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02 June 2020


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Armies of aimless young men ......world wide.

Why did Nancy Pelosi tear up Trump's SOTU address when he touted achieving the best employment rates ever for all groups? Why did Nancy Pelosi tear the heart out of Trump's growing economy giving hope to millions of young lives?

Make America Great Again, President Trump. Go away, Nancy Pelosi, get out of the way. Armies of young men need a better chance than what you are offering.


Yucaipa, California fights back and sends sniveling ANTIFA goons on the run: https://www.toddstarnes.com/crime/town-fights-antifa-they-just-beat-the-ever-loving-snot-out-of-them/


Surely the same bad apples logic applies to protesters, police and terrorists. There can't be more than a few hundred people actively perpetrating the violence. There are hundreds of thousands of people on the streets, if a tenth of them were violent the body count would be in the hundreds not the single digits.

To what extent are the non-violent protesters aiding and abeding and concealing the violent ones, well we've had this thought experiment with ME terrorism and everyone probably has their stance prepackaged on the matter by now.

(Similarly for police brutality, if there were more than a few rotten people in the force there'd be hundreds of George Floyd cases a year not 2-3)

Personally, I think all violent protesters should be identified, arrested and detained for the duration of the protests. I also think the rights of innocent citizens to assemble and protest need to be respected. If darker forces are in play organizing the violence(seems plausible, a lot of this seems straight out of cold war playbooks after all) identify those and crush them.

I recognize that I have delusional expectations regarding the capacity of the state to both enforce order and preserve liberty in this situation :(


Who has the money to afford to finance chauffeur driven limos and loads of power tools, and to finance all the out of town rioters?


How does one spell RICO. Fry the maggots with a RICO sunlamp.

Eric Newhill

Watching hordes of zombie rioters commit arson, robbery, beat people to death or into permanent disability while democrat state/local governments do nothing other than release more criminals from prisons onto the streets, should make mincemeat out of the argument that you don't need a semiautomatic firearm with high magazine capacity, but it won't because the progressives want you dead if you're white, dead if you're of color and have actually worked and saved, dead if you believe in the Christian God. They want to take your stuff and kill you. Every progressive policy and ideology - including leaving you defenseless in the face of violent mobs that they sponsor and encourage - point to that conclusion. Some of them even say it out loud in no uncertain terms. The democrats cannot win an election without anti-American radicals and thugs voting for them (see Antifa and various black bloc groups' statements on their own websites) . So they pander to the worst elements of society and then try to guilt shame the rest of us. Only a self-hating fool feels guilty for being successful or white or whatever the sin of the day is.

j. casey

Any recommendations on a user-friendly firearm for a novice?


There are always people that take advantage of mass movements or crowds to riot. Take sports riots for example. Here are example of riots caused during celebrations (or loses?) from sports events:
Detroit - 1984 & 1990
Boston - 2004, 2007, & 2013
Chicago - 1999, 1992, and 1993
Probably some from the west coast too.

Chicago probably set the most egregious example:
"Michael Jordan’s brilliance leading the Chicago Bulls to multiple basketball championships in the 1990s had a downside, the Windy city rioted nearly every time they won. The worst outbreak of civil disorder was after the team’s third consecutive championship in June 1993 when two people died. A woman standing on her balcony was shot and killed by a stray bullet and a man was pulled from his car at an intersection and shot to death. Nearly 700 were arrested as fans and police fought pitch battles. There was ‘random gunfire’ heard across the city when the Bulls beat the Phoenix Suns. After rioting in 1991 and 1992 (1,000 arrests, $10 million dollars damage) the authorities decided to flood the city with police officers in 1993 but this did not stop the rioting. However, the city might have learnt its lesson. When the city’s baseball team The Cubs won their first World Series since 1908 over a million people turned out to be one of the biggest congregations of humans in history, and it passed of peacefully."

Moral of the story: there are peaceful protesters or celebrating fans and there are rioters/looters. Don't confuse them.


j. casey

double barreled coach gun.


Anyone who has undergone medical treatment in the Time of the Covidplague may have noticed, as I have, that people who do not look like you, may not speak or understand your language, and have expressed their disdain if not hatred for you, now guard access to your doctor; likely as not are the close assistants to your doctor who administer your care; and to an increasing degree, ARE your doctor.

As far as medicine in USA. is concerned, you have been de-contextualized.

Dr. Jordan Cohen is the father of Daniel Cohen, former law partner of Stuart Levey and Levey's chosen successor as head of US Treasury Dept. Office of Terror Finance. Daniel Cohen is now at CIA. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_S._Cohen_(attorney)

At the time of Daniel's confirmation for the Treasury slot, father Jordan Cohen was President of the Association of American Medical Colleges. Among other things, that association sets guidelines for acceptance into American medical schools.
In 2003, JAMA published Dr. Cohen's article,
The Consequences of Premature Abandonment of Affirmative Action in Medical School Admissions https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/12622585/

Cohen claims that even though

"URM [Underrepresented Minority -- African Americans, Mexican Americans, Native Americans, and mainland Puerto Ricans] applicants often have lower GPAs and MCAT scores than their white and Asian American counterparts and have less chance of being admitted on academic credentials alone,"
it is nevertheless essential that they be admitted to medical schools to maintain and increase the benefits of diversity.


Keep that in mind when an Indian neurologist refers you to a surgeon from Togo to resection the tumor on your brain, then refers you to a Kenyan oncologist to administer 7000 cGy of radiation to that brain, administered by a Colombian radiation technician in a corporately-owned Cancer Treatment Center endowed by an Israeli philanthropist.

Laura Wilson

Whoa...Artemesia, you really don't like going to the doctor. So...don't go. Too bad American students have failed you so badly. Perhaps the test scores of these "not like you" doctors actually counted for something.

Perhaps these "not like you" doctors have actually helped you out from time to time? You ARE still alive. Does that count for anything at all?

I find that if I ask questions and listen carefully to the answers, I often learn a great deal from health care workers and doctors with accents. Try it.


I am glad we have over 300 million registered fire arms in this country, most often owned by highly trained and respectful NRA members. The Founders knew they needed to enshrine the 2nd Amendment among our inalienable rights.

America has never been a police state, like so many other forms of government; instead we asked to police ourselves, abiding by shared common purposes.



Otherwise qualified candidates to Medical, Dental, and Pharmacy schools are routinely denied admissions because they are not on the US Federal Government's list of official designated minorities; including people from South Asia that went and got themselves added to that list and now benefit from it.

(Iranians, being Beige, are not on that list. Neither are Arabs)

Look at what happened in India with regards to Scheduled Casts in India. An effort to redress millennia of oppression of Dalits as well as lower caste Hindus led only to the strengthening of the Cast System.


This is a fascinating video about the tactics and strategies of Antifa. Well worth the 21 minutes! FYI, Tim Pool is a center left youtuber who has been a journalist for over 10 years. He covered the occupy protests and has followed antifa and observed how they have matured over the past 10 years. He has known antifa members. He has experience covering riots and also in war zones. He sometimes points out the stupidity of today's journalists regarding their ignorance of how to protect themselves in dangerous situations such as these riots/protests. He and his colleagues back in the day got safety training to prepare them for dangerous reporting situations which taught them situational awareness.

Yes, Antifa Has HIJACKED The Floyd Protests, But These Protesters Are REVELING In The Destruction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnJBOSTZzSc (~21 min)

In the video Tim explains why he thinks anarchists are not involved. It's his only criticism of Jonathan Turley's piece at The Hill today, which he refers to initially.

Antifa and anarchists have hijacked Floyd protests but left won't admit it https://thehill.com/opinion/civil-rights/500605-antifa-and-anarchists-have-hijacked-floyd-protests-but-left-wont-admit-it

btw, Turley is a liberal... of the old school variety.


What are the chances of further insurrection provocations pivoting on the funeral of Floyd?

I am also concerned that an agent provocateur or an upset militia member could cause major second amendment trouble, or worse, amplify the current situation if they loose a couple of magazines with lethal effect among genuine protesters.

We are having a “sympathy” rally on Saturday and I’m concerned that it may get out of hand. There are a number of antifa admirers in our universities. I remember from watching local Vietnam war demonstrations how a protest can be turned into a riot very quickly by trained provocateurs. There is a high end sopping and business precinct very close to the government building target of the demonstration.


Valissa, thank you for this important link about the ANTIFA hijacking of the floating protest mobs.

What he speaks of about crowd controls, reminds me of the very early covid-toilet paper panic. When asked why shoppers were suddently hoarding TP, the answer was because they saw other people hoarding TP.

Chillingly this is the same phenomenon as we are now seeing with the misdirection of the Floyd protests - creating the mass arrest scenario just so ANTIFA "prove" police brutality. His point it well taken- leaders always need willing followers which we seem to have in legions among these armies of young people today.

Which begs the obvious question, are their connecting seeds sprouting after the first mass compliance to authoritaianism test case- the covid lockdown --to now the floating mobs conditioned by the covid lockdowns and now manipulated into floating looting and street violence, 100% unrelated to the alleged Flooyd trigger.

Conveniently, just as the covid lockdown is melting and people are regaining their sense of freedom.

Sunshine is the best disinfectant- the video is a must see. A lot to think about. Thanks.



Soros-backed St. Louis Circuit Attorney released all rioters and looters from jail without charges following Monday’s mass rioting.  Kim Gardner took money from Soros in her race for St. Louis Circuit Attorney. Soros funded PAC even released an ad in her support.


btw, Turley is a liberal... of the old school variety.
Posted by: Valissa | 03 June 2020 at 05:22 PM

I would say first and foremost he is a Prof of Law. ... From my admittedly superficial observation.

btw, Turley is a liberal... of the old school variety.

"old school" means what? Yes, occasionally he argues against legislative overreach? I don't think the US problem is old versus new school neo-liberals/conservatives, but that they are both bound to mirror each other in their fight for power.

Some here might be interested. Turley on the Rosenstein hearing:



Twitter is what? Neoliberal vs Facebook?

The fake account, @ANTIFA_US, tweeted Sunday, “ALERT Tonight’s the night, Comrades Tonight we say “F**k The City” and we move into the residential areas… the white hoods…. and we take what’s ours #BlacklivesMaters #F**kAmerica.”

“Absolutely insane,” Trump Jr. wrote on Instagram, sharing a screenshot of the tweet, “Just remember what ANTIFA really is. A Terrorist Organization! They’re not even pretending anymore.”


Whoa...Laura Wilson, You really didn't get the point, did you, so don't go there.

The point was the politicization of selecting America's medical service providers and the financialization of medicine and its delivery, with special focus on cancer -- a booming business (ask yourself why; ask yourself about the effects of 5G EMF; ask yourself how many 5G towers are in your neighborhood; ask yourself why braggart Trump "quietly" signed legislation enabling expansion of 5G technology).

"You don't like doctors so don't go." Counting to 10. Make that 50.
Nature, reasonable habits and a peasant constitution has more to do with my present presence on the planet than "doctors who have kept me alive." Until 2 yrs. ago I hadn't had need of a physician since my last child was born 44 years ago. Even as self-sufficient as I am, sometimes "don't go" is not an option.

Diana Croissant

Well, I just received an email from my credit union asking its members to stay away on Friday.

Our town does have a university. It started out way back as a "normal school" to train teachers for the rural schools in the area and in the town when it was still quite small. When I attended it during my undergrad and grad school days, it did still do much of the teacher training in the state but had somehow morphed into a university.

My credit union is conveniently across one of the main avenues into town on the west end of our town and near a large shopping center of stand-alone stores like Best Buy, Target, Hobby Lobby, and other stores like those. Therefore, the credit union mailed its members to let us know the police had warned the credit union and the shopping area since a group from the university had actually requested a permit to "peacefully" protest in the area.

A large percent of the school enrollment is made up of "locals" from our county and surrounding rural towns and smaller rural counties.

I'm not counting on much in the way of violence. In fact, I am counting on some farmers coming around to pull their kids by the neck out of the demonstration should it go awry.



It would seem that many young middle class kids took the opportunity of the Floyd protests to cause mayhem.


Candace Owens has her head screwed on right - what a brilliant, insightful and articulate young lady. Brava: https://www.dailywire.com/news/candace-owens-i-do-not-support-george-floyd-and-the-media-depiction-of-him-as-a-martyr-for-black-america

George Floyd was no martyr and no icon for the black community to deify. Period. I can't breathe either, because I am suffocating from the virtue-signaling fouling the air up on his behalf. But then I also live in California. And now I get to drive past huge murals slapped up on his behalf, spewing even more racial hatred.

Candace, you rock.


Apple announces they are tracking the location of each stolen phone from their looted Apple Stores. Hollywood elite must now have the sads since looters trashed Rodeo Drive.

Kilo 4/11

What America has experienced over the period running, so far, from roughly May 29th, 2020 to June 1st, 2020 is nothing less than White America’s Kristallnacht. It is, in fact, much worse than the one night event which took place on November 9th, 1938, in Germany. The property damage alone will vastly exceed that of the 1938 event. Whether the emotional shock to the targets of today’s violence exceeds what the Jews of Germany say they felt remains to be seen. To some degree, this will be determined by how our leaders and the media portray it. The stakes are extremely high, so there will be a rush to fill the interpretive vacuum. I have given my interpretation above. But millions of Americans have only now had their eyes opened to a problem which they did not know existed, or of which they may have been dimly aware, but had little idea how bad it was. Given what we know about our politicians and media, we can be sure they will try to shape the public’s perceptions of this in ways that will benefit politicians and media, not the victims.

Most of these ways will be anti-White, slightly less so on the “conservative” side, but still conceding the moral high ground to non-whites and their whino (white in name only) enablers. Early results are in, and the blaming of Whites and grovelling before blacks have already reached proportions I have never seen before. For there seems to be another virus loose in the world, to go with the Chinese one, itself a threat originating with non-Whites with evidence to suggest it was purposely directed at Whites.

This companion virus to Covid is the pandemic of hatred of Whites. We see it from the most rabid looter, to the cultured TV talker who tells us all Whites have a racism virus in their brain, to the savage black who stalked and murdered 86 and 85 year old Paul and Lydia Marino in the cemetery where they were visiting their son’s grave, a few days after the Floyd story broke.

Opportunistic infections following in White-hatred’s wake are White self-hatred, hatred of police, and, that old fallback for revolutionaries everywhere, America-hatred. All over the world, people who have never met an African, much less an African-American, and still less experienced their cold, hard stare of hatred and the violence that so often follows meeting one, have discovered they “can’t breathe”. Nor, it would seem, do they want non-grovelling Whites to breathe the same air as they do.

As another night promising to be full of broken glass here in Chicago approaches, I know these things: After the last four nights in America, I am going to be sure to mention these days to anyone proffering me another story about "Kristalnacht". And, for what blacks and their whino hangers-on have done to my people, they must never be forgiven, and indeed, reparations must be demanded for generations to come.


General Mattis USA (ret) urges us to believe the violence is trivial. Is he lying?

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