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02 July 2020


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Trump has been cool as a cucumber. A little too cool. I think there is more to come before the election and Ghislaine is the tip of the iceberg.


Trump and Epstein were good friends.


The question is: who has the kompromat? Actually, I would expect many parties have partial copies of it, but who has the master set of originals? Bill Barr?

Sidney Caesar

You seem to have forgotten to mention President Trump and Donald Barr (William Barr's father) being among the "other high profile individuals" who "were associates of Epstein".


She went from a 'safehouse ' in Israel to hiding out in Paris before 'showing up ' in New Hampshire. Figure that one out.

Her sudden in U.S. custody may have more to do with Dershowitz trying to clear himself by fingering former Israeli PM Ehud Barak as a pedophile predator, which is an embarrassment to both Israel's PM office and their Mossad. Mossad's pedophile blackmail honey trap operation is back under the limelight. Barak as PM was the recipient of the Mossad pedophile blackmail honey trap operation's blackmail information on U.S. and World Politicians, Government, business personnel as well as Hollywood types who got 'trapped '.

Maxwell is a threat to high profile and very powerful people, by the information she has. So has she hidden away an 'insurance policy ' for such an event as her 'capture '?

Faking her death along with plastic surgery and new identity, as a clause in her insurance policy perhaps?


Maybe she wasn't so safe in Israel. Her father was rumored to have blackmailed Mossad and was killed for that reason.

There's little question this move to finally apprehend her ties into Geoffrey Berman's firing and Jay Clayton's nomination for the district attorney on the case. Now is Clayton there to protect people or is he there to get Ghislaine to reveal the whole truth?


I think this arrest explains why Barr asked for the resignation of Geoffrey Berman, the U.S. attorney in the Southern District of New York, then asked Trump to fire him when he refused to resign. The indictment focuses on 1994-1997, remember who was in the oval office then? I think soliciting under age girls is the least of the issues involved. The indictement is linked below.


Great title, good job Walrus!


Covid-19 sounds right to me.

Sean McBride

What a curious situation. One would have expected Mossad and its American network to have been able to protect both Epstein and Maxwell. There was an enormous breakdown in that op that may comprise the real story behind the story. It will probably never see the light of day.


Ghislaine Maxwell, arrested, in jail.

Why now?

That was the obvious question a year ago with Epstein.

The only rational reason to jail Epstein would have been to keep him ALIVE.

In other words, if he decided he wanted to kill himself or more likely, perhaps others, many others, would have wanted to kill him?

Thus only rational reason would have been to keep him alive so that all his alleged and actual crimes could be prosecuted – and the chance he would talk and bargain with prosecutors and, perchance, “NAME NAMES”.

Jeffrey Epstein may forever be out of sight because of an alleged suicide, or homicide, or whatever.

And we’re supposed to just swallow that the most famous criminal of 2019 vanished into thin air, for all intents and purposes, never to be seen again, never to testify.

The AG is in charge of federal bureau of prisons; why wasn’t Barr called on the carpet? There was s—h—t [with a vowel missing] all over Barr’s face when this grotesque incompetence happened.

Ghislaine Maxwell, arrested, in jail.

Why now?

Southern District of New York US Attorney Audrey Strauss says crimes they are prosecuting are for years
1994 to 1997

Bill Clinton was president.

Don’t laugh.

There is little information on how long the feds knew where she was, that they say was Bedford, NH.

According to NYMAG.com: [[“An eye was being kept” on Maxwell was about all that Audrey Strauss]] said.

That is past tense, was being kept, assuming this is accurate information.

For how long, months, days, years, decades, all the way back to the 1970s?

CNN framed it this way:
[[FBI New York Assistant Director in Charge William Sweeney said that bureau officials "have been discreetly keeping tabs" on Maxwell who had "slithered away to a gorgeous property" in New Hampshire.

"We learned she had slithered away to a gorgeous property in New Hampshire, continuing to live a live a life of privilege while her victims continue to live with the trauma inflicted upon them years ago. We moved when we were ready and Ms. Maxwell was arrested without incident,” he said.

Sweeney said that the FBI, along with the NYPD, arrested Maxwell in Bradford, New Hampshire, this morning without incident.

Audrey Strauss, acting US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, explained the process that led to Maxwell's arrest: "an eye was being kept, and information was being collected and then the indicted was just recently voted and filed and that is when we were able and prepared to move to arrest her."

Sweeney said that indictment alleges that from 1994 until 1997, Maxwell assisted Epstein in committing crimes against minors.]]

Strauss said and the indictment of Maxwell says, numerous times: 1994 to 1997 alleged crimes, aiding and abetting Epstein.

What is interesting, at least to me, in a news report by The Guardian – this report say that the DOJ said that Maxwell had the ability to get out of the US.

Which begs the questions: Then why the hell didn’t she? The feds don’t explain that part.

The Guardian: [[The sprawling property in Bradford where she was arrested was purchased “through a carefully anonymized LLC”, federal prosecutors said.

Maxwell also has the money to flee if let out on bail, they maintained.]]

Will we go from Epstein-gate, to Ukraine-gate, to Impeachment-gate, to Corona911-gate, to BLM-gate and now to Maxwell-gate – with perhaps a not so subtle attempt to piss all over Bill Clinton, since these alleged crimes were when he was commander in chief?

One other thing that may be related to the timing of this apprehension of her.

One of the alleged victims of Maxwell, who, according to a civil lawsuit filed against her in federal court in January. . . well, there was a “tiny problem.”

The lawyer for the plaintiff, a Jane Doe, who claims to have been a young teen – when: “It all started in 1994 when 13-year-old Jane Doe met Epstein and Defendant Ghislaine Maxwell at a summer camp in Michigan. . . .”

This civil complaint says: “In 1997, while at Epstein’s townhouse on 9 East 71st Street in the city of New York, Epstein asked the 17-year old Doe if she had a boyfriend. Doe replied that she did not. Epstein responded that when she did have a boyfriend she would want the sex to be ‘good’ and that she should ‘get it over with already’ meaning lose her virginity. Despite Doe’s resistance, Epstein then pushed Doe down onto her stomach and raped her. From that point forward for several years in New York, Epstein raped Doe on multiple occasions. During Doe’s time in New York, Maxwell also regularly facilitated Epstein’s abuse of Doe and was frequently present when it occurred.”

Any ways, the little problem was that: despite numerous times the Jane Doe lawyer tried to serve Maxwell, many times, this lawyer always came up empty.

But on June 15, the presiding federal judge ruled that. . . that because of certain judicial rules and because of the numerous attempts, the judge deemed that Maxwell had been served.

Doe’s lawyer, the judge ruled, had done enough to demonstrate service; and thus the service attempts were deemed to have been “reasonably calculated to place Maxwell on notice of this suit and to constitute sufficient service under the circumstances presented here.”

Thus Maxwell must respond, in a federal civil lawsuit brought by an alleged rape victim, that this plaintiff claims the pair [her and Epstein] betook against her.


This mean Maxwell can be jailed for contempt of court, should she continue to run and hide; that is: ignore court orders in this civil lawsuit.

With today’s jailing of her by the DOJ, on what looks like the same facts as in the civil case, [though it may not be; even if the 1994 to 1997 time period is the same] --- Maxwell’s concerns about the civil case now pale in comparison with the new, criminal case against her. That is, assuming DOJ gets conviction.

The judge’s June 15 order deeming her served in the civil case, however, meant that Maxwell would have been facing jail if she failed to appear according to any court orders requiring her to.

So one question I don’t know answer to is: why did she remain in the US? [Or did she actually flee, and we just ain’t being told that? I D K]

Would no other country take her, did she attempt to leave and was rebuffed [by who?] or did she want to stay here and take her chances, knowing that she could run, assuming she tried to, that is; but could not hide forever?

We’ll see if Maxwell-gate can trump BLM-gate, and all manner of other sorts of Hang Outs happening before our eyes.

Lastly, I’m not saying it’s a weak case; but, why her and why now, since they obviously had no trouble locating her, assuming they did not always have tabs on Maxwell.


If anyone actually has an actual photo of her being taken out of her New Hampshire house, I’d like to see them.

For Roger Stone, we don’t have to ask this question.

Perhaps Judge Amy Berman should handle this case and/or share it with Judge Gilbert and Sullivan.



I am thinking that only gentiles (and no conversos: e.g. AG Barr) should be allowed to interrogate, try, judge and punish this monster.

Eric Newhill

The FBI already has all kinds of evidence on a lot of people from their raids on Epstein residences. Now they just need Maxwell so they can squeeze her a little to tie up any loose ends. She will then die and the loose ends will be taken care of and the democrat/globalists will be safe from prosecution. FBI destroys some of the evidence they obtained and uses other evidence against their enemies (e.g. Trump associates, democrats gone off the reservation, like Dershowitz)



It seems likely to me that she was Epstein's Mossad controller. Walrus is right. It will be difficult to keep her alive. Why she fled to NH escapes me so far.

Balint Somkuti, PhD


noone really sees into Israeli inner politics, but probably has to with the new grand coalition there.

Just my guessing.


Department of Justice

U.S. Attorney’s Office

Southern District of New York


Thursday, July 2, 2020


Maxwell is Alleged to Have Facilitated, Participated in Acts of Abuse

                   Additionally Charged With Perjury in Connection With 2016 Depositions


Barbara Ann

Count Three in the indictment interests me, as it is the only one mentioning third party defendants. If it wasn't for this I'd assume the whole thing was scoped so as to limit any fallout beyond Ghislaine herself.

"GHISLAINE MAXWELL, the defendant, Jeffrey Epstein, and others known and unknown, willfully and knowingly did combine, conspire, confederate, and agree together and with each other to commit an offense against the United States, to wit, transportation of minors, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 2423 (a)." (emphasis mine)

I'd like to hear Robert Willmann's view on the significance of this, combined with the pertinence of the fact that the SDNY's Public Corruption Unit is handling the case.

This, combined with the fact that she was arrested in the US, is (as of the time of writing) still alive and Barr's urgency in sacking Berman, gives me some hope that there is a real intention to go after someone else, perhaps higher up the food chain (Wexner?). Have Trump and Barr got a big surprise in store? I do hope so.

Yeah, Right

I had read somewhere that she believed that Mossad had killed her father, so she may not have thought that Israel was a safer location.

Not sure. I don't think that she ever came out and openly accused Mossad of his death, but I do believe she is on record as claiming that her father was assassinated.

As for "why now", it may simply be that it has taken this long to track down and seize all the "insurance" documents that she had.

I certainly thought at the time that Epstein's days were numbered the moment the FBI raided his Manhattan mansion, in the sense that that the raid was undertaken to seize that all the videos and photos that he was relying on to keep himself safe.

Take those away from him = he is a goner.
The same may be true of this woman.

David Habakkuk

I do not know how reliable Ari Ben-Menashe is as a source, but, for what it is worth, he claims that Mossad was not the Israeli agency for which Epstein and the Maxwells worked.

From an article last month by Elizabeth Vos in ‘Consortium News’:

‘In an interview with Consortium News, former Israeli intelligence officer Ari Ben-Menashe said Epstein did not work with Mossad. “Military intelligence was who he was working with,” said Ben-Menashe. “Big difference,” he said. “He never worked with Mossad, and Robert Maxwell never did, either. It was military intelligence.”’

(See https://consortiumnews.com/2020/06/18/epstein-case-documentaries-wont-touch-tales-of-intel-ties/ .)

Be that as it may, it is not clear to me that Ghislaine Maxwell would have been any safer in Israel than in the U.S.

If she is prudent, she will have followed the example of the former NKVD ‘Resident’ in Spain, Alexander Orlov. From his ‘Wikipedia’ entry:

‘Meanwhile, the Great Purge continued as Stalin and his inner circle sought to exterminate all suspected enemies of the people. Orlov was alerted as close associates and friends were arrested, tortured and shot, one by one. In 1938, Orlov realised that he would soon be next. When he received orders from Moscow to report to a Soviet ship in Antwerp, Orlov was certain that he was about to be arrested. Instead of obeying, Orlov fled with his wife and daughter to Canada.

‘Before leaving Paris, Orlov left two letters for the Soviet Ambassador, one for Stalin and one for NKVD chief Yezhov. He told them that he would reveal everything he knew about NKVD operations if any action was taken against him or his family. In a two-page attachment, Orlov listed the codenames of numerous illegals and moles operating in the West.’

(See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Orlov_(Soviet_defector) .)

He kept his side of the bargain, and ‘The Secret History of Stalin’s Crimes’ was only published after its subject’s death in March 1953.


I think that being in Bureau of Prisons custody is her death warrant.
The BOP brings new lows to that magical swamp concoction of incompetence and corruption.
Put her in US Marshals custody.

Barbara Ann

David Habakkuk

I am reminded of Don Corleone's speech:

I'm a superstitious man, and if some unlucky accident should befall Michael - if he is to be shot in the head by a police officer, or be found hung dead in a jail cell... or if he should be struck by a bolt of lightning - then I'm going to blame some of the people in this room; and then I do not forgive. But with said, I pledge - on the souls of my grandchildren - that I will not be the one to break the peace that we have made today.
Epstein may well have died thanks to his being insufficiently suspicious. If Ghislaine Maxwell ever suffered from the same weakness, she must surely have been cured of it by now.

JP Billen

Bradford NH is a small town, less than 2000 residents. I wonder if they have known she was there for awhile and have had her under surveillance - hoping to trap one of Epstein's perverted brothers in crime?



IMO I'm waiting to see and hear about the 800 pound gorilla hidden in the closet (U.S. agencies and personas who may have 'known' about the Israeli Intelligence's Pedophile Blackmail Honey Trap Operation. Something that big had to be on somebody's radar screen. And worse, those that knew and kept quiet, or those that knew and took advantage of it, or those that knew and were parties to it.

Like I said, the 800 pound gorilla hidden away in the closet is what needs to be addressed and brought to the light of day and legal scrutiny where warranted.


David Habakkuk

It could well have been Israeli IDF intelligence that she, Epstein and her father worked for. I knew these fellows well and the whole thing would have appealed to their sense of humor.


Covid would be a very inefficient way of offing someone, since it has a 99% recovery rate. Additionally Maxwell looks blushingly un-comorbid. I suspect she is now states evidence, and under federal protection while furiously recording her memoirs.

Trump has not been publicly associated with Epstein since his much earlier conviction about 20 years ago and a Mar-A-Lago real estate dispute. Claims Trump never really liked Epstein and is on record saying this well before these latest attempt to prove his guilt by this long distant media association.

Trump moved on the fringes of the mighty and powerful for years. Because this is what makes NYC run. Clintons were guests at his wedding to Melania. Try another smear.

Harvard had no trouble taking Epstein money. Guilt by association with Epstein will prove to be a very equal opportunity player. Everyone loves a steamy summer novel, so looks like this unfolding story will fill the Bill (so to speak). Or we could go back to replays of Biden in the Basement. Or is that Biden in De-Basement.

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