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02 July 2020


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David Habakkuk

Colonel Lang, Barbara Ann,

As I began to realise, a long time ago now, and has become progressive clearer to me over the years, our ability to think has been rotted by bad academic theories.

Among my – many – objections to so much ‘rational choice’ theory, there are 1. that it prejudges what people’s motives are, rather than actually going and looking, 2. that, if you do go and look, it becomes clear that ‘rational’ and ‘irrational’ calculations are inextricably intertwined.

So, seduction is commonly pursued by extremely ‘rational’ means; so also is revenge.

But then, the beauty of the Don Corleone quote is that he is trying to achieve very ‘rational’ objectives, by bringing in ‘irrational’ elements.

He uses these, to provide ‘rational’ reasons why the other side should calculate that, if they do not accept the bargain he is – implicitly – proposing, they are taking very large risks, while if they do, he will not take advantages of the opportunities this might create.

As to our host’s remark about the IDF, that reminds me of a line from a strange and remarkable book, Herman Melville’s ‘The Confidence Man.’

One of the characters, trying to make sense of the title character, remarks:

‘Was the man a trickster, it must be more for the love than the lucre. Two or three dirty dollars the motive to so many nice wiles?’

Those lines came back to me, when trying – I thought in the end with some success – to make sense of Ahmed Chalabi.

With so many people involved in these intrigues, it is material that they are the ‘powerless empowered.’

This can lead to bizarre forms of recklessness: the feeling that, having got away so much, your luck will always hold, sometimes combined with a sense that, if it all collapses into dust and ashes, that was only to be expected: and may not matter all that much.

(A classic example was Hitler. But the combination is recurrent.)

As to Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. In their situations, obviously, the ‘Orlov strategy’ made ‘rational’ sense.

In their shoes, I would obviously have taken precautions to ensure that, should anything happen to me, all the ‘dirt’ the Israeli intelligence operations in which I was involved had accumulated would be exposed.

(It should not, surely, be so difficult!)

One cannot however be confident that either had the intelligence to see this.

There is also, another possibility which, although I think it unlikely, I do not feel I can entirely discount - yet at least.

It could be that Ghislaine’s arrest is involved with a kind of ‘covert bargain.’

So, if she can be convicted on lesser charges, the outcome may be better for her, than the alternatives, and also better, for many others, than that which would be likely to materialise, should the original – probably IDF – operation be properly investigated.

As to the origins of the operation, I think it may be material, as I think our host is suggesting, that the role of humour in human motivation is often understated, or totally missed.

Certainly, as regards Robert Maxwell, I think pleasure in, as it were, taking those highly superior ‘Anglos’ down a ‘peg or two’, if not a great many more, may have been as important a motive as any other.


David Habakkuk et al

Yes, the ability and need of warriors to see humor in the fell deeds they wreak upon their enemies or targets is much underestimated. It is a terrible thing but true. I first noticed this when in 1968 the enemy forces in Phuoc Long Province in the mountains in SVN began sending me notes across the lines addressed to "the rifleman" because I carried a scoped M-1 Garand. They clearly meant to kill me but the notes themselves were often humorous. The IDF GS intel people are very well educated and have a sardonically humorous view of life.

Patrick Armstrong

Before anyone is too sure that he knows about Trump and Epstein, I suggest reading this


@ David Habakkuk
"(It should not, surely, be so difficult!)"
A few questions if I may.
How will it be exposed? Will the material be delivered to CNN for exposure by Mr. Blitzer? Or will it be exposed by Rachel Maddow on MSNBC?
Will it be sent by some unknown third party to some Soros funded D.A.
I see the movie scenario where Ms. Maxell gives her ( original or copies ) information to some one who is 100% trusted by her and 100% unknown to her antagonists. And that person having a brain power slightly larger than his/her/its shoe size realizes that he/she/it has been handed a death warrant, a sizzling stick of Acme dynamite and has no way to relieve himself/herself/itself of this fiendish device.
The dead man's switch works on railroads … sometimes. In the political world, in the legal world not so much. It is a worthy Infotainment trope and works wonders in movies and Dramadies but for the rest of us … .

Marc b

I noticed that Bradford NH is home to Burton Hersh who has written extensively on the CIA and the FBI’s relationship with Roy Cohn et al.

Barbara Ann

Whitney Webb, who has done extensive research for MintPress News on Epstein, Mega Group & the history of FBI corruption, thinks the charges against Ghislaine are purposefully light and that the aim is to bury the story once she is convicted. I don't buy this. Surely having her disappear(ed) would bury the story much more effectively. Unless of course the plan is for her to skip bail.

I'm more in favor of the 'covert bargain' thesis - not least because of the simple fact that Ghislaine's arrest has made it much harder to disappear her. Arkancide in another MCC jail cell - really? What was wrong with a good old fashioned unmarked grave somewhere out in the NH backwoods?

If the 'covert bargain' thesis is accurate then it seems mightily important to discover who the "others known" are in count three of the indictment. Time will tell, hopefully.

eakens (above) notes Trump's cool and I'd have to agree that he is playing like a man who has aces up his sleeve. I have not quite given up on Trump's "drain the swamp" promise. Maybe all of us expecting a gradual opening of the sluice gates will be surprised. Trump and Barr could be about to dynamite the dam.


A day after, still no attorney has filed an appearance on behalf of Ghislaine Maxwell with the federal district court.

And, according to Andrea K. Johnstone, United States Magistrate Judge, for the district of New Hampshire, there was to be a hearing July 2, remotely, and folks could access this remotely [by telephone].

Has anyone seen or been able to access an audio of this?

Judge Johnstone's 7-page order said [in part]:
"In sum, the court finds that in this case a partial closure of court proceedings is necessary in that today’s hearing will be conducted by video and telephone conference. This partial closure is justified by the substantial interest of protecting public health and safety from the spread of COVID-19 and is narrowly tailored to protect that interest. The public maintains the opportunity to access these proceedings in full by telephone."

Why no photos or sketches at least released, yet, of Maxwell?

Maxwell as of Friday night has no attorney listed on the docket to represent her; there is no audio of the July 2 hearing [that I can find], and no photos of Maxwell.

Supposedly she is jailed at:
Merrimack County Jail
Boscawen, New Hampshire [and on her way to NYC?]

According to Bloomberg news,
-- [[Lawrence Vogelman, the New Hampshire lawyer Maxwell hired to defend her, declined to comment on the charges after the hearing.]]

The court docket has no record of Vogelman filing an appearance on behalf of Maxwell.


[[Maxwell, who was arrested Thursday morning in New Hampshire, waived her right to a bail hearing there in a brief videoconference in federal court in Manchester on Thursday.

“Are you waiving your right?” U.S. Magistrate Judge Andrea Johnstone asked Maxwell.

“I am,” Maxwell said softly.]] according to Bloomberg news.

The Miami Herald has a different version:
[[Maxwell made an appearance by video before U.S. Magistrate Judge Andrea Johnstone in New Hampshire Thursday afternoon and is being transferred by the U.S. Marshals Service to New York, where she will face a hearing on the government’s request to deny her bail.

Before the call started, a woman with her British accent could be heard sobbing on the line saying, “I don’t understand, I don’t understand.”

The Miami Herald asked Maxwell’s attorney, Larry Vogelman, whether the voice had been Maxwell’s and he said that he had not heard the voice and that his client had no comment on the charges and the government’s request for her to be held without bail.]]




All roads lead to the mary poppins directorate and it's merry band of chimney sweepers.lol.
So it will be Audrey vs Ghislane.
Maxwell is not Epstein.



1994-1997 was when Rabin was assainated and clinton was shaking hands with abbas and Monica.
The almost peace deal (oslo) stopped by the religious right.
That's my guess about 1994-1997.
Maxwell is produced with video and that's that said the cat.Bite the apple and you get to the pips

Mark Logan

Jim, RE:
"So one question I don’t know answer to is: why did she remain in the US?"

It may be she had the means to leave but no place to go to. Someone peddling kids for sex would have a hard time getting a visa anywhere once the word got out, and it most definitely did. A visibly on-fire potato. Wouldn't the surprise to find out the cops have known where she was for some time. If they felt confident she couldn't get out of the bag they may have sat back and watched for evidence to gather. Once arrested she's all lawyer'd up.


Another speculation about the narrow time-frame for prosecution revolves around a then-14 year old who claimed she had sex w/ Trump in those years.

It is further speculated that acting attorney Strauss is a very tough cookie, selected by Berman as his replacement after Trump - Barr fired him, meaning that Strauss will be just as tough as Berman might have been.

The timeline / case is narrowly focused on Trump; Maxwell will testify against Trump in exchange for all other charges accrued in all those other years being made to disappear.

In this way, Israel never comes up in the court docket but Trump goes to jail.
Maxwell will be whisked away to Israel to live happily ever after -- maybe meet up with old pal Epstein.
Everybody happy.

Just a speculation.
Validating factor is that Israel has long been able to influence NYC Souther District Court (it was the Morgenthau court for decades, Robert being son of FDR Treasurer Henry, JR), and Israel would not find it humorous to have their blackmail project exposed.


My swag is that Ghislaine made a deal. There’s no other reason I can come up with for her to be in New Hampshire. She could just as well hang out in Europe unless if she felt “safer” in US custody.

Like many I believe the truth of this sordid story will be buried. Too many people among the Davos Club are implicated. And Bill Barr will not want the details of his dad’s association with Epstein come to light.

What I still don’t get is why did Lex Wexner, Prince Andrew, Ehud Barak, Alan Dershowitz and all these smart wealthy people need Epstein for underage girls? They could easily have paid for top-rated hookers. Or follow Bob Kraft to an Asian massage parlor.


Let's look at some items concerning Epstein in Federal Custody:

The 2 cameras that were supposed to be filming Epstein in his jail cell were broken and the recordings deemed unusable.

2 guards 'allegedly' slept through scheduled checks on Epstein and falsified records.

One of Epstein's trafficker billionaire buddies Jean-Luc Brunei disappeared right after it was reported that Epstein was dead, later showed up in South America.

So.....Are Ghislaine Maxwellj's jail cell cameras working, and when/if they fail to work, will their recordings also be deemed unusable?

Will the Federal custody wonks have learned their lessons, and post U.S. Marshal 'teams' who have eyes on Maxwell at all times, and U.S. Marshal teams who are constantly roving the incarceration hallways as well as have Marshal teams manning all video and recording equipment for any sudden 'glitches'.

After the Epstein in custody debacle, I don't trust the Bureau of Prisons, I don't trust the FBI. The only ones I have any faith in are the U.S. Marshals. Outside that, military guard teams with fully loaded weapons, and Spec Ops Teams (loaded for bear) monitoring all hallways/rooms/perimiters/cameras-video-recording equipment/ceilings-crawl spaces etc..

Final note, if the Israelis decide to whack Maxwell while in U.S. Custody, to prevent such from happening and hedge our bets, Spec Ops needs to be monitoring for Israeli (and hired contract) specialization teams/individuals, and ready to take them down quickly, very quickly.

Babak makkinejad


IDF murdered Rabin.

Amir was one of those deranged fellows that are more often than not used as instruments for carrying out the deed.

Everyone in Israel is Religious Right, it is a term without analytical content.

Babak makkinejad


Why would Israelis want to see Trump in jaill?

Trump has listened to his most lavish funders and carried out their policy preferences.



My theory is that pedophilia and other sick activities are the glue that bind these groups of people together. It's probably the method by which the Davos Club keep each other honest. It doesn't end with Epstein. Marina Abramovic is probably but a dissimilar but effective controller as well.


Tucker asking what was the relationship with Epstein these powerful men had.


I’ve always been curious how Epstein accumulated his wealth including the ability to acquire a large Manhattan townhouse, tens of thousands acres ranch in New Mexico, a private Caribbean island and of course his jet.

Why did Trump labor secretary and former US attorney in Miami strike a sweetheart deal with Epstein? Why have most of his activities been obscured? It would not be that difficult for the FBI and the DOJ to get to the bottom of how Epstein made money and their sources.



"IDF murdered Rabin." No. Now you really sound like an agent of Iran.

Keith Harbaugh

CNN has a paragraph which makes something explicit:

We do not yet know who else might be in the SDNY's sights,
but prosecutors did drop a tantalizing clue
by staffing the case out of the Office's Public Corruption Unit
(as it did with the original case against Epstein).
I [Elle Honig] did sex trafficking cases when I was with the SDNY,
and I know that these cases typically would be handled by the Violent and Organized Crime Unit
(which includes the Human Trafficking Coordinators),
not the Public Corruption Unit --
unless the case carried potential to implicate public officials.


Babak makkinejad

Col. Lang

A country without a Constitution and a recognized border, at war with her neighbors since its inception,

a country whose civilian governments have been headed by former military leaders,

a country in which the initiatives for peace with Egypt as well as both the invasion and occupation of Lebanon came out of IDF,

IDF has not wanted a Palestinian state and that is the salient fact here.

In effect, IDF is the state.

Barbara Ann


Yesterday I listed the Whitney Webb's 2-part phone interview of Maria Farmer, the first of Epstein's victims to come forward way back in 1996. She was employed as a "servant" by Ghislaine and knows her very well. After a couple of years as a kind of secretary for Epstein in NY she spent 3 months living, effectively under house arrest, at Les Wexner's Ohio estate guest house. The interview was rambling and I'd not recommend it unless you have a spare 4 hours, but a few interesting quotes/points came out:

- "That woman [Ghislaine] is the most dangerous asset for Israel that you can even imagine" (part 1 06:30)

- "Wexner [who is apparently gay] had a crush on Epstein" (part 1 1:03:00)

- She describes Les Wexner as the "head of the snake" and said "Ghislaine was under Wexner" (beginning of part 2)

- Ghislaine showed Maria her 5 passports: French, UK, Israeli, US + 1 other (part 2 12:00)

- Ghislaine says Israel murdered her father (part 2 37:00)

Maria says Ivana Trump used to participate with Ghislaine in 'scouting' missions for girls as young as 12 for Epstein using the cover that they were recruiting models for Victoria's Secret. She says she saw a thousands of minor girls pass through Epstein's NY office in the 2 years she was there in the early 90's (5-10 a day)


Wexner gifted the East 71st Street mansion to Epstein for $1. He apparently also did the same to Epstein's previous NY residence. Maria says both were installed with pinhole cameras everywhere, as was Wexner's guest property where she lived.

The impression Maria leaves is of an utterly corrupt Jewish elite (she says Ghislaine is protected by the Rothschilds) with disdain for goyim like herself and an FBI entirely disinterested in what she had to say.

Artemesia (above) may be right. Given the time frame of the indictment (1994 to 1997) maybe Ivana Trump is one of the "others known". That would sure torpedo Trump's re-election chances pretty convincingly, I expect. It all hinges on which side the not-so-blind 'justice' is taking and the DOJ's track record is not encouraging.

Here are the links:




My suspicion is that Maxwell thought she was safer in the U.S. than anywhere else. I would think the main threat that concerned her was the a british, although I have no evidence. One does not threaten the house of Windsor as Diana found out. Then there was Skripal, Kelly and probably others.

I would imagine that Maxwell was offered a bargain in return for the physical evidence she had access to. She turned herself in. Unfortunately, for her, I don’t think the swamp keeps its bargains. I am aware of one Alan Bond, an Australian billionaire sent to jail for a few years. Rumor is that he paid the toughest criminals in his institution $50,000 each to keep him safe in jail. I don’t believe Maxwell will survive long enough to have that option. She needs to be under a witness protection program, wrapped in cotton wool, or she is dead meat. It will happen quickly, so that she has no time to call her lawyers once she realises she’s been conned.

The utterances of moral outrage by the prosecutors are already preparing the public for her demise. It is telling that they are directed at Epstein’s behaviour with no curiosity whatsoever about his accomplices with the exception of the unfortunately photogenic Prince Andrew. If I was prosecutor, I would want to know who else supped at Epstein’s table and what they chose from his menu?


As for Epstein’s money, I think the answer is simple. Insider trading. Once a “friend” has tasted the delights available at Epstein’s table, I would have thought a tactful inquiry be Epstein asking for long term investment advice would be candidly answered.

I don’t mean Martha Stewart day to day share trading rubbish which is visible in data streams, I mean deep background stuff with at least twelve month time horizons.


Does anyone else think that the “golden dome” on Epstein’s private island temple was the perfect hiding place for a satellite uplink? Or am I fantasizing?


Maxwell is in U.S. Marshal custody, and her whereabouts are unknown.

It's like Walrus is saying the British Crown is sweating bullets, in particular Prince Andrew as Maxwell is fully cooperating with U.S. Prosecutors on 'everything' about 'everybody'. Another one sweating bullets is most probably Ehud Barak and some of his cronies in the Israeli government who used Epstein's favors.

She's set to appear in court on Monday. If convicted on all counts she will serve 35 years in prison.

Now the 64 dollar question, what about the 800 pound gorilla sitting in the closet, this was too big and too vast to be missed by IC radar screens. IC radar screens of the U.S. British, Russian, French, German, other partners of the Five Eyes, and Interpol.

Who are the the other Israeli Intelligence operatives and controllers that are running this and most probably similar Pedophile Blackmail Operation Honey Traps?

Who in the Israeli Government sanctioned/are sanctioning Pedophilia as an Intelligence Blackmail Operation? These are International Crimes being committed by the Israeli Intelligence Apparatus.

We know that Ehud Barak was one according to Dershowitz, and this Israeli Intellitence Blackmail Operation stretches all the way into the Israeli PM's and the head offices of Israeli IDF Intelligence and Mossad Intelligence. They abused 'children' for their blackmail schemes, not adults but 'children'. Israeli Intelligence needs to pay for their crimes against all the children they used and abused.

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