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18 June 2020


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Eric Newhill

The people battling the police, burning cities, establishing autonomous zones, tearing down historic monuments and defiling graves have "the consent of America"? You really believe that is what Americans want? Your revolutionary mindset says that people should rise up and do whatever they think is right and just. Why doesn't that right extend to me and people who see things the same as I do? I think I do speak for America. I know a lot of people who agree with me. That's all it takes by your rules. If you want to suspend or go outside the system because you think it's wrong, evil or whatever, you're going to have to accept the consequences and I, and my ideas of corrective actions, are one of those consequences. I will write on the societal tabla rasa and I will erase the scribbling of others. I don't care about your consent or philosophical musings.

Diana Croissant

This post is so informative and important. It makes me very sad that something like this piece could not have been made available on all broadcast news outlets immediately after the incident.

I agree that Hannity is responsible for a lot of the anger and accusations and hysteria against the police officers. I did not know how to feel about Mr. Floyd's behavior or the police officers' behaviors having never witnessed something like it in person.

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