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11 June 2020


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Wasn't it once, if not policy, a culture in the military that professional officers not vote or at least keep quiet about political matters?
Execute the leaders of the praetorian guard and the rest will fall in line....


Col. Lang,

Would I be right in thinking that if Gen. Milley is NOT removed immediately then President Trump has lost control of the executive arm of government?

My immediate concern is with the nuclear deterrent and the signals Gen. Milley just sent to both allies and enemies alike. Any thinking staff at the State Department will have their hair on fire by now.

I would be surprised if anyone here at SST needed further elaboration.



I think you are right about that. Milley must expect to be removed.


A. Pols

Yes. It was.



Isn’t the issue that Trump never really took control of his administration?

It seems the SOP in his administration is that he hires people who do their own thing, many times undermining whatever Trump is tweeting about. He hired Rosenstein and Wray, who turned around got Mueller going and buried all the malfeasance under classification. All Trump did for over 2+ years is cry on Twitter about “witch hunt”. He never took actions with the authority vested in his office.

It is not just the DoD, but DOJ, FBI, CIA and on & on. It would appear that he never really paid much attention to who he hired and if his hires fit into his program which it is not clear he knows. Just look at all the NSAs he’s hired. He fired Flynn because he couldn’t take the heat. Then he got McMaster and when that didn’t work out straight into the fire with Bolton. Who’s got a whole book out of it. Now there’s another guy.

The bigger question is, does Trump really care about running the nuts and bolts of the governmental apparatus? The other is, how do you run the executive branch by tweet?

Is there something peculiar about Trump that so many insiders - those that he hired - have turned around and said his administration is all chaos?


I agree. It looks like the Barr-Durham investigators are closing in on the coup plotters and more were either involved, or complicit by their silence, than was thoght.

chris moffatt

Trump has left it much too late to clean out the snake pit of the joint chiefs. It is too bad Milley can't be reassigned, with limited phone and no internet privileges, to manage the fuel depot at Earecksen Air Station

JP Billen

I've read most of Hanson's books. Generally he seems to know his stuff.

Although I do not like his glorification of Sherman and his march to the sea. He plainly calls Sherman a 'saviour' in two of his books. What dribble! Sherman's march was largely unopposed, thanks to the generalship of George Thomas who had defeated Hood both during the Atlanta Campaign and later the Franklin/Nashville Campaign.

Hanson also glorified Petraeus in his book 'The Saviour Generals'. Petraeus now is advocating renaming Ft Bragg and Benning. If they rebrand Ft Benning as Ft Sherman or Ft Petraeus then I'm gonna raise hell.


GREAT idea.
Get rid of Esper ASAP, another empty suit swamp creature.
It would probably take more than 1 term to clean out the rot in the DOD and Trump managed to waste 3 years.
His seeming adoration of generals got him into some very bad appointments.
He thought that the generals were apolitical military leaders who had been pushed under the bus by Obama.
SURPRISE: the generals and admirals are just more swamp creatures - dressed up like doormen - looking for a fat corporate board position after their years of "service" and fully willing to follow the political winds to get it.
Mattis, with his PR machine, is worth millions and still playing the "warrior monk" act.



I agree with your points: Trump has been a poor chief executive; worse administrator; and awful politician (if politics is the art of getting to 50.1%). He never understood the importance of having a Dick Cheney to vet his appointments for political/policy allegiance, organize his administration and make sure it ran smoothly (whatever one might think of Dick Cheney, he could do all those things).

On the political front, he lost the house by making a tax cut and repealing Obamacare his number one priorities, when his base wanted infrastructure and a wall. This led to the enabling of Russia gate, impeachment and collapse of his policy agenda.

Yes, the MSM and elites have been out for his scalp, but he has put his head on the platter too many times to ensure his survival.

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