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28 July 2020


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The Michigan study was seriously flawed. Pts in the Hydroxychloroquine arm mostly got steroids. In the other arm they did not. The study is not being suppressed. Everyone knows about it but since it is flawed we need a better study. This was only the most notable flaw, there were others, at least in the analysis.



What skin does Fauci and the media have in preventing anyone from taking hydroxy-chloroquine either for prevention or at the very early onset of symptoms?

What treatment do they currently have for "covid" at this stage besides stay home, isolate yourself, and only come to the doctor if your symptoms worsen. Taking hydroxychloroquine has absolutely no bearing or interferes with anything that doctors would do later should any symptoms worsen.

Assume someone willing to take this drug (OTC or RX) already knows to stay home, cover coughs and sneezes, stay away from elderly - all the things a suspected "covid" patient is told to do anyway.

So why the heck at this stage should anyone care if they take some form of preventive or mitigating treatment. CDC admits this drug is harmless after decades of use and side effects are extremely rare.

So why this total censorship of even mentioning this. Very, very curious and highly disturbing. CDC, Fauci, Birx and the media have absolutely no skin in this game whether anyone takes hydroxychloroquine at this intial stage of presumed or even confirmed "covid".

They don't say you can't take chicken soup. They don't say you cant' take a pain killer. They don't say anything about any other initial comfort pill in these early stages of infection. NO FURTHER TREATMENT IS DELAYED that one might need, if in fact symptoms worsen. Only then do the doctors say come to ER.

Something very fishy is going on and it needs to stop.


You can now be fined, jailed, even assaulted for not wearing a mask. Not only that but you can't go to a dining facility/pub and have a beer with your chicken wings because according to the Totalitarian governors of NY and California, it is they (the Governors) that determine what a meal is, not you. And THEY SAY that your chicken wings do not meet their meal standards, so you can't have your beer. Restaurants and bars can only serve alcohol with meals. The dictator of California officially decreed that buffalo chicken wings are not a meal.


Don't wear a mask, get assaulted


Don't wear a mask, go to jail for 6 months


Get this. Miami now have Mask Police

You can now be fined $1,000 in Washington DC for not wearing a mask in public.



Dr Stella may not even be that far off with her "demon sperm" theory linked to later female problems:

Childhood abuse linked to greater risk of endometriosis
Date: July 17, 2018
Source: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Summary: A study of more than 60,000 women has found that sexual and physical abuse in childhood and adolescence is associated with a greater risk of laparoscopically-confirmed endometriosis diagnosed during adulthood. The study -- the largest of its kind -- found that women reporting severe-chronic abuse of multiple types had a 79 percent higher risk of laparoscopically-confirmed endometriosis.

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