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12 June 2020


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Babak makkinejad

Barbara Ann

I wondered, if it were discovered, through some means, that for Human Beings to be Really, Abundantly, and Thoroughly Happy, they must live as their ancestors did during pleistocene era, in small familial bands, and living in a manner best described as short brutish, and dull, would there be any takers among Western Diocletians?

Small bands, at the mercy of elements and food supply, living in harmony with nature by practicing infanticide: all the while enjoying all the benefits of any psychotropic substances available, and practicing various kinds of magic that they had discovered, in perpetual war with other bands, yet enjoying great personal libert, like the Plains Indians.


The Seattle CHAZ warlord make an interesting proposition to his gathered, mainly white, elite revolutionaries: every white person gathered was to hand a $10 bill to a black person. He chastised if this makes you uncomfortable, you are not ready for the road ahead.

Camera cut away after showing a few virtue signalers handing bills to the very few black persons present. No accounting for the final outcome of that direct exercise in their brand of "social justice".

Props to the WarLord for making the struggle real to this gathered crowd, and to test what these white liberal "revolutionaries" would really do when asked to actually make a personal sacrifice, instead of just making a lot of crowd noise.

Mark Logan


My gut tells me the COVID/lockdown crises will pass soon. People are starting to go back to work and that should snowball. Everybody knows that isn't sustainable. The underlying issues? Not so much. An FDR will take some time. Trump was elected in the hope he could create a big change so The People are already looking. The search will continue. But what will a Messiah do?

I see no easy fixes. It brings to mind Kurt Vonnegut's first book, "Player Piano", in which he foresees the problem automation causes in figuring a way to have a consumer economy. Reeks and Wrecks are hopefully not the answer. Yet some answer must be found or we are in for "interesting times."

Best wishes.

Babak makkinejad

Mark Logan

All over the world, we need to create fake or inefficient or make-work kinds of jobs for the reasons of the demands that psycholigical health of the public puts on us.

Japanese have understood this and have internal restrictions on both automation as well as on concentration of services.


Chaz proves walls work. Trump out to bring that up.

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