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09 July 2020


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Milley could be court martialed under the UCMJ for a number of things busted down to slick sleeve and dishonorable discharge. That would look really good on his political resume. Trump has that power in his hands.



The "Lost Cause" description of the South's memory of its struggle is just denigrating Yankee propaganda. It is essentially culture abuse. Did I not say that these WW1 camps were intended to be temporary. try to come up with something origial



It would be easier to simply order him into retirement where he can become a handmaiden to


Barbara Ann -

Another solution would be to also rename bases named after Union Army Generals - i.e Forts Campbell, Still, Dix, Greely, & Meade; Schofield Barracks, the Custer Training Center, and Camp Sherman to name a few. Plenty more out there. They were responsible for over 800 thousand killed and wounded Americans and tens of thousands of widows. Plus the incompetence of many of them led to many more casualties on the Union side. None of them were too smart including Grant. But then IMO the Union won the Civil War because of the strategy of General Winfield Scott, a Virginian who stayed with the Union, plus the Navy that carried out Scott's master plan.



I would rather see Milley get the full 'benefits' of a court-martial, reduction in rank to slick sleeve, and dishonorably discharged, than to see him scooted off into retirement with rank and full benefits with a gentle pat on his bottom where he can sit on some corporate board drawing 7 figures plus.

What Milley deserves is working on a chain-gang busting rocks.



I just fixed up a bunch of baby-back ribs for the weekend. Wish I could send you a couple of plates via email. Maybe one day they'll invent a 3d printer applique for back-baby ribs via email.


Artemesia, "Zionists" are not taking over America. We don't do religious wars in the US. Other far more venal issues drive US politics- who gets what share of the public pie. Democrats demand pie for everyone. GOP expect a specific return, before making any public investment.


Speaking of the large land inventory held by the US military, time the federal government stood up to the nationwide issue of vagrancy - time to stop throwing money down a rat hole with thousands of failed local programs year after year after year.

We need to turn parts of the vast swath of land called El Toro Marine Base in Southern California into a work camp for vagrants, should they choose to come to California or anywhere else in the Western US.. Housing and jobs provided; along with lessons in basic self-sufficiency at these now virtually empty military bases.

ACLU and the 9th Circuit are good with that - alternatives provided so vagrants can be forced off the public streets, public sidewalks, public parks, public land and RR tracks.

Good for our national defense and security to get vagrants off our streets, out of our business districts, out of our mail boxes and off our free way off ramps. If military bases and work schedules are good enough for our military, no vagrant dare turn their nose up when offered the same good deal.

No coddling. No excuses.

Babak makkinejad


What you are proposing had already been done more than 110 years ago.

Jack London chronicled some aspects of it.

Andrei Martyanov

I know not which. I do think though that this is ominous. I am reminded of the Imperial Russian army that refused to take action in St. Petersburg during the Russian revolution. They sat back and watched as the revolutionaries made the country ungovernable. What sayeth SST

For starters, can we stop please drawing totally a-historic parallels between Russia of 1917 and the US of 2020? There was NO St. Petersburg in 1917, it was called Petrograd--to remove germanism from its name. Secondly, most of the Russian Army was demoralized by namely "liberal" pro-war and pro-Western faction ranging from Constitutional Democrats (Kadets) to SR (ESers) and huge number of top brass which made Czar's (a mediocre leader at best) possible. That happened in February 1917, by October 1917 the whole country was in disarray and the Army effectively ceased to exist as a coherent fighting force. Even greatest falsifier of Russian history--Solzhenitsyn--was forced to admit that Bolsheviks simply picket the political power from the floor, where it was laying because nobody wanted it. Russia lost more than 3.5 million people killed by then as a direct result of WW I. There are absolutely zero parallels to be drawn between Russia of 1917 and US of 2020. Zero.

Babak makkinejad

Andrei Martyanov

Fully agree.

I think a common lesson of history has been that masses of people react negatively to military defeats.

Russia suffered defeats in World War I and in Russo-Japanese War: ergo 1905 and 1917 Revolutions

Likewise in Germany after 1918, in France after defeat in Franco-Prussian War, and many other such cases.



"We need to turn parts of the vast swath of land called ..."
No. We need simply take then closed for Covid sports venues and move the tent cities to them. There is an existing infrastructure of toilets and cooking facilities. Add some portable showers. Hold the classes there with the giant Megatron screens to broadcast them. Plenty of parking for socialist social workers to drive up and the rest of the public to be democratic-socialist distanced. When they overflow, or the corporate BLM virtue signaling sponsors object, then relocate to the closed for Covid public school buildings. These and their surrounding infrastructure can be put to good use, unlike all those fear filled teachers who should be getting laid off since they won't be doing any work.

Robert Poling

Everyone needs to remember the Obama purge of the senior officer corps of all services. Senior officers were required to sign on to a set of new policies the Obama regime dictated. These included accepting openly gay soldiers in the ranks and promoting women and minorities into positions of authority and also into combat billets. One not only had to accept these goals but to promote them. Half the senior officer corps (my estimate) retired as a result leaving behind the dross composed of virtue signalers and officer-politicians. So you get Milley and lots of others like him who are not and cannot be war leaders, but puff-balls worried more about appearances. Heaven help us if we get into serious conflict. Obama achieved his goal and those of his enablers to weaken the US military.

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