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26 June 2020


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World Government. The culmination of the long trend towards collectivization, consolidation.
Schools, hospitals, phones, Amazon, media, & government.
Works as well for corporates as for commies. Pyramidal archetype.

Dissenters will be sent to grub turnips if they're lucky, as per Mao. That is the goal.

We westerns would be outvoted what 10 to 1?
For western conservatives double that.

As capital "de-paternalises", workers will swing left. With capital owning everything look for USSA after Civil War 2. Chinese marching in, 4 abreast, "forever". A new "reconstruction".

By the time regular folks start talking it's at least 20 years too
late to do anything as power is already entrenched. Vs Soros, Gates, Zuckerberg et al? Academia? The Long March.

Alex Jones says it's time to circle the wagons. LOL

Need to add "Knocking Down Statues" as a permanent thread on sidebar, for those in need of long lasting threads. For those who are pooped-out on current events, we just scan articles or titles. Some of my favorite science/ history blogs have threads 10+ years old. More meat. More time.

How about "Lassie, Barbie, Rambo, & Soft Power". We still have it. People don't cross 100s miles of desert to get INTO China. The whole facemask phenomenon is looking to me like a Chinese meme that says "comply". The best they can do. I prefer Pam Anderson.

"Problems & The Solutions That Cause Them". Endless.
C19 disaster for starts.

No moderation, let'er rip. A point approval system weeds out spam & abuse. Yea I know $$$.

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Dems will be devoured by their corporate
love affair. The true nemesis in the background is World Government.
With World (Consolidated) Reserve Bank.
WG will have the capacity to gobble up both parties.

Add above previous comment. It got deleted somehow.



"Democratic precincts (largely black) had few poling places, few working voting machines and long lines. "

The state offered all the equipment to the City of Atlanta, which administered the election locally. The city, and other municipalities, decided to close precints, the state did not do that. Do not understand the state is not administering every district or just not bother to read Raffensperger's detailed account?

"That 20% figure in NJ was for invalidated mail-in ballots" but "not necessarily" fraud? Please.

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