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05 June 2020


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Bill H

Are you aware the the National Guard in DC has been kicked out of its hotel and has been disarmed?

Apparently the Pentagon did not consult the White House before disarming the Guard, and all federal forces deployed to DC have been sent home. I think President Trump should take to his bunker, because it does not appear the military will defend him.

Andrei Martyanov

But can we be sure that Esper and Milley will defend the White House?

We know Mattis would not. But, generally, US "elites" are extremely badly educated on the algorithm of the chain of command collapse. Well, come to think about it--they have no clue.

I'm sorry, I wish I could find joy in this but it just feels performative as hell.

Mayor Bowser's proposed budget for FY2021 includes an additional $18.5 million for police and a $16 million cut to housing assistance.

We need real change & that starts with the budget, not this.


Congressional candidate Mckayla Wilkes tweeting Mayor Bowser’s wokeness naming a section by the White House as Black Lives Matter Plaza, obfuscating the reality of the DC administration’s priorities.


I have my doubts about Esper.

Eric Newhill

“We do not need to militarize our response to protests,” Mattis says. “We need to unite around a common purpose. And it starts by guaranteeing that all of us are equal before the law.” - Gen Mattis

WTF? Over

Call sign should be altered from "Mad Dog" to "Senile Dog" or "stupid dog", maybe "crooked dog"?

Sir, seriously, what is wrong with Mattis, Kelly, Esper, Miller, et al. Do they really want Washington DC in flames? The White House and other of our monuments and institutions destroyed.? Do they not understand what the response would be from the millions of gun owning patriots, many former and current military? Are they jockeying for a presidential run and thus become squishy politicians? Part of a coup d'etat? Just plain stupid?
I truly don't get why they don't understand what the mob wants and that they cannot be appeased by anything sensible. Maybe in there is an explanation of why we haven't won a real war for a long time. Is this all wounded big egos on their part? What?

IMO, the radicals think they win either way. They march and destroy and are allowed to do so, or they are gunned down and a "bad optic" is created, there are martyrs and their cause grows. What the defenders need to know is that the radicals won't stop despite appeasement and a civil war is in the making regardless. The defenders must do their duty regardless of political consequences because the consequences they might fear are going to occur anyhow.

Many of us are waiting in our communities and ready to do what we can if called upon.

The Pentagon orders National Guard to disarm.

Someone forced Trump to change weekend plans and stay in DC this weekend.

Mayor Bowser demands national guard leave.

Antifa organizes million person march on the White House.

Odd set of coincidences, no?


Is the plan to generate martyrs for an intense propaganda campaign?

Trump showed weakness against the putschists. Are the NeverTrumpers gonna ratchet up the pressure with images of violence and bloodshed and anger towards Trump?


The second most important defining moment in the history of this country could very well be in less than 24 hours.


Jack et al


Esper should be fired for insubordination. There must be someone in the Pentagon who will obey orders. If McCarthy ordered NG troops to be disarmed he too should be fired. To place unarmed soldiers whether Regular (active duty) or reserve (ARNG) in a situation in which armed, violent people are present is equivalent to complicity in their fate.

The surrender cultist wimp TonyL wrote to whine that any use of force against the rioter element in these demonstrations would make the situation worse. Well, there is worse and then there is MUCH worse. The latter for me would be for the mob to overrun the WH. TonyL also misquoted me. I said that a regular infantry company of the 3rd Infantry Regiment should be positioned on THE WHITE HOUSE LAWN. For those of you who are unable to visualize terrain, that would be INSIDE THE FENCE. Get it? A last ditch defense of the building.

Barbara Ann

The Atlantic (The Trump Regime Is Beginning to Topple) is fully onboard with the PSYOP aspect of the coup:

The examples of Serbia, Ukraine, and Tunisia show how even the subservient unexpectedly break from a leader once that leader is doomed to illegitimacy. And to an extent, the cycle of abandonment has already begun. Jim Mattis’s excoriation of his old boss prodded Trump’s former chief of staff Jim Kelly and Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska to echo his condemnation of the president. As each defector wins praise for moral courage, it incentivizes the next batch of defectors.
As others have observed, the aim of the DC Maidan appears to be either victory or a creation of martyrs for the cause. And it will all be reported on and correctly contextualized by MSNBC's Resistance TV News' brand new National Security & Legal Analyst; Ms Lisa Page.

Anne Norton's book on antebellum political culture has chosen an interesting time to arrive in the mail.


Move the executive office function [of the WH] to Camp David.

The traitors/Generals "in charge" of US Military can then decide "for themselves" -- if they want to be known as those that allowed WH to be stormed and burned to a crisp.

And then Trump can totally begin to clean house in military.

And bring the boys home from Syria, Iraq, Libya, from NATO etc, as he claimed he wanted to do in 2016.

This action of bring the boys home would be very popular among all segments of society.

And demonstrating to us and the world that the traitors/Generals "in charge" of US military that could be court martial and perhaps hung by their necks in the former [and by then possibly destroyed] Rose Garden would be an example to indicate NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.

This would be a great cleansing.



It is absurd to think that the insurrection we are witnessing is any more than incidentally connected with George Floyd. What we are witnessing has been four years in the making. The entrenched class interests of Big Government, including alas the components of the National Security State, Big Government Dependencies, including the educational establishments and the spawn of the Great Society, and Big Media could not abide the election of a person who is not one of their own. It set out to resist him from the beginning "by any means necessary", and accumulating frustration has brought their revolt to the streets. There was a time when I thought that the Democracy that undergirds our Republic was a more durable foundation that it evidently is.

Bill H

I get your point, Colonel, placing them in defense of the White House. I still have to ask... Will the Pentagon defend the President? After the extraordinary and irrational act of disarming the National Guard, there is increasing evidence, to me, that they will not.


Trump should step back and let Mayor Blowser have her way.
It' a win-win for him.
If nothing happens, well then nothing happens.
If all hell breaks loose (as I suspect it would), then it's all on Blowser.
As for Esper (an empty suit), Kelly, Mattis and Allen (Generals who never won anything), they're all diehard swamp creatures (how do you think they got their stars?).
Trump shows up - an alien presence in the swamp - and doesn't automatically follow the instructions of the bureaucracy (the deep state) as his predecessors did - which got us into neverending half-assed "wars", money for the bureaucrats and promotions for the generals.
Defending the WH.
Position the 3rd Infantry just inside the WH fence - fully armed.
Broadcast to the world, any breach will be met with "shoot to kill."


I have NO doubts about Esper, I would not trust him to lead a boy scout troop. Never mind commanding troops.


Supposedly a million protesters are converging on DC today. What could go wrong? If they rush the WH I say don't shoot, let them have it, declare martial law and after things settle down disperse the whole federal government to different parts of the country. As an example, put the Dept. of Labor in Iowa, CIA to New Orleans, etc.. Now, that would be "draining the swamp". Let the lobbyists and defense contractors sell their mansions to the DC mayor's subjects.



I 'thought 'that the CJCS was in charge as POTUS had delegated the authority to CJCS, NOT to the spineless OSD Esper OR McCarthy. Why hasn't CJCS countermaned the stupidity and recklessness showed by OSD Esper and McCarthy?



Beats me. Maybe Milley agrees with Esper. CJCS is not normally in the chain of command but POTUS did give him some kind of authority. I wonder if Trump knows that he could call up CGMDW or the CO, 3rd Infantry ordering them to do whatever he wants regardless of the chain of command.


Someone suggested letting the mob capture the WH and then moving the government away. This is a very bad idea. The government and the country would be so demoralized that the leftists and anarchists would inevitably win after that.



BTW, one of my long term "admirers" wrote to suggest that I would fear taking part in a defense of the WH. Not so. Put me in coach.

John in Michigan


If Trump goes down in flames he has no one to blame but himself. He is CIC and is being overruled by Esper, a Raytheon executive ??? Esper and Milley should both be relieved of their duties and placed under arrest. Trump should reactivate Tom Cotton from the Army reserve and place him in charge of the defense of D.C. Trump has a history as President of talking tough and then pussying out. I'm a long time supporter but am sick of it. On the other hand if the White House is sacked the long overdue hot Civil War will begin. I have no doubt who will emerge victorious.



What a brilliant strategist! Give the looters space, worked great in Baltimore, NYC, Chicago. You don't seem to understand that the leftists want to fundamentally transform America and destroying its symbols is one way that they are going about doing so. Letting them do that just lets the radicals claim Trump is not capable of performing his function and he needs to be removed. They will have lots of people who are looking for excuses for their cowardice to jump aboard so they won't get called "racist" or other mean words and miss out on all that roaring economy like Senator Burr, who since mid-March has seen a massive rise in the stock markets because a) China virus has run its course b) the leftist-lockdown and rioters have destroyed small and middle class competitors.

blue peacock

Is this like Russia Collusion redux, where Trump nominates Rosenstein & Wray who then proceed to launch Mueller and then use that investigation to threaten everyone in DC from squealing about the real abuse of power which was the coup. Despite Devin Nunes giving Trump the list of the smoking gun documents and imploring him to declassify, he chickens out when Rosenstein threatens him.

So Esper, Milley, et al basically telling him he's on his own while mobs of anarchists are being organized on the WH door step by the Obama crew with full-on camera showing the revolution live on all resistance channels. What's he gonna do about it? Cry once again on twitter?

These are the same guys who organized the Maidan coup in Kiev using the same tactics.

Bill H

I would be in favor of putting you in charge of much more than merely defending the White House, Colonel.


I wonder what flavour of cookies Sec Nuland is baking for the "peaceful protestors"?
Or as has been noted more than once in history:
What goes around comes back around, Watch out for snipers recruited by Ciaramella; it worked in Kiev.


Antifa terrorists to be bused to Sparta, Illinois with orders to burn farm houses and kill livestock in rural “white” areas


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