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04 July 2020


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Happy Decolonization Day walrus.


Happy July 4th Walrus,

I am glad it's cold there now.

Things were definitely way too hot for Australia and its firefighters during your last wildfire season. I followed it using the Sydney Morning Herald and other internet sites. It made me afraid for Australia, our own wildfire areas and for the people responsible for putting the fires out.

I recall the fire prediction software was often wrong; the fires would outrun where they were predicted to go.

What are your thoughts on all this? Are you anticipating the next wildfire season will be like the last one?



This fire season should be different. The forests, having been burnt, are now safe for about five years because the fuel load is gone and even then, the fuel load will not be high enough for catastrophic fires. We are having good rains so far, that means grass and grass fires may be the biggest issue. They are fast moving and thus dangerous to anyone caught in the open.

Most country dwellers agree that the cause of the fires was failure to follow indigenous fire management practices which mandate burning everything every four to five years. The inner city green libtards stopped that, declaring that the forests and it’s inhabitants were “fragile”, “pristine” and “under environmental threat”. They did this because of romantic notions of Gaia and their own self interest because they treat the forests as their bush walking playgrounds.

Not a week goes by without a breathless article about some forest animal, a frog, possum, whatever that was thought to be “driven to extinction” by the fires, whose population has come bounding back in the burnt areas. The animals had their own survival strategies; whodathought?



What's the situation with the border closing between two of your states?

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