Efraim Halevy know? What did Danny Yatom know? What did Shabati Shavit know? What did Nahum Admoni know?

Who in the Israeli government funnels money to Leslie Wexner who was and probably still is the conduit for the money the Israeli Intelligence apparatus was pouring into the pedophile blackmail operation?

Who has taken over their pedophile blackmail operation since Maxwell's arrest?

Now to the 800 pound gorilla sitting in the closet. I would love to see some of our reliable partners files that they have accumulated on Epstein-Maxwell, and the whole Israeli Intelligence Pedophile Blackmail Honey-trap Operation. What would be really interesting would be how much information Russia has collected regarding the Israelis nefariousness.

Barbara Ann

After having watched Ari Ben-Menashe's recent interview with Consortium News (link below, starts 58 mins in) I have been thinking some more about the possible political dimension to Epstein's and now Ghislaine's arrests. It seems to me more than likely that Epstein's arrest last summer was driven by domestic politics - not in the US, but in Israel.

Ben-Menashe intimates that Ehud Barak, who previously ran Israel's Military Intelligence Directorate (wiki) ran the Epstein kompromat op. He goes on to ask why Ehud Barak did not run against Netanyahu in the snap elections for PM earlier this year - a not too subtle hint that Netanyahu may have taken him out by engineering Epstein's arrest. I have looked into this a little and it is certainly plausible, I think.

Barak announced his return to politics on June 26 2019 (wiki) with a new party and the specific intention of unseating Netanyahu. Epstein was arrested on 7th July. Netanyahu's son immediately tweeted about Barak's ties to Epstein via donations from Wexner's foundation and later headlines reflected the impact of the Epstein arrest - e.g. "Ehud Barak wants to unseat Netanyahu — but first he has to get the Jeffrey Epstein monkey off his back". Photos of Barak entering Epstein's Upper East Side house emerge. Barak's coalition only won 5 seats in the September 2019 elections and did not contest the snap 2020 elections. Ehud Barak appears to have kept a low profile since.

All this makes me wonder at the timing of Ghislaine's arrest.



it is the other way around.netanyahu is being pressured by maxwells arrest.a year in custody before trial is unheard of..notice how the annexation party ended swiftly.
bannon,barr and the rest of the gang are playing with fire.



Incomprehensible. Only post once!


Ghislaine Maxwell was lobbying to get Berman fired.


Jack Burkman was one of those lobbyists:

Spealman claimed Burkman bragged to (Ghislaine) that he was ‘really good friends’ with Barr and had persuaded him to fire Berman.

BTW that's the same Burkman who claimed to represent Seth Rich's family and spouted all sorts of ridiculous conspiracies about his death, claiming things like the Russians had killed him.

Keith Harbaugh

An interesting issue is what documents regarding Ghislaine, Epstein, the alleged victims, and the alleged abusers
are being kept under seal by court order, and exactly why.
A good article on that issue is
https://lawandcrime.com/high-profile/motion-demands-transparency-from-sdny-as-epstein-accusers-object-to-alan-dershowitz-learning-their-names/ ,
dated 2020-08-20.

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