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16 June 2020


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Keith Harbaugh

Further development:
The police officer (Wolfe? Rolfe? I've seen both spellings) has been charged with felony murder.
Sundance is on the case, providing videos that call that charge in question:


From my somewhat limited martial arts experience.
Someone punches me, I punch back.
Someone shoots me, I would shoot back. Even with lethal force against a Taser.

If you were shot at, it takes several seconds (at minimum) for our brains to recognice that we arent being shot at anymore.

If the dead men was just running after resisting arrest (without weapons or stealing weapons) from a DUI arrest (meaning that the police knows the car, and that he cant DUI someone to death) then I would agree with a murder charge for shooting the fleeing suspect in the back, but since he was armed, and fired, well, if you shoot at law enforcement law enforcement shoots at you.

Keith Harbaugh

Andrew McCarthy weighs in on the case:
Samples of his views:

"[DA] Howard alleges that the underlying felony was aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The allegation is ludicrous.


As recounted by Britain’s Daily Mail (it is hard to get such information from American media sources), Brooks had been convicted in 2014 for felonies committed against his family: multiple battery charges, false imprisonment, and cruelty to children. He was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment. But, as often happens in the criminal-justice system you’re supposed to see as institutionally racist and just spoiling to let black men rot in cages, the seven-year sentence wasn’t really a seven-year sentence. He served just one year and was released on probation."

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