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28 July 2020


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Robert et al,

Here is a link to at least part of the proceedings from an American expat in NZ. If you click on the top two, you will discover that the videos are of the same event. The sound level was a bit dodgy, but at least this much is available.


F Google (YouTube), Twitter, & Facebook. Hail Bitchute.


Gail Harmon

I've found NATURALNEWS.COM to be on the cutting edge of health, internet and big tech company bias, survival skills etc. Today there is a post about the FRONTLINE DOCTORS and how they're getting shut down by the media giants.


CDC continues to recommend the drugs hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine themselves as "safe and effective" with "rare side effects" on their website for traveler information to malaria prone countries.

When will that also get scrubbed? Though now they do throw in a gratuitous "covid" warning info link, which did not exist a few months ago with this chloroquinine recommendation.

Yes, have seen the bill boards for OTC sales of these preventive compounds in various malaria prone countries around the world - like Bull Durham Tobacco - farmers get paid to have these ads painted on their outbuildings and fences.

Did the use of quinine run into as much flak when they were building the Panama Canal?

Babak makkinejad

Two Iranian studies that I read indicated that hydroxychloroquine is ineffective as a treatment after infection.

They have moved to anti viral drugs, corticosteroids.

The 3-drug mixture of Azittomycin, Naproxen, and prednisolone (oral or injectable) have been used successfully for reduction of the inflammation of respiratory system.

3 systematic trials have been undertaken and results were conclusive in expediting faster recovery.

Clinical trials in Iran (in Masih Daneshvari hospital) – indicated 100% cure of COVID-19 in 20 patients using a combination of ReciGen and Cultera (sic?) which is an AIDS drug.

A second group of patients – 152 – had a reduction in mortality of 20% as compared to those who were only receiving Cultera (sic.?)


The results are supposed to be published in the Journal of Immunopharmacotherapy.

The dosage was: 5 times day, 12 million units.

Hydroxychloroquine might have preventive benefits, I might speculate.


Sadly, No.

Simone Golds bio.


She is not practicing. anything like the sort of work that would make her opinion worth two cents.

In my opinion, this groups videos can safely be ignored. They are just more self publicising conspiracy nut cases.

The G6PD condition information is irrelevant.

A double blind placebo controlled trial is still the gold standard and so far to my knowledge, they haven’t produced results that would warrant its use.



have all the censored videos from the doctors presentations.


When is the Congressional hearing on hydroxychloroqine? Will "Reclaiming my Time" be the official response when the scientists of Twitter explain how they concluded who to ban from the social media site because they know the facts about hydroxychloroqine and all those other doctors don't?


I watched Dr Stella. I don't believe she was lying. As far as I am concerned, the doctors need to sue CNN. Being called frauds is grounds for a suit.

Maybe the doctors next time should bring several buses of patients along.

Bill H

"Double blind study" or not, if 1000 patients are given the drug and 995 of them get well, compared to only 600 per 1000 in the population at large, I am going to assume that the drug works. The fact that we didn't let another 395 die to make our case for the drug is not going to impress me. It's actually going to make me a bit angry and feeling that they didn't have to die.

John from Michigan

ALL (Walrus in particular):

Henry Ford Hospital system, centered in Detroit and the largest in Michigan, recently published a study showing HCQ to be effective when used early after exposure to COVID19. Are the doctors there "conspiracy nut cases" ? I don't have a link handy but you can google it, assuming Google isn't suppressing the report.

I would much rather listen to actual medical doctors treating people with the virus than piss ant academics and bureaucrats (like Fauci) at the FDA/CDC whose only "qualifications" are paper credentials they have purchased. A medical degree, let alone actual medical experience, are not requirements for employment by either of these organizations.


John from Michigan
I posted on this here.


For those of you that take hydroxychloroquine I wish you well. Please let us know how it works out.

I won't take it unless a doctor I trust recommends it. I definitely won't take that recommendation from a doctor who believes in sex with demons and witches. Or from an Ophthalmologist. Or from lobbying groups like the TeaPartyPatriots that hosted and funded these quacks. I for one would like to know who they are lobbying for: Sanofi? Plaquenil? Mylan? or some other big pharma ripoff?

Besides I used to have to take it (or its predecessor) 55 years ago and it gave me and almost everyone in my unit severe gut pain and diarrhea. Did anybody die or get deathly ill from it? No, but then we were all young men and not senior citizens. Plus our immune systems had been given a boost by regular recurring gamma globulin shots.


CNN, earlier today, had some out take footage of the female doc from
Africa lecturing (Lylith style) about demons entering bodies from the spirit realm for odd sexual purposes. It was obviously intended to discredit the Frontline group.

Mark Logan


Yes, but they discredited themselves by allowing her to participate.

From wiki:

Immanuel's medical claims are sometimes combined with her spiritual beliefs. She has said that many gynecological illnesses are the result of having sex dreams with succubi and incubi and receiving "demon sperm". She has said that endometriosis, infertility, miscarriages, and sexually transmitted infections are caused by the spirit husbands and spirit wives.[2][8] According to Immanuel, the causes of cysts and endometriosis are individuals having sex in their dreams with demons and witches.[9] She said in a 2015 sermon that space alien DNA is used in medical treatments and that reptilians and aliens run the government. She also stated in 2015 that Illuminati are using witches to destroy the world through abortion, gay marriage, children's toys and media such as Harry Potter, Pokémon, Wizards of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana. In another 2015 sermon, she said scientists are developing vaccines to stop people being religious[2][8]

A witch doctor in a white coat.



the Michigan study concluded with a tentative “may” have a role in the treatment of very sick patients. It also called for double blind placebo controlled trials. I have a hard time believing anyone is suppressing this news.

I have nothing against any drug treatment. My reticence comes from six years as a CEO of a university commercialisation company. If you listen to researchers, You would be amazed at how many wonderful cures for all sorts of ailments are just waiting on university shelves for the application of sufficient money. These folk are great self promoters. It pays to be sceptical.

We blew two million on a “sure thing” AIDS vaccine.



It gave me the runs also.


Ho-Chi-Minh's revenge they called it. But as I recall it happened everytime I took chloroquine tablets.


I believe the benefit of hydroxychlorquine-zinc is touted now for :covid" as it has been touted in the past for "colds" - very early stage one prevention or mitigation of first sign of symptoms of early stage contact with the virus -with the intent it reduces the viral load hoping the body's own immune system can take over from there..

Which is not a "cure"; nor a late stage life-saver. Just an early boost that may helpd. In the same category as touting Vit C for colds, garlic and chicken soup "penicillin". May help.

I think someone somewhere is over thinking this for some other agenda - must not lose the "covid threat" advantage before election day. It seems vers strange something with a history of being so benign, is getting such heavy artillery to take this even hint of "prevention" down.



Inside the up coming COVID aid package

If it were to become law today, here are the main specific defense-related spending items that would be authorized:

$283,000,000 to the Army for new-build AH-64E Block IIIB attack helicopters.$375,000,000, to the Army for upgrades for its Double V-Hull (DVH) Stryker 8x8 armored wheeled vehicles.$1,068,000,000 to the Navy for P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft.$41,400,000 to the Navy for RGM-184A Naval Strike Missiles (NSM) and launchers specifically for the service's Littoral Combat Ships (LCS).$2,210,000,000 to the Navy, $1,450,000,000 for four "expeditionary medical ships" and $260,000,000 for a single Spearhead class Expeditionary Fast Transport.$49,100,000 to the Navy for sonobuoys.$686,000,000 to the Air Force for F-35A Joint Strike Fighters.$720,000,000 to the Air Force for C-130J Hercules airlifters.$650,000,000 to the Air Force for wing replacement kits for A-10 Warthog ground-attack aircraft.$76,325,000 to "defense-wide" spending to establish an eighth Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) battery.$243,270,000 to "defense-wide" spending for an AN/TPY-2 missile defense radar to go with the eighth THAAD battery.$40,100,000 to "defense-wide" spending to replace a modified de Havilland DHC-8 intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft belonging to U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) that was destroyed during a terrorist attack in Kenya in January 2020.$20,000,000 to the Air Force to support the integration of the AGM-158 Joint Air-Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM) onto variants of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.$65,800,000 to the Missile Defense Agency for hypersonic weapon defense.$39,200,000 to the Missile Defense Agency for cruise missile defense.$200,000,000 to the Missile Defense Agency for a Ground-based Mid-course Defense (GMD) Service Life Extension Program (SLEP).$290,000,000 to the Missile Defense Agency for the Hypersonic and Ballistic Tracking Space Sensor.$153,000,000 to the Navy for depot-level ship maintenance work.$800,000,000 for the "National Guard and Reserve  Equipment  Account."$20,000,000 to the Navy for "United States Marine Corps Force Design unfunded requirements."$19,500,000 to the Army for "Force Protection Upgrades."$882,068,000 to the Army for general operation and maintenance.$458,237,000 to the Navy for general operation and maintenance.$135,542,000 to the Marine Corps for general operation and maintenance.$969,357,000 to the Air Force for general operation and maintenance.$112,071,000 for "defense-wide" general operation and maintenance.$8,000,000 to the Army Reserve for general operation and maintenance.$30,000,000 to the Army National Guard for general operation and maintenance.$12,000,000 to the Air National Guard for general operation and maintenance.$48,500,000, to the Army for "other procurement."$34,823,000 to the Navy for "other procurement."$484,000 for "defense-wide" "other procurement."$5,300,000,000 for Defense Production Act purchases related to the COVID-19 pandemic.$1,494,000 to the Air Force for research, development, test, and evaluation work.$20,931,000 for "defense-wide" research, development, test, and evaluation work.$1,783,500,000 for Defense Working Capital Funds.$705,000,000 for the Defense Health Program.$1,128,000,000 to the Army for a "Defense Industrial Base Resiliency Fund-Army."$4,664,000,000 to the Navy for a "Defense Industrial Base Resiliency Fund-Navy and Marine Corps."$4,273,400,000 to the Air Force for a "Defense Industrial Base Resiliency Fund-Air Force and Space Force."$783,100,000 for a "Defense Industrial Base Resiliency Fund-Defense: Special Operations Command and Missile Defense Agency."

Every single line item in the draft bill, including these proposed defense appropriations, is stated to be justified as being "to prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus, domestically or internationally." 



This article provides biblical context for the literalist belief system of Dr. Immanuel. And perhaps also to that of other Christians in these times.


thanks for the link to the bio of the physician/lawyer.
It is interesting - and stimulates to think, what it all means.


PubMed is the portal to the NIH National Library of Medicine research publicatoins. Enter your query and this is what you find for hydroxycholoquine-covid:

Good site to bookmark for any health question - much is very technical research date, but one also mines comprehensive studys and analysis for lay reader consumption. Just read the first intro and last paragraph conclusions if the data in the middle is of little interest.


C19study.com collects the studies on this drug

PrEP, PEP, and early treatment studies show high effectiveness, while late treatment shows mixed results.“

Additionally, millions of immune compromised people with Lupis and RA take HCQ to prevent them from dying from common viral diseases like the common cold (of which coronaviruses are a part).

In addition to that, millions have safely used it as an anti-malaria preventative for decades around the world.


All the stuff about what Dr Stella says in her sermons are just lazy attempts at character assassination and wholly irrelevant. She is not claiming to have cured Covid patients by exorcism but by the use of hcq. It would be nice if someone could do some real journalism (remember that?) and discover if her claims of having treated 300 Covid patients and not having lost one were true. If that can be disproved then that would tell us a whole lot more that all this guff about demon sperm.

As for the benefits of hcq I am unsure, but I am sure of one thing - someone has gone to a lot of trouble to discredit it and it doesn't take a genius to see why. Hcq is out of patent and costs peanuts to make. It's main competitor (in the US at least) Remdesivir costs $2300 for a 5-day treatment plan.


Terence Gore

Even if HCQ was no better than a placebo would it have hurt that much to give people hope for people for awhile. They could have said there are some risks in taking it and we are not sure it works but for now we are studying it. We want to make sure those who need it for other diseases still get it but we are going to ramp up production for now.

It's almost as if they worked hard on destroying people's options. Lockdown and waiting for the 'gene editing medicine' was the only path forward.


Not much effort has gone into reducing the co morbidities which seems to the primary factor in the higher death rates

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