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26 June 2020


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"The wave of anarcho-marxist guerrilla agitprop attacks serves the purposes of the Democratic Party very well."

Trump has Kushner and the appeasers whispering in his ear too. Wray had 15 agents immediately on the scene to 'investigate' the agitprop noose @ Nascar, convenently at a team owned by a company with Governor Cuomo on the Board of Directors. Can't he or his staff see through this b.s.? Does he think he or his family won't be purged faster than opponents of Sulla or Crassus should this coup succeed?

Philo Beddoh

Don't worry, the delusions, delirium & dementia associated with COVID-19's Proimflammatory Cytokine phase seem to go away, once your bag is loaded into the reefer truck? DNC~ LLC is trying so hard to re-elect their perfect candidate, as John, Debbie and Robby did in 2016, if it starts raining hydrogen bombs on Halloween, they'll figure out some damn way to LOSE, yet again?


"And by then the economy will be such a shambles that the people will inevitably turn against the Dems in despair over their poverty and joblessness."
Which the people will richly deserve for electing Biden and the America-hating Democrat-media party.
Ask any random 50 people, 100 people, whatever:
Who is the Vice President and who is Kim Kardashian?


Trump 2020: Promises Kept

The moment Nancy Pelosi tore up Trump's State of the Union address was the precipitous turning point for this Nation. Her imagery was searing.

Four years of siege and bubble existence for any US President takes the edge off their natural vigor. Trump needs a retreat time to regroup and cancel his Twitter account. I wish him an epiphany. I wish us an epiphany.

The Nation simply cannot afford what can happen to it if the Democrats tack back control. You do not want to live in their America.

blue peacock

"The wave of anarcho-marxist guerrilla agitprop attacks serves the purposes of the Democratic Party very well. It reveals Trump to be a timid man. His base does not like that."

Col. Lang,

In my opinion while Trump attempts to portray a tough guy image his character weakness was on display in his response to the attack on his presidency by the Democrats along with their media and more importantly the federal law enforcement & intelligence apparatus.

All he did was cry on Twitter. He never used the inherent power of his office to declassify it all as Devin Nunes who uncovered the plot implored him to, which at that time would have been a bombshell. The criminal conspiracy that Sidney Powell notes would have been exposed. It would have derailed Russia Collusion and would have had the rats on the run. Now, any indictments by Durham will be spun as politicization of DOJ with the media narrative on impeaching Barr.

His nominees Rosenstein & Wray obstructed justice. Rosenstein furthered the insurance policy by appointing Mueller. Wray is still there hiding it all.

His pandemic response has also been weak. He gave the Democratic governors space to run the economy into the ground. In reading comments from several of his supporters on social media many aren't sure why he didn't organize the mass testing of everyone and focus quarantine on only those infected.

IMO, his biggest character weakness is that he behaves like a toddler where it is easy to get under his skin. He appears to be mainly focused on personal slights. It appears he feels defeated and has no initiative anymore. He's still got time to get the mojo going however. Folks only really start paying attention to the election after Labor Day. It's time for him to bring back Bannon to run his campaign & messaging and jettison Jared & Ivanka.


When Republicans screw up badly enough, Democrats win. But the electorate soon realizes that Democrats have no more intention of addressing what ails we, the people than Republicans...and so they soon bring back the genuine article, the real billionaire party, not the party that claims to address real problems, but can never find the wherewithal to do anything.

Much as they claim to hate what Trump did, Democrats will do nothing to reverse any of it. Biden will be one of the weakest Presidents in US history, a corrupt and sclerotic empty suit who has no agenda but to preside and survive.


I was wondering who the "useful idiots" would be, the Dems or the Antifa/BLM alliance. I think the Col has confirmed this now. A tweet came out of Florida's Dept of Professional Regulation this morning, "bars are no longer able to sell alcohol". This statement was not from our Governor - he is going to speak to us at 2PM though. I've already heard from 3 bar owners, 2 of them are going to stay open in defiance, they literally have no choice, it's either that or close for good due to finances.


Now I'm hearing the ATF is in my town going around to bars and telling them how to space out seating. Is our governor now a non-person like Trump?


The Nation needs contextual and constitutional teaching moments; not sound bite combativeness. Trump Team is up to this. Just do it. Starting now.

Who are we as a Nation. The past few months have been a living civics class. Except the instructor has not shown up. Start with the assumption entire new generations never even got the message and the older generation took the lessons for granted; but now sorely need a refresher course.

Bill H

The memory of the American voting public is short. The news cycle is 24 hours; no more. What is happening now will be irrelevant by November. What I am saying is it is too early for Republicans to fire. They cannot yet see the whites of the Democrats' eyes. Or of the voters' eyes. My metaphor is becoming a little wobbly, but...

There is a reason for the infamous "October surprise" and for why it wins elections. I can see that right now Republicans are collating YouTube videos and come October will unleash a horde of, "this is what will happen if Democrats are put in control" ads with those videos.


You're forgetting the growing seething anger of the silent majority and the deplorables.
This is like a tsunami that will hit the Dems an their anarchy so hard they won't know what hit them.

I wouldn't rush judgement to call a win for the Dems this far out.


Col. Lang, I am afraid you are correct about what is going to happen and I believe similar things will happen here, in Britain, Canada and Western Europe.

We have had at least a thirty year build up what I would call “ universal silliness” in our societies. It emanated first from universities in the form of “deconstruction” - Derrida et al. There is no more “great books” there is just “text” - a Disney cartoon is held to have the same content as Shakespeare.

The casualty is truth and after that came loss of accountability on personal, business, Government and whole of society levels. That has led to wholesale plunder of all forms of wealth and the glorification of pure evil. “Greed is good?” No it isn’t.

Yesterday I heard on prime time on our national broadcaster in Australia, a segment about which reality TV shows were worth watching. A national broadcaster -THE national broadcaster, talking about airhead BS? What ever happened to the roles of informing and educating? We have economies composed of dog grooming salons, personal trainers, tattoo parlours and feng shui consultants presided over by crooked politicians and public servants who raise corruption to an art form unhampered by biased judges. All this while we crucify men for having the temerity to try and enjoy the charms of the opposite sex.

What ever happened to trust? What happened to the imperatives of food, clothing, shelter, education, frugality, saving and a good job? We prosecute people like General Flynn and glorify low life scum like George Floyd. What next? A reality TV show about the porn industry?

Bring on the great depression. Sweet are the uses of adversity.


Biden is up in the polls because most of the pollsters have a left bias. Even if they didn't, most of the social media platforms do, which will skew the results of any data taken using them. I have a feeling that Trump is "pulling the chair" on them like a parent that lets a child that holds it's breath pass out instead of relenting. The economy will be destroyed (has been actually, it's baked into the cake now). The real contest is for the blame. The democrats could actually be in the process of committing suicide by spite.


I agree with a lot of what you've said, except I have reservations about employing "significant use of force" against the mobsters. Why bail out feckless leftist pols if they refuse to request or outright forbid federal assistance? Why stop leftist locals from digging themselves deeper holes? The fact that there's a class action lawsuit filed by residents and businesses in the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone against the City of Seattle signals to me that even a far leftist neighborhood like that has its limits. I doubt if the lawsuit will prevail, but it's a very interesting development.

I may be wrong but I have to believe that Antifa, BLM, et al, while admittedly succeeding in cowing the Usual Suspects among corporate and political "leaders", are nevertheless alienating a majority of voters. What "normal" people are going to bother to speak out, much less stand up, against violent, bullying mobs? We'll instead express ourselves anonymously at the ballot box in November.

I AM concerned however about the corrupt practice of "ballot harvesting" among absentee voters, but as far as recent polling goes, I simply do not trust polls either commissioned by any of the MSM or by academe. It won't be too long before the only poll that counts occurs and we'll know for sure if our country rejects the far left or capitulates to it.


Apre lui, le deluge?

Barbara Ann

A bleak but realistic outlook. Even though the polls this time round may be even less reliable than last time, it does not currently seem likely that lightning can strike twice in the same place. I'll not be laying any bets until I hear Tyler's opinion - informed by his rigorously scientific polling method of talking to people and counting yard signs.

Whoever wins this election will have much to contend with and whatever the result, it is unlikely to be cathartic for the underlying strains wracking society. Quite likely the reverse is true.

In the revolutionary awokening, the Dems have brought forth and fed a ravenous beast. This big cat does not discriminate - "Catfood Democrats" could easily take on new meaning if the Woke Terror really gets going. One wonders; do they smile their work to see?



I agree with you that the Democrats could win it all. They have a high probability of winning the Senate in any case as the GOP is defending 23 seats vs 12 for the Democrats and they only need a net gain of 4.

It will be an interesting fall season when the election heats up and people begin to focus. The Democrats plan is clear. Use the virus to hide Biden in the basement, not have any debates or do it virtually, and have the media spin the narrative of chaos and an ineffective Trump administration. The Republicans on the other hand don’t have a coherent message yet and they’re not all behind Trump. Enough people may just be worn down with the constant battle and give it all to Dems.

The congressional primary in NC is instructive where a 24 year old defeated the Republican candidate backed by Trump and the party establishment. He ran on a law & order platform.

The question is who will emerge as the next leader of the Deplorables. That group is still not going to have their concerns addressed as the Democrats will return to the neocon and neoliberal status quo.


Fourth and Long

Union Army headquarters was in what is now the Trade Negotiator's building on 16th St across from the OEOB.


Philo Beddoh

trump is better than the coming of the "Woke Terror." Your thing is unadulterated Democrat agitprop. I am unlikely to post more such bullshit.


Apparently our Florida governor Ron DeSantis did not know that his Dept of Prof Regulation shut our bars down this early morning. He was asked about it this afternoon and feigned ignorance, I wonder what will happen now.

Bill P

'the people will inevitably turn against the Dems in despair..."

They may not be given the opportunity - the democrats will use uncontrolled immigration, vote fraud & whatever else they can think of to elect the new people.

"If we have power, we'll never give it up again unless we're carried out of our offices as corpses..."
--Joseph Goebbels


Here is the cookbook for today's left-right culture wars, or at least an approximation of the left. Erie resonance today of the assertions made in this man's lecture several decades ago. I think it really supports many of the assertions made by the committee of correspondence these past months and years.




Hear the silence, this particular silence is deafening. It's the silence regarding Seattle's Vladimir Lenin's statue. Nary a peep from the anarchists ANTIFA or their Marxist buddies the BLM. The ANTIFA/BLM want statues in the U.S. pulled down, what would their answer be if they were questioned about pulling down the Lenin statute.


Glad you mentioned the French Revolution. The analogy will be sneered at by many, but it is accurate. At each stage of the French Revolution (and there were several), one group/party/class thought they could control another and manipulate it for their own political ends. Every time they miscalculated and ended up losing control of their "partners". And then the Revolution raged on in ever more extreme directions. Fortunately, I see no Robespierre in their ranks as yet (cold, calculating, ruthless, austere, lawyerly, driven, and sincere in his ideology.) So far all I see is an impassioned population spurred on by opportunistic and inconstant politicians. But then again, this is how it always starts...

Kilo 4/11

'The Democrat pols calculate that they can ride the tigers (virus and revolutionary mobs) ravaging the country and then regain control after they win it all. IMO they are mistaken in that belief.

If they win, the revolutionary tiger will continue to rage and will devour them just as later waves of Jacobins devoured people like Danton and Robespierre in the French Revolution."

That is devoutly to be desired, yet I fear the beast may be bought off with more stimulus checks, then to turn on the deplorables with redoubled fury. We provide them more targets and we are not as well protected.

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