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25 June 2020


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Wally Jones

With the advanced notice by the mob of their intent, what is the chance it is a diversionary tactic? They're still whining about Andy Jackson not being toppled.

Of course, the tacticians have considered this.

I'm with you, let's see it work and proceed with implementation!

Terence Gore

Got tested yesterday. Estimating line was 200 yds long as it snaked around the parking lot. So about 100 people in line with the social distancing. After getting about halfway in a new sign was confronted. "This testing is for non sick people only" If you are sick go home and call your doctor."

No one appeared sick online. The whole thing had a TSA/airport kind of feel. The swab in the nares did not go deep into the sinus. The line was the same length when I left. The whole process was about 45 minutes.

Terence Gore

My apologies on my mispost


Here's some more about the coming conflagration. I don't know anything about the linked site but it's pro-Trump and the page is up to date.
I like the idea about this event being a diversion.


Walter Lang

Fourth and Long

Is there anything that you would fight for? Anything?


Fourth and Long,

"miscreant kiddies" are not present at any of these staged shows of cultural destruction. Elanor should be removed from office and direct federal control of the district be re-established. Then all the publicly owned low income housing should be privatized or scrapped and the virtuous victims of capitalist oppresson sent to the great sanctuary cities of the la la land where they can enjoy the benefits of those places and their leaders. Once that's done a general downsizing in city government by about 80 percent should take place.

scott s.

When I lived in Annapolis and commuted to NoVa, I would park and take Metro from Stadium-Armory. Hasn't that area (at least around Eastern Market) pretty much been gentrified now? (It was best to commute into the district, as Metro prices were set such that starting in DC was much cheaper than Maryland. Plus parking at New Carrolton, unless you were there at 0600 you had to walk quite a ways.) But then my wife got orders to the Joint Staff to run their message center/networks and since her office was 24/7 she got parking in south parking so I didn't have to do the Metro dance any longer. Lincoln Park is a nice green space, like so many others in DC and not known by the typical visitor.



I haven't had any reason to go to that area for a long time, so you may we;; be right about its gentrification.



It appears that a rain shower dampened the proceedings in Lincoln Park last night.


Worse, day air temperatures up to high 80's / 90 for the next week, looks like day time is out as well.

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