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01 June 2020


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Democrat run media just today after refusing to report anything positive about Trump, then demands to know why is Trump remaining so silent.


This level of media hypocrisy intentionally silencing and/or misrepresenting conservatives is why Trump won in 2016, because they knew "he speaks for me". Democrats have made it too dangerous for us to try this at home.

Trump, after three perfectly awful Democrat Resistance years, remains the solid leader of the Silent Majority.

He still speaks for us. Which will surprise many vocal liberal forces yet again on this coming election day. Even when we wish Trump would put a cork in it, invariably Trump is so often proven right.

Eric Newhill

I was just telling my friends that I need a haircut and to get back into the gym. I suggested we stage a protest on Main Street, but have some barbers show up with their chairs and kit, bring along some benches and weights, maybe set up an alcohol stand with some seats for later; have one or more local restaurant cater. Then we can get haircuts, workout and have a a meal and drink with friends and neighbors.

Here in NY state all "non-essential" businesses are still close with no opening in sight. Since the riots started people have been telling each other exactly what you say in your post. It's completely obvious to all of us non-sheeple.



I just watched President Trumps press statement. If the Governors don’t stop the rioting, calling out the NG if necessary, then Trump and the Army will do it for them.

That’s leadership.



Forty years of demcratic oppression in Minneapolis led to St. George's death. Remember, judge the cop by his skin color, but not the 2 non-white cops who stood by - that would violate the narrative. Meanwhile the leftist mayor let the crowd run amok, refusing to recognize that Black Americans have agency, otherwise the good white liberals won't be able to maintain their power by being heroic defenders of the victims of America. A re-read of the Democratic Socialist backed Green New Deal about the transformation of the economy might help some folks understand another piece of the ideology.

Here's the running total of Democratic Socialist Destruction in the city:

As to firearms, the gunstore in South Tampa I was in earlier today had a large number of first time buyers, most over 60 and plenty of minority buyers and staff too. In Gainesville, where my sister is living, two gun stores were out of 9mm, 5.56 and 38 caliber ammo. If you want 12 ga there was plenty of bird shot. The students are out of town so maybe things will be quite there as I expect this will be over one way or another before August.


Black privilege means you get to defy law enforcement and state regulations.
White privilege means you kowtow to everything the government tells you.

As Steven Crowder will say: Change My Mind. Or maybe this is how we can finally get to a meeting of the minds - frank exchange of mutually shared prejudices.


All the states that Larry referenced have voted reflexively Democrat for decades.
I don't see any future where the voters in these places get smarter.
They're perfectly happy with petty dictator wannabes, high taxes, dysfunctional schools, collapsing roads (ever drive in Michigan?) and now anarchy.
People get the government they deserve.
And the cops?
Do any of you have any doubt that if somehow the Democrat-media pushed through gun-confiscation - ala New Zealand - that the cops wouldn't happily try to enforce it?
Except in Minneapolis where the cops are obviously scared of their own shadows.


Mass is completely controlled by dems, Charlie Baker is a figure head who the dems like because he does what they want him to do.
Trump voice "he's so weak"
Kevo now in SC.



Michigan has alternated between Republican and Democrat governors for more than 50 years.

None of them, quite evidently, could or would do anything regrading the endemic corruption of the Michigan Road Commission.

The state of roads in Michigan, in my opinion, indicates the failure of the two-party system in that state.

Recently, two dams burst in Michigan as well. I do not think that could be solely attributed to the failure of Democrats in governing Michigan.

The resident Michigan Republican commentator on this forum, Fred, could further shed some light on this.



I am, or at least was until 2016, a lifelong Democrat, a dues paying member of the MDP and multiple county democratic parties and one time candidtate for office as a democrat. Sorry, came in second. Lost a whole lot of naiveté in running for office. Got to see John D. and the lovely Deborah in action up close and personal, along with a number of union PACs and state and county party organizations.

I do agree with you about the roads, both parties can be apportioned responsibility. That said you must remember that most of the road networks are locally maintained by county road commissions, and in cities by the cities themselves in most cases. The local budget battles have a great deal to do with what gets done, and where. The interstates have a different, or at least a suplemental, funding mechanism, but I couldn't explain the details. Heavy indsutrial loads, over loaded trucks (which do a great deal of incremental damage) and the natural affects of freeze/thaw cycles in spring and winter all work together in degrading surfaces. Durability is also affected by the type of surface and foundation work done, as well as the quality of the work itself.


I commend this article and recommend its wider distribution: Truth about police violence and race: https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2020/06/truth-about-police-violence-and-race-john-perazzo/

Most recent studies from 2019, including a 2018 study done by Harvard. Conclusion: no facts support the current "protest" agenda there is any pattern of disproportionate police violence against black; in fact just the opposite.

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