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24 June 2020


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Gleeson just won't give up. According to an update to ZeroHedge's article on the Appeal Court decision, he has filed a motion requesting an extension to file his findings against Flynn!

Unbelievable! Is every aspect of this case unprecedented?


For a while now it seems that Judge's actions have moved into delay mode, if they couldn't put Flynn away (perhaps so that he would be valueless as a witness in the future) they could at least keep his mouth shut, with the gagging order he is claimed to be under, until much closer, if not after, the election.

Given the huge effort and contortions of the Law that have been deployed he must have knowledge someone really, really does not want made public. But who and what?

Or is it that they don't want him appointed to a position of power where he might expose something. But again, who is they and what is what?

Will Trump light the blue touch paper and set him loose?

Keith Harbaugh

Sidney Powell gives an excellent 53-minute look at the Flynn case in an interview with the Epoch Times:
Starting at about 45:00 she states that Flynn had NOT been under a gag order -- this contradicts what has often been claimed (or perhaps assumed).

It has now been six days since the Circuit Court ordered Judge Sullivan to grant the government's motion and dismiss the case.
He is, effectively, thumbing his nose at both DOJ and the Circuit Court panel, looking for a way to keep the case going, and thus following the advice of much "elite" opinion as expressed in the media.

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