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27 June 2020


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The Twisted Genius


I'm not trying to deny USI involvement in any of this drug dealing. Or defend it in any way. It's despicable and shameful. All of it.

Larry Johnson

Boy, I never thought I'd see TTG be so gullible. The NY Times story is being rolled out in conjunction with British reporting, which oddly claims the same thing. The provenance of this so-called intelligence is so thin and questionable that it is natural to ask who has the agenda and what is their goal? Creating and maintaining the Russian boogey man as the ultimate threat does not serve US National Security interests. The Russians have been pretty consistent over the last 20 years about eliminating radical Islamists. They, unlike many in the United States, understand the threat.
So, here is their "brilliant" super secret plan--ally themselves with the guys they spent ten years fighting in Afghanistan, pay them to kill Americans and Brits and other US allies with the understanding that their super secret plan will be discovered and will be used as justification for attacking Russia. Yeah, that makes total sense. Russians are stupid, don't cha know.


The USA needs its boogieman under the bed.
When it is under a child's bed the answer is warm milk cookies and a mommies hug.
When it is under a IC person's bed the answer is heroin, hookers and cold cash.
When we leave Afghanistan and its poppy fields to the Taliban they may just do what they had done 20 years ago … close down the trade.
That would mean that the only readily available supply of nod juice would be Chinese Fentanyl or Mexican Brown.


TTG et al

This Skynews report makes it sound like this is a British story based on British leaks of one of their own parliamentary documents. If that is so, then the story may have been rejected by the US IC and never briefed to the WH. https://news.sky.com/.../russia-paid-taliban-fighters-to...



So thin skinned! And so intended to intimidate to achieve silence. Obvious troll.


Three years ago General John Nicholson, Commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, testified before the Senate about Russian support to the Talibs.

Two years ago in an interview with BBC he repeated the charge that the Russians were supporting and arming the Taliban. He quoted stories written in Taliban media sources about support from the Russians. He also cited captured Russian-made night vision goggles, medium and heavy machine guns as well as small arms. He says that although the Russians and Talibs are not natural allies, they use the narrative of ISIS fighters in Afghanistan as justification for legitimizing support.



Mark Logan

Assuming this is based on true events for the moment, is there a significant chance this could've been a false flag cover for an op by someone else? Thinking along the lines of the Israeli's "We're CIA" assassination ops of nuclear engineers in Iran here. Would the Paki intell services or even Iran attempt this in Afghanistan, perhaps?

A Russian motive is difficult to imagine in this for me. Mindless revenge for what happened forty years ago strikes me as just barely plausible. I had thought the Russians fear radical Islam as much or more than we do, so I can imagine them paying bounties to Talibs for ISIL scalps much easier than US ones, were they interested enough to play in that sandbox at all.

I never heard this. And it’s disgusting how you continue to politicize intelligence. You clearly don’t understand how raw intel gets verified. Leaks of partial information to reporters from anonymous sources is dangerous because people like you manipulate it for political gain.


Ric Grenell responding to a accusatory tweet by Ted Lieu.

And there’s the obligatory POTUS tweet.

The Fake News @ nytimes must reveal its “anonymous” source. Bet they can’t do it, this “person” probably does not even exist!

Let The NY Times show what it got! We’ll be waiting with bated breath. Propaganda all the time. 24x7. There can be no rational discourse in the USA.


“The K-pop and Tik-Tok trolling of Parscale and the Trump rally was brilliant and cost not a dime. It didn't limit the attendance of the rally since sign up was not limited.”

Are you sure? AOC for one applauded this is as well but remember, Congress shall not abridge the right of the people to peacefully assemble.

“Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) credited “teens on TikTok” for the lower than expected turnout at President Trump’s rally on Saturday night in Tulsa, Okla., his first since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.” The Hill


@Mark Logan: "revenge for what happened forty years ago"

Well there are still a lot of sore hineys in Moscow for that and for the glorification of it in Hollywood stunts like RamboIII.

Or more likely it could be revenge for the deaths of the Wagner Group Mercs in Syria just two years ago: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Khasham#Unofficial_Russian_sources_version


Trump's been trying to get us out of Afghanistan for a long time. Yet there are those who are making a BFD over the report, as though we're supposed to impeach the POTUS or start WWIII because of the allegation. Who are all of the dead soldiers killed by Russian-paid bounty hunters anyway, and what proof is there that they were killed at Putin's directive?

This story seems like more of a non-story, instigated by those who are still trying to maintain the Russian Hoax: the MSM/Resistance, neocon warmongers/NeverTrumpers, et al. As the election grows nigh, Leftists and their allies on the Right are getting more and more shrill and unhinged, demanding conformity of thought and grasping for ways to maintain the perpetual outrage of their ranks over Any. Little. Thing. Sorest of losers, all. I have a feeling they'll still be filled with anger even if Biden wins -- I noticed a growing number of perpetually aggrieved even while Obama was still POTUS. Is it something in the water?



So you researched where all the people gathering tickets to that event came from, or just concluded the published press reports are accurate?

The Twisted Genius


The Sky News story says a British security official is confirming the reports are true. It doesn't sound like this defense official originated the story. Some are now speculating whether Boris Johnson was briefed or if he was kept in the dark. The Brits will demand an in-person answer from their government on Monday. A CNN report refers to a British security official. Might be the same source. NYT and WaPo refer to US officials for their sources.

The Twisted Genius


I probably saw the same press reports you did. Who knows where they all live? It was done online.



You are usually good at reading between the lines. Usually. It does not sound that way to me. The implication in the article is that this "story" exists in the report cited and that this is what has been planted in the US media. We will see.


This story is obvious crap and it is purveyed by obvious Democrat shills - the NYT, quoting obvious anti Trump sources that have a well earned reputation for lying - the Five eyesintelligence community.

Why would anyone give this story a grain of credibility?

Even without that, I can think of a heap of perfectly acceptable Russian engagements with the Taliban - exactly like our own.

- Is the taliban going to be the next government in Afghanistan? Probably.

- Do the US,Britain and Russia talk to the taliban? definitely.

- Does everyone supply the Taliban with weapons? Yes - at times we all have, although the place is swimming in weapons anyway.

- Do we or the Russians pay the Taliban and others for intelligence? Of course we do.

- Would we or the Russians pay for salvaged equipment of technical interest? Of course.

- Would the Russians pay for documents and details of American or NATO casualties? I would think not, because it would encourage killing for money and their own special forces become targets because the Afghans are entrepreneurial, as evidenced by the “trade” in live bodies for the torture program.



You are repeating the same error in logic that Habakkuk criticized you for. You say there are many "stories" and then you treat these stories as proven facts. Are you the sole author of this line?


This whole "story" stinks to high heaven. Judy Miller redux - regime-change info ops, coordinated across multiple media organizations. I happen to dislike Trump, Pompeo et al as much as the next person but here we have, yet again, another "scoop" with zero actual evidence, only the say-so of some nameless "intel officials," whose jobs might be described more accurately as state propaganda managers.

How many more times are people gonna fall for this same routine? Even the Wapo, WSJ "confirmations" are a bait-and-switch. The only thing they confirm is that intel officials are indeed pushing this story, not its veracity. It's a circular claim -- like Cheney citing NYT "confirmation" of the unproven allegations his own office had passed on to Judy Miller.

You can only speculate as to why this, why now. Just six months ago it was Iranians -- per Pompeo and his own cadre of "intel officials" -- who were offering bounties and sponsoring their own spoiler wing of the Taliban. So maybe it's a pre-fab "story" already in the propaganda repertory. The motive? Obviously it's to revive the Russiagate zombie one more time and make it go the distance -- the full four years of the Trump admin. And it creates media bubble pressure to extend the Afghan occupation. The kind of pressure that seems to have worked like a charm in case of Syria -- where Trump's order somehow got modified from withdrawal to open-ended occupation and oil-thievery.

The relationship between flagship media and their contacts in the "intelligence community" isn't journalism. It's the relationship an advertising agency has to a client. They market the client's product and get paid in "scoops" and, with it, increased traffic.


Italicized/bold text was excerpted from Russia Secretly Offered Afghan Militants Bounties to Kill U.S. Troops, Intelligence Says found at the Grey Lady Down:

The disclosure comes at a time when Mr. Trump has said he would invite Mr. Putin to an expanded meeting of the Group of 7 nations, but tensions between American and Russian militaries are running high.

What a startling coincidence.

What would the Russians hope to gain? Revenge?

If it was revenge the Russians sought they could have simply sat back and let the Taliban continue on with business as usual without having to break a sweat or get their hands dirty - while sitting back and snickering at the futility of US efforts in Afghanistan.

Has there been any evidence presented to support the anonymous European intelligence officials extraordinary claims?

The Gray Lady Down report only offers other Russia bad stories which are light on evidence and heavy on innuendo.


My only question is, and I can't find any answer to this(please someone direct me if they know, which militants?



One more planted story like the Steele Dossier to give the left something to investigate.


It sounds like more of the same old sabotage Trump has been dealing with since assuming office. Why else would this leak and why else would Trump be left out of the loop? This reminds me of what Harry Reid once said on CNN during the 2016 election: intelligence officials should lie to Trump in briefings.

Trump and these officials need to set aside the pettiness and do what's right. That means pulling out of Afghanistan in a timely and appropriate manner without putting lives at risk.

The Twisted Genius


Taliban. This is from another NYT article out today.

"The crucial information that led the spies and commandos to focus on the bounties included the recovery of a large amount of American cash from a raid on a Taliban outpost that prompted suspicions. Interrogations of captured militants and criminals played a central role in making the intelligence community confident in its assessment that the Russians had offered and paid bounties in 2019, another official has said."


The Twisted Genius


I seriously doubt it's a case of revenge for our support of the mujahideen against the Soviet Army or our shooting up of a Wagner-led group of Syrian militia in the oil fields of eastern Syria. That would be an emotional response and not at all characteristic of Russian or even Soviet military decisions.

Why would the Russians attempt something like this? Certainly they know Trump's desire to pull out of Afghanistan under the appearance of a negotiated settlement. Either they want to scuttle/complicate those negotiations to either make our pull out appear to be a surrender and retreat or force us to keep troops in Afghanistan. In that case it would remain an ineffective, festering sore on our government and society. In short, the Russians want to tinker around the edges and make things difficult for us.

In either case it would contribute to the Russian objective of undermining US political and social unity and weakening our ability and will to constantly throw our weight around the world. There's nothing sinister about that objective. In fact, I fully agree our foreign policy needs its wings clipped. I just wish we'd do it on our own. There's also nothing sinister about encouraging some proxy force to act against a competitor nation in a war zone to assist in order to meet that objective. Damned near every country that is capable of doing it does it in one form or another, especially the US.

The Twisted Genius


Those many stories and investigations about USI involvement in drug trafficking are cases of our willful ignorance or active policy of laissez faire towards allies engaged in drug trafficking. Drugs were trafficked and we were there.

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