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02 June 2020


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Kilo 4/11

@ srw 3 June 11:38 AM

"Chicago probably set the most egregious example:
"Michael Jordan’s brilliance leading the Chicago Bulls to multiple basketball championships in the 1990s had a downside, the Windy city rioted nearly every time they won. The worst outbreak of civil disorder was after the team’s third consecutive championship in June 1993 when two people died. A woman standing on her balcony was shot and killed by a stray bullet and a man was pulled from his car at an intersection and shot to death. Nearly 700 were arrested as fans and police fought pitch battles. There was ‘random gunfire’ heard across the city when the Bulls beat the Phoenix Suns. After rioting in 1991 and 1992 (1,000 arrests, $10 million dollars damage) the authorities decided to flood the city with police officers in 1993 but this did not stop the rioting. However, the city might have learnt its lesson. When the city’s baseball team The Cubs won their first World Series since 1908 over a million people turned out to be one of the biggest congregations of humans in history, and it passed of peacefully."

The Bulls riots unfolded right under my living room window on West Madison Street, as did the '65, '68 and Rodney King riots. (I only heard about the '68 riot from my parents, being as I was in VN). In ‘93, platoon-sized police response teams were forming up in the middle of the intersection with Springfield Avenue, all traffic being re-routed away from the area, and then dispatched to hot spots. I saw attempts being made by groups of would-be looters to get into buildings across the street from us; they'd wait until a team had been dispatched and there were only one or two cars holding the corner, and try to sneak by, but more cops kept coming and chasing them away.

I was there, blissed out in the middle of that joyful crowd, for the Cubs celebration. It's a lie that there were only one million people. I was standing in the middle of Michigan Avenue with a clear view up and down the length of it, and also with a long view to the west down one of the connecting roads, probably Monroe. For as far as the eye could see, which was from Roosevelt Road on the south to Chicago Avenue on the north, people were standing shoulder to shoulder and asshole to belly-button from sidewalk to sidewalk, and pressed right up against the buildings. To the west looking down Monroe a good quarter mile, same thing. Oh, and there were 900,000 more people (police estimate) waiting for the formal reception for the team, on the great lawn of Grant Park a few blocks east. And they were all one crowd: there was an unbroken sea of humanity from Michigan Avenue all the way to Grant Park. The lowest crowd estimate I saw was three million, and a couple of sources (sorry, lost the link) put it at a cool five million, making it the second largest crowd in American history, topped only by the New York City ticker tape parade for Ike at seven million. It took me probably an hour to inch my way from Michigan Avenue about two blocks east, hoping for a better view of the Cubs’ motorcade. At that point, all movement became impossible and I was stuck about 20 feet from the sidewalk. I just did get a glimpse of the team as they drove by, in the open top of a double decker bus.

Aside from the size of the crowd, there was one difference - and it made all the difference - between the Bulls "celebration" and that of the Cubs, and it had nothing to do with the police being better prepared: we were White. We stood there pressed together without fear, welcomed and recognized by our tribe, and gave ourselves over for a few hours to our love of the Cubs, of baseball, and to memories of family who had passed away, never getting to see this day. And then we quietly went home.



Mattis is USMC (ret.) not USA. I do not wish to take credit for him.
He is incorrect. This is an attempted insurrection for which the police killing of Floyd was a mere excuse that had been anticipated as a contingency and for which country wide preparations had been made. The speed of reaction of the anarcho/antifa makes that clear. They have used the wave of sympathy for Blacks very skillfully. IMO Mattis hopes for a collapse in the Biden campaign.

Kilo 4/11

@ turcopolier 05June 0924


I do not want him, either. He has now called Trump "the most divisive president" ever and a "threat to the Constitution".

The ignorance displayed in these remarks is breathtaking. Mattis was said, in Marine Corps publications, to have been a "warrior monk"; one who lived entirely for the Corps and had little going on outside it. The Marines have always attracted a kind of violence-prone, oddball romantic type, Lee Harvey Oswald being only the most notorious example. IMO, Mattis would have been better served to go former Marine Fred Reed's route in retirement. Reed, while having some bad ideas about immigration, wrote a book titled "A Brass Pole In Bangkok, A Thing I'd Like To Be". Some time spent soaking in the activities around a brass pole in Bangkok, though not doing his soul much good, might have given the general a better perspective on life on earth.

Keith Harbaugh

Some accounts of "police brutality" in the media omit key precipitating factors.
A glaring example is the much-publicized story of Buffalo police pushing a 75-year old man to the ground, injuring him.
What is left out of all the MSM stories I have seen about this incident is
a description of exactly what he was doing before Police shoved him.
Sundance describes those actions here:
See also this video:
As Sundance describes it:

"In this slow motion video, you will see Gugino using a phone as a capture scanner.
You might have heard the term “skimming”; it’s essentially the same.
Watch him use his right hand to first scan the mic of officer one (top left of chest).
Then Gugino moves his hand to the communications belt of the second officer."

Keith Harbaugh

Sundance notes President Trump's tweet on the Buffalo agitator Gugino, and gives some further information on the situation, here:
Further possibilities on the use of scanning are discussed in this Twitter thread:
There is also a video showing some reaction to Gugino's earlier agitation.

Keith Harbaugh

Another slomo YouTube video, this one with text commentary:


Keith H -

Gugino is NOT part of the Antifa movement. He is a devout Catholic and a passionate advocate for multiple causes on behalf of the poor and disenfranchised. He has spent his retirement lending a hand against poverty and injustice as a member of the Catholic Worker movement.

Some here might say correctly that the Catholic Workers are lefties within the Church. But they are definitely NOT socialists, anarchists, or terrorists. And Gugino is NOT a lib, his facebook and twitter feeds criticize as many Dems as they do Republicans.

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