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13 June 2020


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Babak makkinejad

Gone With the Wind is a sympathetic portrait of South during the War Between the States.

I learnt a lot from Margaret Mitchell.


“I suggest that those systemically ignorant of that pivotal period in US history read "The Civil War, a Narrative" in 3 volumes. author Shelby Foote.”


I am willing to bet that less than 1% of our fellow citizens have read about and understand the complexities and nuances that led to the war.

The knowledge of the majority of Americans are mostly headlines. In my experience most believe the war was about the South insisting they retain slavery and St. Lincoln fought to emancipate. And won. Good triumphed over evil in the perfect Hollywood plot.

My grandpa took his family and emigrated out west from Louisiana before the war. My grandparents missed the crawfish and the bayou. I recall as a young boy going to Lafayette with them.



You do excellent work sir.

Walter Lang


I see that Ziolib choir boy Jake Tapper pronounced yesterday that RE Lee & co. were contemptible Racist Traitor Losers. Ah, if only Jakey boy and his pals had been around back then to face Uncle Bob and his boys. Lincoln told Grant that "you do not know war until you have met them." Ah, but then Tapper would probably not have fought.

English Outsider

It's a superb site, Colonel, but I suspect that's at the cost of you sitting at the computer for hours every day weeding out rubbish. I'd miss the comment section very much but not if that were the price of keeping the site going.

English Outsider

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