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15 June 2020


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You bring up the interesting idea of what would happen in America if everybody had guns? Many people advocate that all law abiding people get themselves a gun for protection. [For the sake of argument I will assume the criminals all have guns.]

But what would happen if they did? People seem to assume that a lot more "criminals" would get what they have coming and that might be true. But I would think that many other people would get a surprise bullet that they never thought they'd get too. Many shooters would also surprise themselves by going after family members during arguments and more depressed people would kill themselves.

Personally I would agree with you that "Americans have not demonstrated the self-discipline or fire discipline to have everyone packing a roscoe."

But many people with guns want a lot more guns out here. I wonder if they want all the black and brown people in America today without a criminal record to buy one. They certainly are targets of crime, on average, a lot more than most of the rest of the population. They could use it for self-defense.

On the separate issue of cops, I think the issue of their fear must be addressed. I think a lot of their mistakes come from the constant fear that is a part of their job. I never see this discussed. It is not easy for them to discuss. I think there are probably a lot of cops whose nerves are shot or who end up overly suspicious or hostile to suspects and should leave the job. Unfortunately, for a lot of cops that would involve a pay and pension decrease that they don't want to contemplate so they stay on the job. This is unfortunate.


I had something like a discussion of Police violence with Policeman son a few days ago.

I was asked “what do you expect us to do?” “take off our belts and fight Marquess of Queensberry rules?”. When Police arrest someone violent it’s not supposed to be a fair fight because the Police MUST win because they are by definition the last line between the public and somebody who hates the public enough to resist or do worse.

Furthermore, the Police are armed. Losing a fight means that the winner now has a police gun. You saw that in Atlanta with the perp and the Taser.

The Police everywhere are taught that in any confrontation, they must win. The alternative will eventually lead to even more community outrage when an escaped suspect kills someone.

We had this crap happen over here four or more years ago:

The Public:. “No high speed police chases because bystanders get killed”.

Police: “OK, so we knock it off at 70 mph”.

Public(some months later): “But now the bad guys get away all the time!”.

Police: “OK , can we do high speed chases again?”

Public: “yes”.

Something similar will happen if the police are asked to always be gentle and sensitive. They are most of the time like that anyway, less paperwork.


"... we would still be in the middle of a nationwide uprising.
So is that what BLM and the left are doing, engaging in an uprising?

"Americans have not demonstrated the self-discipline or fire discipline to have everyone packing a roscoe."

I don't think the data bears this our; just the reverse seems to be the case. Just take a look at the violence in gun free zones and heavily regulatate cities and those with less restrictions on rights. An armed civilian society cuts down on quite a lot of crime.

Laura Wilson

To a man (person) with a hammer, every problem is a nail. To a person (woman) with a gun, every problem requires a bullet. We all use the tools we have---that is why training for critical thinking and verbal de-escalation is so important. Smart, prepared, ready to "protect and serve" the public. We know the direction ... time to start moving our feet.

With all of the guns out there, cops do have legitimate fears...we know the direction to move on that as well.

Eric Newhill

Black urban neighborhoods are already rife with guns. The weekly death statistics bear toothy witness to what would happen...I mean what is happening. They shoot cops and each other now, over nothing, and they will continue to shoot cops and each other.

Meanwhile, civilized people also own all kinds of guns - and don't shoot each other. The geographies with the most scary high capacity weapons are also the lowest murder rates because the inhabitants of those regions are reasonable law abiding citizens that largely adhere to the ethics and values of western civilization.

If police are removed, savages will become even more savage, the final restraint on their behavior, tenuous as that restraint may be, having been removed. If by some magic you could take away all guns, they just start stabbing each other more often. BTW, no one witnessing the Floyd incident had a gun or knife? Where was Raychard when you need him. He boldly fights cops with his bare hands and arms himself with weapons that he takes off cops.

Your piece assumes, without examination, that there is a problem with racist police randomly killing blacks. Well, ten unarmed blacks killed last year, within millions of police/black interactions, with like half by black police officers in cities with black mayors and police chiefs, hardly supports your position; which I recognize is the leftist position heard and seen everywhere and taken as gospel on fear of being unpersoned or perhaps doxxed and killed.

The ultimate irony is that it was blacks who called for more policing in their neighborhoods. I don't think the lefties are speaking for the majority.

Eric Newhill

It sounds like a move to turn the inner cities into reservations like the native Americans have; also autonomous zones. This won't be popular, but it looks to me like they want the welfare benefits of living in the US, but they don't want to follow the rules and play the game right. Somehow, despite all the oppression, some blacks manage to become doctors, lawyers, generals, mayors, police chiefs and even presidents. Yet a certain percent claim it's impossible and they are listened to. While the Native Americans have a beautiful cultural tradition (yes there are warts like all cultures have) inner city black culture is pretty much equal to prison culture. It's not worthy of a reservation where it can be preserved.

Barbara Ann

Glad to see your recognition that guerrilla warfare is not the usual chick flick material TTG. I'm also pleased your SWMBO saw past your lousy movie date choices.

From the trailer I can certainly see why the feds were freaking out about it in 1973. A Spike Lee remake would be quite something. He'd obviously be able to replicate all the special ops and rioting stuff, that's no challenge for the censors. But he'd have to contextualize the "for 5 years he was their [CIA] token negro" line. Can't have an audience thinking affirmative action hiring practices may lead to bad outcomes.

The concept of organic prepping made me smile too. Even a descent into anarchy and civilizational collapse is no excuse to not be kind to the earth. Should I use lead-free bullets to shoot marauders, to avoid polluting the environment? I imagine the blog has a good many followers among the LARPers in the CHAZ.



I wonder what training in K-12 all those police in Minneapolis had, followed with the academy training post DOJ consent decree, followed by a couple years on duty. Perhaps the political leadership, with that Harvard Law School trained lawyer, is the problem and not the cops on the beat. Then there's the training of the Mr. Floyd; who taught him speedballing drugs was a good idea? I can't imagine he learned that at home.

"time to start moving our feet"

Given the record gun sales in May the defenseless gun-free citizens of America agree, they're just moving in a different direction.


If you think all that’s going on right now requires massive funding and coordination, you’re out of your freakin’ mind.

I am not an expert. I come here to learn. Thank you for this lesson, and I hope you will give a full lecture on the topic at your convenience.

I watched the trailer and the scene with the crosshairs of a sniper's scope reminded me of the Beltway Sniper incident; two men, only one of the perps had serious training if I recall correctly. I suppose just a few coordinators could have coordinated these riots.

It seems to me that the present riots are more coordinated than the Beltway Sniper and his friend. Exactly how did so many rioters find pallets of bricks? Exactly how much training did antifa get in using radios? (I think Project Veritas infiltrated antifa, and they reported training for streetfighting.)


I don't know that the evidence of Soros giving funding is strong enough to hold up in court.


As for viewing the movie, it's on my to-watch list, but I also note that a PDF file of the book is floating around scholarly websites that regard most copyright infringement as fair use.

Americans have not demonstrated the self-discipline or fire discipline to have everyone packing a roscoe. It’s a bad idea

Sir, you know a great deal about practical reality, and I know very little. I am a foolish idealist who dreams of a society in which (as Henry Lawson wrote) every tradesman, clerk, and peasant could be trusted to own a rifle and a box of cartridges.


Walrus wrote:

The Police everywhere are taught that in any confrontation, they must win. The alternative will eventually lead to even more community outrage when an escaped suspect kills someone.

I am traditional and culturally reactionary; I do not approve of large government; I advocate for small government and a minimal standing army. The last few decades have led to massive militarization of the police. Thus I advocate for extreme changes in how police are trained. At minimum, I suggest that Israel should not be allowed to train any police outside of Israel.

I read with sad nostalgia how Tocqueville describes the old days of the USA, during which the police chased thieves, and nearly every citizen aided the police because nearly every citizen agreed that a threat to one was a threat to all.

I suspect that the USA can only restore its old freedom from government repression by instituting voluntary self-repression through voluntary practice of old-fashioned religion. If the USA of 2020 were as religious as the USA of 1950, there would be harsh punishment of cultural subversives who weaken the USA with decadence, hedonism, and nihilism.

Fred wrote:

Just take a look at the violence in gun free zones and heavily regulat[ed] cities and those with less restrictions on rights. An armed civilian society cuts down on quite a lot of crime.

I suspect that rural Americans gain some spiritual benefits from hard work, proximity to nature, and distance from urban decadence. In the past I have prayed that rural spirituality heal the wounds inflicted by urban depravity; now I think I ought to pray even more.


Walrus, my daughter was killed by someone like Rayshard Brooks 7 years ago. The killer was a drunk and drugged Native American in South Dakota. He spent the 4th of July weekend partying with meth. Sober neighbors called tribal police, whom ignored the complaints of high speed driving in the native community. The following Monday well hung over, my daughter and her boss were run down in a parking lot during daylight by this monster. They were on duty federal employees.

I think the Atlanta cops were doing their job when they tried to arrest Brooks. Reports state he was intoxicated and fought off 2 cops and got a taser. What if it had been a gun? Brooks was so intoxicated, he might've got on I-75 the wrong way any killed innocent people. I can understand how Brooks was shot, it is far different than Floyd.

But our story continued. We saw some of the best of law enforcement and prosecution and some of the worst. State troopers lied to us about the circumstances. The judge's son (a white boy reputed drug dealer) lived with a clan member of the killer. He got off relatively lightly. Had tribal police not been tolerant of lawlessness on the Rez, maybe my daughter would be alive today. The feds could have prosecuted, but refused to do so because they plea bargain Indians killing other Indians and wouldn't like the optics of prosecuting a drunk and drugged Native killing white federal employees. Justice was not served.

Being the father of a victim, I recognize the need for cops. There is a thin blue line. But some cops are as bad, if not worse, than the public they are supposed to protect and serve. We should not give a carte blanche to cops. Change is necessary, now.

Ishmael Zechariah

I remember reading this book a long time ago, in early 70s. Just a few impressions remain-the depiction of a buck-naked, stoned white girl being offered to a "brother", probably the protagonist, who declined; a black prostitute called "Dahomey Queen" who spied on one white general who supposedly had something for "black meat"...
Turkey was undergoing a low grade civil war at the time with quite a bit of urban guerilla activity. I remember thinking that the kinetic action in the book seemed contrived and unrealistic when compared w/ the issues we had to deal with in real time.

I wonder if your blacks are better motivated, armed and advised than our secessionists. Even at the height of their urban terror not many in Turkey were pissing in their pants.
If you could explain how the American Whites were doing so, I might learn something.
Ishmael Zechariah

Eric Newhill

TTG will probably have a totally different outlook, but as many of us see it, the blacks are controlled by the democrat/media complex and their leaders who seek power and use the induced paranoia and lack of education of the black masses to obtain it. Those people are behind this. They have gotten the black population and white college kids to believe a myth. Then at first opportunity, they show footage of what is actually an extremely rare event and distort the facts, to confirm the myth they planted in the peoples' heads. The blacks on the street are not well organized, but these insurgency leaders are because they have the media and the democrat party.

This is easily solved by having the police go on strike and let chaos rule. The college kids and the media will be begging for the police to come back and there will be a general abhorrence of criminals running wild. Yes, there will be casualties and property loss, but the alternative, surrendering and bowing before the democrat/media conspiracy and its mob are unacceptable and will end up in worse damage in the long run, to include losing the country forever.

Urban whites are just lost souls. Rural whites know what time it is. They are not well organized yet and have trouble organizing because the FBI works against them and mostly because they are decent people that are reticent to break laws. And they don't have media support and only a waning Trump in government. However, a ten million man, reasonably well armed, largely white, army with the support of 40 million more + the food production territory of the country and key essential skills (urban people are utterly dependent on them for life itself) will eventually rise up and crush any goofy; albeit violent, guerrilla actions from the blacks - and take over swaths of the country and maybe washington dc itself. Probably two years away.

The Twisted Genius


There seems to be some kind of generalized fear of blacks among our majority white population. Maybe it stems from a vestigial fear of slave rebellions. That was a genuine fear at one time. As long as blacks "knew their place," our society saw no need to give into this fear. Those black who made it economically, and there are plenty of examples, don't trigger this fear. Emancipation led to Jim Crow laws, segregation and "separate, but equal" laws to ensure blacks continued to know their place. All this was upset by the civil rights era. The 60s and the 70s saw blacks challenging what was left of the "knowing your place" social contract. The current protests against real and perceived racism among police and in our judicial system is just part of that challenge to the social contract.

A while back, Colonel Lang reminded us of our Civil War being a continuation of the English Civil War between the Cavaliers and the Parliamentarians or Roundheads. I can't remember the historian who first laid out this premise. I think this civil war is still with us. The Cavaliers or Royalists generally felt that all members of a society should know their place. That one tenet serves as a thread running through the English Civil War, our Revolutionary War, our Civil War, Reconstruction, the Jim Crow and segregation eras, the civil rights era and our current divided condition.

blue peacock

Having read extensively about the politics and cultural cross-currents of the 60s, my opinion is that everything that we see today is a tempest in a teapot.

Both parties have used identity politics to divide and fire up their "base". The Democrats have used race and sexual-orientation based identification along with political correctness to draw sharp divisions and fire up their largely urban & affluent voter. The Republicans have used "Guns, God & Gays" to divide and fire up their largely evangelical and rural base.

An underlying problem that continues to get exacerbated transcends identity. That is the shrinking of the middle class as wealth inequality grows on the back of financialization and growth in market power of a few across many segments from tech to media, ag and healthcare. The blue collar middle class is on extinction watch as they are racked with depression & opioids.

Both parties have supported this concentration in wealth and the concomitant uniformity in the policies that support this concentration. From the repeal of Glass-Steagall to the Wall St bailouts to the enactment of mass surveillance and the non-enforcement of Robinson-Patman, have all been bi-partisan affairs.

In the riots that we saw recently, neighborhood stores and businesses were destroyed and looted. Mostly small businesses and big box retail. None of the media nor the protestors or looters addressed the looting at scale that takes place by government fiat - the looting enabled by the Fed & Treasury that has concentrated so much wealth in the hands of Wall St financiers. These financiers acquired, leveraged and "restructured" corporate America by shutting down manufacturing and moving production overseas through the use of credit.

Take for example the looting that has taken place with the lockdown, where the Fed has handed out trillions to investors in corporate debt and other financial assets. There was no Congressional appropriation. The Treasury handed out $500 billion to corporations. Steve Mnuchin does not want anyone to know who got that money. He says it is confidential. The average guy got a measly $1,200. If all that money handed out was instead handed out to American citizens, these same financiers and their partners in both parties would have been screaming socialism. Socialism and the transfer of money by government to these financiers and corporate honchos is considered necessary for the trickle down.

These riots, protests and the hyper-partisanship are all designed to divide & distract from the real looting that is taking place. It is a myth that we have a market economy. Financial markets are all administered. In Japan & Europe the government bond market has been cornered by their central banks who own 80% of the outstanding securities. There is no free float in any sense. Powell last week said there is no limit to the Fed's balance sheet in "stabilizing" financial markets. As of today they will buy any dodgy debt issued by corporations. From online commerce to social media & traditional media, a few companies dominate. Between Google & Facebook they own 80% of all digital media.

IMO, we cannot expect any change any time soon. The American people are divided & distracted.

The Twisted Genius


Please don't assume I consider you to be out of your freakin' mind... at least not yet. I remember the Beltway Sniper very well. The highways were as easy to drive as during the height of the pandemic lockdown. When I would stop at a store or gas station, I would scout the terrain for possible sniper hides, use the gas pump and pillars as cover and keep moving while filling up. Yes, that only two people and it paralyzed the region.

The current nationwide protests require only local coordination, usually just a social media announcement of when and where. Using social media and smart phone apps is common knowledge among all but the oldest protesters. All those brick piles were found to predate any of the protests for construction or, in the case of rocks around a Jewish center, for protection against attacks by right-wing nut jobs. Local Antifa groups do train in fighting or trashing as it was called in the 60's. There are at least two left-wing and black gun clubs in Seattle. Those were the armed protesters you saw in CHAZ. There are certainly more of those throughout the country. There's probably some crossover in membership with local Antifa chapters as well. Again, local. None of this calls for national coordination or funding.

Walrus and Fred are right. We need police and we need them capable of dealing out violence to the truly dangerous and violent. We don't need them to be dealing out violence to those passing counterfeit 20 dollar bills, running down the street of a white neighborhood or sleeping in their own bed. Drunk drivers need to be taken off the street and prosecuted, not shot. Most of the police violence against blacks is far from lethal. It's day to day intimidation rather than lethal violence. And it's against whites and others as well. It's more than just a few bad apples, but it doesn't require literally defunding all police departments or eliminating them altogether. That would be insane.

The Twisted Genius

blue peacock,

You're absolutely right. What's going on today is nothing compared to the late 60s. Now that was civil unrest. Your also right about big finance and big business being the root of our problems. Now there's a formidable and dangerous enemy. Reining them in would be a real feat.


Defund the police?
Why not.
The places most affected by this stupidity have been voting for left wingers for decades - Minneapolis, Baltimore, NYC, Wash. DC, LA, Chicongo, ad nauseum
People get the government they deserve.


Police attendibg riots South Africa.take note of white officer next to car door leaning away.



TTG wrote: "A while back, Colonel Lang reminded us of our Civil War being a continuation of the English Civil War between the Cavaliers and the Parliamentarians or Roundheads. I can't remember the historian who first laid out this premise."

I don't know if he was the "first" who laid out this premise...but Kevin Phillips, in The Cousins' Wars laid it out well.


As to your main premise, or what I take to be your premise, anyway, I doubt we are dealing primarily with a racial issue. Although that is of course a significant component of it. We are dealing with an incipient French Revolution like uprising. It is not 'full blown'. Yet. And it may never come to it. But this a movement headed up by Left Wing Whites. A lot of over credentialed types with loads of debt from useless degrees, big egos, and few actual job prospects. So they will turn to centralized govt to provide the jobs. But first they have to capture said govt. The present right wing leadership is brain dead. A whole new cadre of leaders, thought leaders, and battle leaders will have to be groomed. In the French Revolution example it took about 10 years for a Napoleon type to come to fruition. It was a bumpy 10 years, I grant you. People will always prefer order over chaos. It just takes a lot of chaos to sell them on order.


My favourite out of africa


Barbara Ann

blue peacock

An excellent comment. Asymmetry of risk is the issue; bankruptcy is for the little people. The big boys, who are deemed systemically important or who simply have the best lobbyists, get bailouts. This is a grotesque parody of capitalism permitted under a democratic system closer to a plutocracy. Un-manipulated market economics is a quaint concept consigned to the history books - at least for now.

The multiple trillion dollar question is where this looting & covert nationalization ends. And yes, the fake race war is a useful distraction from the real plundering happening on an unimaginable scale.

One day another Andrew Jackson will come along to 'kill the bank' (the Fed) whose private shareholders' interests are so far out of alignment with those of the nation. But it does not look likely that this can happen under a bipartisan system which agrees to deliberately conceal the beneficiaries of (ultimately taxpayer funded programs) from the public.

Can the corporate pillaging of the public purse be stopped before a revolution? I don't know, but the investment bankers and hedge fund managers would be wise to ponder what may happen to them if not.

Terence Gore

Had my old bike stolen yesterday. A trifle in the scheme of things. I had removed the seat and front wheel but used a cheap lock and cable. Could not keep an eye on it because of the boarded up windows at work from the non violent protests in San Jose. No use reporting it. Under $1000 property crime is now a misdemeanor in California. Cops won't investigate and bike crime is pretty rampant.


Terence Gore

Interesting timing on your comment. I’m in the Bay Area, a half hour ago I drove by a spot where homeless have started to gather over the past few weeks and they had what seemed to be an oversupply of decent looking bikes. Just flagrant.


Barbara Ann,

I would recommend this discussion of “The End Game”.


blue peacock is spot on IMO. The objective to “divide & distract” continues to be a roaring success. The manipulators can’t be faulted. They’re taking care of themselves. The blame should be accepted by the manipulated.

Productivity growth is the single greatest driver of everyones improving standard of living and income growth. Companies no longer have to invest in the business and into productivity growth because the Fed will backstop their entire balance sheet. So why not focus on share price


The systemic incentives are to further wealth inequality not to grow productivity and the median household income. Yet the citizens are more focused on the faux battle between Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

David Habakkuk

jonst and TTG,

Re the suggestion:

‘I think this civil war is still with us. The Cavaliers or Royalists generally felt that all members of a society should know their place. That one tenet serves as a thread running through the English Civil War, our Revolutionary War, our Civil War, Reconstruction, the Jim Crow and segregation eras, the civil rights era and our current divided condition.’

This does make me think that a better sense of some of the complexities of the British seventeenth century might be of value to Americans.

A useful starting point might be the complex career of Sir Thomas Fairfax, who led the ‘New Model Army’ to victory over Charles I at the decisive battle of Naseby on 14 June 1645.

A decade and a half later, after the death of his key subordinate in that battle, Oliver Cromwell, who had in the meantime become ‘Lord Protector’, Fairfax would be instrumental in securing the (essentially peaceful) accession of the son of the man he had defeated.

As a young man, Fairfax had learnt his soldiering in the wars of religion on the Continent, under the tutelage of Horace Vere, a leading commander of English volunteers in these, and a highly capable soldier, whose daughter Anne he married.

In January 1649, after Cromwell and his associates had decided to try the ‘Charles Stuart, that man of blood’, Fairfax was placed at the head of the list of judges. He stayed away, but his wife turned up in the gallery. From her ‘Wikipedia’ entry:

‘When the court called the name of Fairfax, it is said that his wife, Anne Fairfax, said “he had more wit than to be there”. Later when the court said that they were acting for “all the good people of England”, she shouted “No, nor the hundredth part of them!”’

(See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne_Fairfax )

Doubtless she overstated her case on the numbers. But Anne Fairfax was not wrong in pointing to the fact that the kind of Puritan zealots who had risen to prominence in the ‘New Model’ combined an absolute conviction that they represented ‘the People’, with a belief that those of their fellow-countrymen who did not agree with them should ‘know their place.’

This meant recognising that their were utterly and totally wrong, and so could not really be considered as belonging to the ‘good people of England.’ (How can you be ‘people’ if you are not ‘good’?)

And then, of course, there was the question of the proper ‘place’ of Ireland, where the ‘Reformation’ had never taken hold.

Not long after the execution of Charles, Fairfax having, once again, decided he did not want to be involved, Cromwell took over the task of suppressing the rebellion in that country, and made quite clear his view of the proper ‘place’ of towns who did not accept his suggestion they surrender.

He justified his treatment of them, well remembered in Ireland to this day, as ‘a righteous judgment of God upon these barbarous wretches.’

(For an interesting recent discussion, presenting both sides of the argument, see
http://www.olivercromwell.org/wordpress/?page_id=1837 .)

Also of interest, I think, are reflections on the heritage of another civil war, even more cataclysmic than the English and the American, and how it should be handled. Prior to his return to the Presidency in 2012, Vladimir Putin published a series of articles, in one of which, actually entitled ‘The Ethnicity Issue’, his argument led him to the following conclusion:

‘So subtle cultural therapy is what is recommended for Russia, a country where, for many, the civil war never really ended and where the past is highly politicised and seen as a collection of ideological quotes (often interpreted by different people in opposite ways). We need a cultural policy – pursued at every level from school teaching to historical documentation – to shape an understanding of history in which representatives from each ethnic group, as well as the descendants of the “Red Commissars” and “White Officers”, can be seen to have a place. They must see where they belong in that process and see themselves as heirs to the great Russian history – tragic and controversial as it is, but still “one for all.”’

(See http://archive.premier.gov.ru/eng/events/news/17831/ )

Both by inheritance, and also out observing the way politics have unfolded in my lifetime, I have come to think that, when people portray the conflicts which shaped the modern world as simple stories of struggles between the forces of ‘progress’ and those of ‘reaction’, the appropriate reaction is ‘caveat emptor.’

One of the central things animating the ‘revolt of the deplorables’, on both sides of the Atlantic, is in my view the quite correct perception that people like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, or indeed Tony Blair, do not see them as having a ‘place.’

Precisely because of this, such people are actually making it more, rather than less, difficult to find ways of accommodating genuine, and inevitable, forms of ‘diversity’, without conflict.

And also, as people with this mentality have often done before, they have already radically miscalculated the relative strength of the rival forces in the conflicts they are helping precipitate.

And they show absolutely no sign of any willingness whatsoever to learn from their mistakes.

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