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07 June 2020


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Barbara Ann

Ah yes, the Passion of St George who died for our sins. The crowds of penitent worshipers metaphorically (so far) flagellating themselves to rid themselves of the stain of white privilege. Not yet a religion, but certainly a cult.

I welcome it. These zealots are whipping themselves into a frenzied ecstasy of political correctness - for all to see. Corporations falling over themselves to out-woke each other are being pilloried for doing so an example (look at the replies). The longer this continues the clearer it will become to the sane where this is all heading.

Fourth and Long put it well a couple of posts ago in declaring his grudging intent to vote Trump because "the country has gone stark raving mad". If this continues for another 5 months I think many more will have a similar reaction to the cultural revolutionaries.

I've always said that one of Trump's great strengths is his ability to let his opponents overplay their hand. With the liberal-dominated media turning Orwell's Two Minutes Hate into a 24/7 affair directed at the orange devil incarnate, they are playing to this strength.

Let the cultists topple statues of Jefferson and more besides, these can be replaced. The more that fall, the greater the certainty that the country will decide to put a stop to the madness in November.

Eric Newhill

I'm entertaining the notion that it is the DNC + Clinton that is behind much of this, with a little help from their foreign friends.

I also think that their radical political Frankenstein's monster is now forcing the party further to the left than they originally desired to - they just wanted means of gaining power, but the monster started believing the cynical BS because monsters like being fed monster food. The command structure is now blurred between the DNC+ and the monster (e.g. The Minneapolis Mayor getting run out of the room when he tried to say "hey, you know I was just kidding about the no police thing").


Regarding the organized Prop/psyops campaigns of--whomever--antifa or something even worse, I grant you it is not beach reading material, but I suggest this book is worth a read:


The author, sadly, never got a chance to polish and finish his work. He was killed in WWI after being wounded 4 times. He nails the sophistication of both the Revolution in France, and much more specifically, the organizing of the Terror in 1792. Repeat, very detailed and very dry, but very eyeopening to events happening now, I would suggest.

blue peacock

Col. Lang,

With the FBI busy taking the knee, we can be certain that these subversives will be tracked and unearthed.

What is fascinating is the level of subservience to this "dogma" of political correctness and virtue signaling. Folks from Jamie Dimon to "Blackface" Trudeau taking the knee. Prof. Collum from Cornell who questioned the doublespeak was shamed by the university in an official statement. Then there is the NY Times where opeds are to be vetted to ensure they don't trigger their editorial staff.

Does it appear to you that Trump does not "run" his administration and actually never has? From Mattis, Kelly, Bolton, McMaster, Rosenstein, Wray - pretty much all he has hired have run their own gig and undermined him at every step. Then on the other hand he disregards counsel from his allies like Devin Nunes. The Russia Collusion hoax and attempted coup is very instructive. Trump, IMO, has shown great weakness by not going after the coup plotters hard and instead punting on it. Now his adversaries and they are formidable as they span pretty much the entirety of the media, the governmental apparatus and the establishment political class in DC and across the states are now going for the kill. Trump won the key states in 2016 with a small margin in each state. Wouldn't it be easy for these forces to manufacture the 50,000 or so votes in each of these states to tip the election?

An open question is are there counter-forces to the antifa machinery? Usually in banana republics the other side get's their own counter marchers to dominate the streets.


Antifa? What Antifa? Last I saw the FBI said they had no intelligence that "Antifa" was involved in the George Floyd demonstrations. Are we using "Antifa" like they used "communists" during the civil rights demonstrations in the 60's?


People are barred from Christian services, but BLM protests and rainbow-flag parades are now permitted. The destruction of civil society from the top down; or as Obama put it:
“We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Columbia, Missouri, on Oct. 30, 2008. (https://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/how-barack-obama-fundamentally-transformed-the-united-states)

"The questions remain as to where the money, training in planning and logistics come from."
I would start looking with all the people who funded his rise or rode his coat tails to power. Add in the top leadership of the DNC and the Clinton wing of the Party. Add in a number of corporate executives - especially the tech companies and many, many NGOs. This has all the markings of color revolutions his administration wrought around the globe. Tahrir Square, Maidan Square, and now in our hometowns.


Have we heard a single word from Chauvin?

Any explanation, any first person account, any interview, any justification, any chronology of events from his perspective, and explanation of his police training in this particular restraint procedure, any street assessment of the drugged out condition and actions of Floyd himself.

Yet some amongst us label him as a murderous brute". Harsh. The only constitutionally sound description of Chauvin right now is "innocent until proven guilty". May we with hold lurid descriptors before he gets his day in court?

Two autopsy reports did factually describe Floyd as a very heavy drug abuser - each drug capable of causing his own death. And exceptionally dangerous when used in combination. Calling Floyd a self-abusing junkie is fact and fair. Calling Chauvin "murderous" at this time is over the top.


Meanwhile in Bristol UK.


The same tactics used in the various color revolutions are now being used in the US and U.K. Do the intelligence agencies have any involvement?



What name would you like?


The dissolution of the Soviet Union[a] or collapse of the Soviet Union was the process of internal disintegration within the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR, commonly referred to as the Soviet Union), which began in the second half of the 1980s with growing unrest in the various national republics and ended on 26 December 1991, when the Supreme Soviet voted the USSR itself out of existence following the Belovezha Accords of 8 December 1991.



there is a long history of the use of federal troops against disorder in the US. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Authority_for_Use_of_Military_Force_to_Combat_Terrorist_Activities_Within_the_United_States


If you say that "I'm an American and a Democrat", you're a liar.
You can't be both.

A. Pols

As to the question of Antifa and how they organize and deploy logistical support: Internet and particularly social media. This has gone on for awhile now, mostly on a smaller scale, as happened a few years ago with an "out-of-bounds" motorcycle event in NYC which devolved into mob violence against an unfortunate motorist. I never before thought I'd say something like this and the issue is still "Cringy" to me, but IMO maybe there should be a mechanism for being able to throttle back Facebook and google traffic during crises like this. And, while on the subject, the "defacto" repeal of the Sherman Anti-Trust act has been baneful. I say "defacto" because it simply ceased to be enforced pretty much in the 80s and, because of that, we have monolithic entities like Facebook and Google which rigorously suppress disenting viewpoints and provide a megaphone for "deconstuctionist" views which IMO are subversive.


Romania 1989 ! McCain, Tom Lantos, Soros came first after the coup!


Does anyone (looking at you Col. Lang) really think that the FBI can or WILL uncover anything here?
If they can, which is doubtful, it's not likely that they will - given their track record.

"Stan Wischnowski, the top editor of The Philadelphia Inquirer, has announced his resignation, days after discontent among the newspaper’s staff erupted over a headline..." inquirer.com/news/stan-wisc…

'Buildings Matter, Too' ...was the headline.


The media will become even more extreme until they lose more & more people as even those sympathetic notice.


Eric Newhill,

I'm with you on that. Soros is a convenient and appropriate boogie man, but the malevolent effects of the Clintons on American politics and society in general cannot be understated. They are easily the most power-mad people to disgrace our scene in the 100 years, IMHO. They would rather rule over a pile of ashes than not rule at all.


Yesterday I was pilloried for advocating that Trump should not use deadly force to repel the protesters.

I do not wish to ever see Active Duty troops put in a position where they might have to shoot their fellow citizens. Sure, there were most likely domestic enemies within the vast crowd of protesters but the brunt of them, Black and White, were peaceful. If deadly force had been used it would have ended Trump's presidency. The regime wanted him to use deadly force. The regime does not care how many people have to die for their cause.

The last time I saw something similar, Soviet tanks and troops were moving on protesters and then miraculously refused to fire on them. The regime then fell.

In our case the regime hasn't quite fallen but it's getting there. Trump is not the regime. The regime lost the election but it's still in power. Had the regime pressed forward last night and sacked the WH it would have been easier legally and politically for Trump to accomplish what needs to be done.

Although I didn't realize it at the time, I suspect Trump told the regime figure head Pelosi that he wasn't going to shoot. In retrospect he seemed sorta jubilant saying something like, "Hey, we worked with the Democrats and got something done, maybe we can work with them in the future, but, who knows, maybe, maybe not". The regime then realized that they had been played by Trump. While I don't know for sure, I doubt Antifa was in DC yesterday.

The icing on the cake would be the authorities figuring it out that the 8 minutes of horror we all had to watch was in reality was one criminal carrying out orders to kill another criminal for criminal reasons. The owner of the night club that employed both of those criminals is chummy with the mayor, saw a pic of them both embracing each other. This mayor is in a bind that is so so tight it's not funny.

I hope what can happen now is the Federal government agencies can be dispersed out of DC to other areas of the country, areas which are in need of financial help. Civil servants and politicians can then mingle with their fellow citizens, aka Deplorables. The President can do what he does best, design and build big projects, well he really won't have the time for that but you get what I mean. They will be big, beautiful buildings for all of the people to enjoy the sight of.


It would appear that Trump's biggest problem is that he does not have a Rolodex of the command structure of vast executive apparatus at his disposal. This make is possible for a key people to thwart him with little more than a bit bureaucratic foot dragging. Someone needs to slip him a little black book he can use to end run his opposition.



In addition to Soros having the finances to fund such ANTIFA logistical excursions, Obama must not be discounted. Remember that Obama has many 'friends' (domestic and globalists) that have 'deep pockets', and Obama could be the little general behind the curtain as he has 'friends' (both domestic and globalists) who have both experience like his 'friends' in the leftist-revolutionary community aka Weather Underground Organization (i.e. Bill Ayres). While Obama was president, he 'seeded' thousands of far-left and far-left marxists/leninists types into various federal infrastructures during his two terms in office. Oabma still has deep plants within varous federal alaphabet soups (the john brennan types).

Just a thought.

Terence Gore

This clip is after they told Frey to "get the fuck out of here"



The Color Revolution started in the US and Britain, during the Obama administration. Look back, you see the same actions taken to destabilize foreign governments beginning to happening in the US and Britain. In the US the Soros worked to get his Attorney Generals elected, now the big push to to remove police. When we get rule by committee instead of rule of law, there will be no push back at the state level. How much organization and planning does that take?
Remember when Obama cleaned out the Generals, retiring those not sufficiently SJW for the new military. Will you be surprised if several key Generals commit treason. For our own good of course, to protect us from Patriots and the Constitution.
Think about the size of the organization and the amount of planning needed to do the things the Colonel describes on a national level.
This party is just getting started, the game is on, the other side has been planning and practicing. Meanwhile the other side can’t even wake up to the fact they are being played.
When they openly start defacing and destroying the statues of Washington and Jefferson, you will hear a version of the same justification used for destroying the confederate statues. Its a game of
Inches. Until it’s not.




Do we know for a fact the president gave a formal, written order to the military to deploy in DC and this was countermanded by the civilian leaders at the Pentagon?

Surely a tweetstorm or talk at a press briefing would not constitute a formal order.

I am very skeptical there is any meaningful organization or funding of the anarchists. I cannot imagine the deepstate has affinity to Antifa any more than it did to the SDS, Black Panthers or Weathermen 50 years ago. And recall how quickly the Occupy Wall Street was shut down. Much smaller scale, but it was over in a few days.


All the supposed Spanish chick says that since Backs now can have guns "we" (whites?) cannot "hunt them" anymore. Inline with her usual ignorance she does not know that Blacks always had guns. In slave days many planters including JF Davis organized posse's from among their slaves to exclude trespassers and poachers as well as to hunt for themselves and for the big house (owner). They have had guns ever since both legally and illegally.



Not if he is sufficiently intimidated.

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